Barons of Dockside

♦ Founded: February 7th, 1995
♦ Original Name: Ring of the 3rd
♦ Original Baron: Grandel Zephyrus
♦ Manor Home: Warehouse   (map)
♦ Squire Weapon: Grey Sickle

Reign Summaries

Duelist Name Dates of Reign Days Held Defenses
Herne The Huntsman 2024-03-22 - Present 59 0
(vacant) 2023-12-31 - 2024-03-22 82 0
Jaycy Ashleana 2023-05-01 - 2023-12-31 244 0
Matt Simon 2023-03-26 - 2023-05-01 36 0
Mira Burke 2022-11-21 - 2023-03-26 125 0
Jesse 2022-07-18 - 2022-11-21 126 0
Mira Burke 2022-04-10 - 2022-07-18 99 1
Haru Jeong 2022-02-21 - 2022-04-10 48 0
Mira Burke 2022-01-06 - 2022-02-21 46 0
(vacant) 2022-01-02 - 2022-01-06 4 0
Jackson 2021-09-24 - 2022-01-02 100 1
(vacant) 2021-09-08 - 2021-09-24 16 0
Morgan Chae 2021-01-24 - 2021-09-08 227 4
Olaf von Trunk 2020-04-29 - 2021-01-24 270 5
Gren Blockman 2019-09-26 - 2020-04-29 216 0
Yeardley Owens 2019-07-06 - 2019-09-26 82 0
Claire Farron 2018-06-15 - 2019-07-06 386 0
Terry King 2018-03-11 - 2018-06-15 96 0
Ekthbjlgke Smith 2017-02-03 - 2018-03-11 401 3
Misery Postu 2016-11-12 - 2017-02-03 83 0
Terry King 2016-09-01 - 2016-11-12 72 0
Dimitrii Sixtus 2016-05-25 - 2016-09-01 99 2
Sabine Gabrielle 2015-12-20 - 2016-05-25 157 1
Jewell Ravenlock 2015-08-15 - 2015-12-20 127 1
(vacant) 2015-08-08 - 2015-08-15 7 0
Jesse (Spell) 2015-04-03 - 2015-08-08 127 0
Aya Hayashibara 2015-02-24 - 2015-04-03 38 0
Xanth Van Bokkelen 2014-11-17 - 2015-02-24 99 0
Napoleon Bonarat 2014-05-10 - 2014-11-17 191 1
G'nort Dragoon Talanador 2013-09-15 - 2014-05-10 237 4
Baphelocutis est Lathadoscia 2013-07-15 - 2013-09-15 62 0
Kheldar Drasinia 2013-06-16 - 2013-07-15 29 0
Imp 2011-01-04 - 2013-06-16 894 4
Rand alTan 2010-09-18 - 2011-01-04 108 0
Soerl Lute 2010-04-08 - 2010-09-18 163 1
Neo Eternity 2010-02-08 - 2010-04-08 59 0
Vanion Knightwood-Shadowcast 2009-11-02 - 2010-02-08 98 1
Anubis Karos 2009-10-20 - 2009-11-02 13 0
Ticallion Carter 2009-07-25 - 2009-10-20 87 0
Teagan Rielea 2009-02-22 - 2009-07-25 153 1
(vacant) 2008-10-31 - 2009-02-22 114 0
Jaycynda Ashleana 2007-04-10 - 2008-10-31 570 1
G'nort Dragoon Talanador 2006-04-30 - 2007-04-10 345 1
(vacant) 2006-03-06 - 2006-04-30 55 0
Joshua "Gork" Skinner 2006-02-15 - 2006-03-06 19 0
Caedia Thorn 2006-01-26 - 2006-02-15 20 0
Max Quinlan Blue 2005-09-01 - 2006-01-26 147 2
(vacant) 2005-07-27 - 2005-09-01 36 0
Farek 2005-05-10 - 2005-07-27 78 0

Herne The Huntsman     2024-03-22 - Present   ( 59 days )

Herne came in second in the 2024 End of Winter All Ranks Tournament and chose the vacant Barony of Dockside as his prize. (link)

(vacant)     2023-12-31 - 2024-03-22   ( 82 days )

Jaycy Ashleana     2023-05-01 - 2023-12-31   ( 244 days )

Matt's first challenge came from longtime Arena fighter, Jaycy Ashleana. With Kheldar on hand to call the proceedings the Baron of Dockside chose a best-of-three format for the proceedings. Jaycy immediately came on strong in the first fight, jumping out to an unanswered two point lead before Matt got on the board. A trade doubled the Baron's points, but it also put the Challenger at matchpoint! While Matt tried to hold her off, Jaycy closed out the first fight in her own favor, 5 - 2 in 9 rounds. The second fight opened with a trade of blows, and while Jaycy steadily advanced, Matt's only other scoring opportunity was a trade. Jaycy closed the door on him 5 - 2 in 5 rounds. With that Jaycy took the ring of Dockside and declared herself Renegade. (link)

Jaycy retired the Barony without reason given, and given that this was her third retirement over the course of three years, the Duel of Swords staff offered harsh sanctions. (link)

Matt Simon     2023-03-26 - 2023-05-01   ( 36 days )

Mira's first challenge came from veteran Matt Simon, who cited an early and unexpected exit from the year's Madness tournament as his reason for challenge. When the two met, Mira opted for a single duel format, and was met by a bulldozer as Matt jumped out to a 4-1 lead after six rounds. The Baron managed to stay alive for a few more rounds, but never made much of a dent in the lead, and Matt finally put the duel away in the 11th round to win, 5-2.5. One would assume that Matt felt better about the early Madness defeat after this victory. (link)

Mira Burke     2022-11-21 - 2023-03-26   ( 125 days )

Jesse had been involved in a few... questionable activities at the Dockside Manor. Her mad(?) experiments resulted in a lot of notices of waste and signs to keep away from the general area, and there was also some suspicion that Jesse was involved in the LoreTech incident. Regardless, she went unchallenged until Mira Burke came calling and declared that she was going to take her Barony back. With a contract written up for a single match and a time and date set, the match began with Jesse seemingly being destroyed by something she had attempted to summon. The being appeared to have absorb Jesse, and then offered to fight Mira in Jesse's stead, which Mira accepted. Maybe this explained the results of the match - or it could have been that Mira was just locked in - as the match was over in the blink of an eye. Mira scored five straight points in five rounds for the perfect shutout and became the Baron of Dockside once again. (link)

Jesse     2022-07-18 - 2022-11-21   ( 126 days )

Jesse was looking to see what all had changed at Dockside and Mira was more than happy to go ham against an opponent, since Jesse is known for often using proxies of a type in the ring. So, the pair met in the Arena, but Mira asked the Overlord Pearl to step in and issue a test as she was loyal to the Overlord. Old Market’s Baron, Reign quickly turned Renegade to step in for Jesse and counter this test. Stressing to the Overlord that she had no intentions of vying for her position, Reign cited that her change in loyalty was not personal. They opened with a trade before Reign moved up solidly along the scoreboard and won 5 to 1 in 7 rounds to remove the test and press the challenge between Jesse and Mira forward. Mira took hold of her favored saxophone case, Zazni and throughout the match took out two of the undead bodies Jesse was utilizing. Jesse would be the first to score, but by round 3 Mira had tied things up. With the mischief witch scoring in the following two rounds, and Mira and Jesse trading in round 6, the challenge would only last one more round with a final score of 5 to 2 in 7 in Jesse’s favor. (link)

Mira Burke     2022-04-10 - 2022-07-18   ( 99 days )

It wasn't long before Haru was challenged by the person he defeated for the Barony, and his own mother, Mira Burke. Apparently Haru was not himself, and Mira believed that she had to take Dockside back from the person who held it, who she claimed was not her son. When the two met in the ring, the Baron opted for a single match duel, which was closely contested through 13 rounds before Mira's low defense scored her the winning advantage, and she took the Barony by a score of 5-4. It was difficult to say if matters between the pair were settled, but for the purpose of the Duel of Swords, all that mattered was that Dockside had a new Baron.

Mira's first challenge came from Anya de la Rose, who had stated she was out of the title game for too long and wanted to challenge for the Barony where she spent most of her time. Mira chose a best of three format, declining the Overlord Pearl Illnaren's offer for a Test of Worthiness. When the first duel began, Mira had the upper hand with how active she had been while Anya might have been a little rusty from not having dueled as often. The two kept close or tied through the first portion of the duel, but eventually Mira ran away with it and won, 5-2.5 in 10 rounds. The second match was much different as Anya appeared to have found her sea legs, and the duel was pushed to 11 rounds. The tenth round had both duelists tied at 5, but the eleventh had Mira parrying Anya's thrust, and came away with the 6-5 victory, and her first defense of the title. (link)

Haru Jeong     2022-02-21 - 2022-04-10   ( 48 days )

Quick off her loss to Ebon for the Overlord, Mira found herself challenged by her son, Haru Jeong! Haru said he was feeling restless, but there begs the question.. why Mira and why so soon after her failed challenge? Things that make you go hmmm. When the night came, Mira chose a best of three format and they went to work! The first match saw Haru school his mom, only allowing her one point in the sixth. Haru Jeong def. Mira Burke, 5 - 1 in 7 rounds. The second match, however, was a bit more... brutal. Perhaps Mira didn't like the way the first went, because she quickly jumped to the lead after the first round trade, and took it all the way to match point in the fourth. However, Haru didn't give up or give in, and crawled the score back until it was tied at four all in the seventh. Then, with a bit of a fancy defense, he caught Mira's blade to secure the win and the barony! Haru Jeong def. Mira Burke, 5 - 4 in 8 rounds.(link)

Mira Burke     2022-01-06 - 2022-02-21   ( 46 days )

So this was quite the doozie! After taking some time, Mira Burke came back and challenged Jackson for his title once again, though it was said without any personal issues for this one. I dunna know, because Jackson retired the ring before he could defend it. This left the ring's fate to the Baronial Council, who decided that the Senior Baron, Anubis Karos, would defend the ring. Since he was the defender, he chose to do a best of three! The first fight began with a trade of blows. Mira soon took the first lead of the night, but she could never get very far away with Anubis following each of her points with one of his own. In the eighth round, Mira managed to edge ahead, then took it with a cut over Anubis' defense for the final point! Mira Burke def. Anubis Karos, 5 - 3 in 9 rounds.

In the second match, Anubis took the first point! Mira stuck with it though, tying it up in the third round, then she never looked back, scoring three more unanswered points! It was starting to look like the Challenger and her case were going to run away with it! But Baron Karos was still in the fight! For two rounds he held Mira scoreless, matching her blow-for-blow. Then in round 10, he found his second point of the match, finally finding a crack in Mira's defense. When Mira went for another score, this time Anubis defended, closing that gap a little bit more! But would it be enough to keep the fight alive? It would not! Mira's big case finally opened and revealed what she was hiding all along! A really big gun with a little flag that said BANG! And that was enough to take the fight! Mira Burke def. Anubis Karos, 5 - 3 in 12 rounds.(link)

(vacant)     2022-01-02 - 2022-01-06   ( 4 days )

Jackson     2021-09-24 - 2022-01-02   ( 100 days )

Newcomer Jackson had been making quite a name for himself in the Duel of Magic, but was only just dipping his toe into the Duel of Swords when he entered the 2021Summer All-Ranks Tournament. With only a few duels under his belt and a ranking of Commoner, he was just another name among the 14 duelers that entered that would be forgotten about when the prizes were to be determined... or was he?

Jackson impressed during the tournament, winning against much more seasoned duelers before losing the finals of the lower bracket to Overlord Salvador Delahada, who would go on to win the tournament. Since Sal could not choose one of the two Baronies offered for a prize, third place finisher Jackson was guaranteed a title if he wanted. Old Market was taken first, but Jackson had his eye on Dockside anyway, and so he chose that as his prize. For his performance, he was also offered the Talon of Redwin - and it was almost becoming common to see Talon winners become Barons, though maybe not so quickly. (link)

Jackson's first challenge came by way of a personal vendetta. How personal? Well, that's something that you would have to ask him, or the challenger, Emiria Burke, because I'm not telling. Mira came into this with blood in her eyes, ready to deliver all sorts of pain, and perhaps death, to Jackson (though she did tell him not to die. Perhaps that's because she was saving that for the Tower Challenge she also issued). In any case, Jackson didn't let it happen. When the match started, Jackson took the early lead. Mira was able to tie it up in the eighth at three a piece, but that was the closest she would get, as Jackson would take the lead again and not let go, ending it with a single match, 5.5 - 4.5 in 12 Rounds. (link)

Jackson's next challenge came from the same as the first! Mira, however, claimed that this one wasn't as personal as the first. But, one has to wonder, because Jackson's answer was to retire the ring. Personal? Somewhere! And that left the ring at the decision of the Baronial Council, who chose to have Anubis (the Senior Baron, I might add) to defend it.(link)

(vacant)     2021-09-08 - 2021-09-24   ( 16 days )

Morgan Chae     2021-01-24 - 2021-09-08   ( 227 days )

Second in the challenge queue, Morgan Chae sought revenge for Olaf using a car against Morgan's Lady of Honor, Neekylah Lang. Armed with swimming equipment that would be better at place in a pool than in a dueling ring, Morgan nevertheless went head on with Olaf and his earthmover. Morgan's maneuverability took him out to a commanding 4-1 lead, but Olaf would not let his reign end so easily. Olaf fought back to even the score at 4-4 and take the momentum. But finally, Morgan found the opening he needed to put the match away and end Olaf's reign. (link)

Morgan's first challenge came from Gatito, the Squire to Renegade Baron of Seaside Salvador Delahada. The challenge was issued on the same day as every other Loyal Baron and the Overlord had been challenged, and was the first match to be fought among those matches. Anya de la Rose, a recipient of an Intercession Grant from the prevous All-Ranks Tournament stated her intention to Test the challenger once the Overlord declined to do so, and it was no surprise that Sal stepped in to intercede. The two stayed within a point of each other all duel long, but after reaching sudden death, Sal pulled away with the close 5-4 win in 9 rounds to clear the way for Gatito. The main event was not nearly as close, as Morgan shot out to a 4-0 lead after six rounds before Gatito got on the board, but there would be no comeback as the Baron scored the final point and made his first defense, winning 5-1 in 8 rounds. (link)

Morgan's next challenge came from Haru Jeong, who stated they had unfinished (but legal!) business to attend to in Dockside, and thought that having the Barony would aid those efforts. Morgan said he wanted a fight, and backed that up by opting for a best of three when the time to duel came. Morgan proved himself up to the task and ready, as he jumped out to a quick lead in the first duel, and while Haru hung in for a few rounds afterwards, eventually fell 5-2 in 7 rounds. The second duel was much like the first, with Morgan jumping out to a two score lead, and eventually managing to put away the hard-fighting challenger 5-2 in 8 rounds. Hopefully both would be able to work together to reach their goals in Dockside - and hopefully it's all legal! (link)

Karma Armstrong was the next to issue challenge without stating a reason why, so maybe it just for the heck of it. While another challenge was going at the same time involving a lot of politicking and rules interpretations, this duel went by rather simply as Morgan opted to settle the matter with a single duel. The two duelers started slowly and both remained within striking distance of each other, but Morgan eventually moved out to a lead and closed out the challenge in 12 rounds, winning with a score of 5-3. (link)

Coming up on having held the ring for seven months, Morgan Chae had not been a familiar face around the dueling venues, having only four regulation matches under his belt as a Baron. Rachael Blackthorne was the next challenger, and stated her displeasure at Morgan's absenteeism (though only after the challenge was completed). Morgan offered a single duel to settle matters, and in less than fifteen minutes the challenge was complete, with the Baron retaining in dominating fashion with a win of 5-2 in 6 rounds. Once the challenge was finished, Morgan acknowledged his absence from the rings, but offered no comment on if that would change. Only time would tell if he would become a more active presence in the rings before his next challenger came forward. (link)

Stating a desire to spend more time with family, Morgan retired the title. (link)

Olaf von Trunk     2020-04-29 - 2021-01-24   ( 270 days )

2020 Duel of Swords Madness Tournament winner Lilith Anderson bequeathed the Barony challenge grant to Olaf von Trunk. The Trunk put forward an open call for a Baron to volunteer to receive challenge instead of making the choice themselves. The perk was that the Trunk would donate to the charity of the Baron's choice and match any other donations. The Baron Gren Blockman would be the one to respond first and accept the challenge. Two things would happen in this challenge, significant coin would be donated to the RhyDin Arbor Relief Fund by multiple members of the community and more Squire changes would happen than Barony changes. After accepting the challenge, and before it occurred, the Baroness Maggie Harker named Olaf von Trunk as the Squire of Dragons Gate. The challenge was fought as a single duel and the challenger led start to finish winning 5-2 in 7 rounds before declaring themselves Renegade to the Overlord. With that win Olaf then relinquished the title of Squire of Dragon's Gate and shortly afterwards named former baron Yeardley Owens as the new Squire of Dockside. Squire changes 3 - Barony changes 1. - (link)

Olaf would face their first challenge in a flurry of drama. Recently returned to the dueling rings former baron Errol Faline challenged the sitting Baron based on his record and based on his species. Many words were exchanged on the matter and when the time to duel came the Overlord, Lilith Anderson, stepped in to test the former baron. In a somewhat controversial move the scheduled caller, Renegade Baron Matt Simon, announced his intention to face the Overlord. As a result, DoS official, Conner Reid took to the callers couch as it were. The Renegade Baron defeated the Overlord 5-2. The match between the Baron and the Warlord looked lopsided initially and became a very close duel as both duelists had the match point but in the end the Baron defeated the Warlord by a score of 6-5 in 14 rounds. (link)

Olaf's second challenge came against relatively new dueler Neekylah Lang. Neekylah stated a desire to prove her worthiness against the Baron, and it seemed the Baron was more than willing to give her a challenge. When the two met, a large ring that spanned nearly half of the Arena was discovered, and the space/time bending Olaf used this to place himself behind the wheel of the Barony's assigned automobile. Faced with fighting a sentient trunk driving a car, Neekylah did her best, but as is often the case when a person meets an automobile, the automobile wins. The challenger was only able to score on trades, and after building a 2 point lead, Olaf came out ahead with a score of 5-3 in 9 rounds. (link)

One month later, Olaf again found himself under challenge from Neekylah Lang. Perhaps she was seeking a duel on a more even setting, and since the Baron did not currently possess his vehicle, it was a good time to press challenge. However Olaf did again have a mount, this time a horse, and Neekylah was again at a small disadvantage. The challenger did fair better this round, pushing a 4-3 lead to sudden death, but the unconventional Baron came out ahead once more by scoring the final point, and again defended the title - this time by a 5-4 score. (link)

Having been awarded a Yuletide Grant from the Arena, Rhiannon Brock was the next to challenge the Baron, stating that none of her family had held Dockside and she would like to change that. Olaf accepted and the duel was fought in a single match. While Olaf did not employ any vehicle or horse, he did resort to his unpredictable nature in pulling an assortment of items from the seemingly infinite storage within him, including pogs and cleaning tools and supplies. Once again his unpredictable nature kept his opponent off-balance, and Rhiannon quickly saw herself behind 4-1. Her soft foam weapon would barely be used this match, as she was unable to make up any points before losing 5-1 in 8 rounds. (link)

Olaf suddenly switched his alignment to Renegade and opened up a challenge queue, intending to retire the ring if he was not defeated by one of the three challengers who stepped forward to enter the queue. There were rumors that Olaf was moving and maybe would have to make himself scarce, which might explain why he made this decision. Regardless, the trunk would not go down easily. The first challenger in the queue was Jaycy Alexander, recent Diamond Quest winner. Jaycy's luck did not carry over to this challenge. Despite bringing a vehicle of her own out, it could not hold up against Olaf's construction machine. After coming to sudden death, Olaf's earthmover came out on top, and the match was scored 5-4 after 10 rounds. Olaf notched his fifth defense, and moved on to the next challenger. (link)

Gren Blockman     2019-09-26 - 2020-04-29   ( 216 days )

Armed with the Karnafexx Grant Gren sought to challenge freshman Baron Yeardley for Dockside. The Baron opted for a single bout which Gren started out of the gates with an early lead. Unwilling to give in, Yeardley managed to take the challenger from a 3-1 deficit to sudden death 4-4. Gren was able to secure his final point and secure Dockside with a one-and-done victory. (link)

Yeardley Owens     2019-07-06 - 2019-09-26   ( 82 days )

With Overlord grant in hand (Thanks to Nat Candle) Yeardley set her eyes on Dockside — and its Baron, Claire Gallows. Though only at the ranks of Master At Arms, along with the squireship of Battlefield Park, Yeardley was able to go toe to toe with Claire when the two met beneath the twin moons as Tanabata festivities danced all about them. A best of three was chosen as the format for the night and it would only take two for Yeardley to defeat Claire and become the newest Baroness of Dockside. (link)

Claire Farron     2018-06-15 - 2019-07-06   ( 386 days )

In the Dirty Dockside Showdown, Claire went after Terry's hold on the barony. In a unique twist, the challenge took place on a barge in Dockside Harbor with spectator bleachers set up on the beach. Also an assortment of rental watercraft with proceeds and donations going to the duelist's charities. The Old Market Women's Shelter was King's choice, while Claire championed the FQ Memorial Youth Centre. The fight was a very closely contested 13 round affair. Back and fourth through the entirety, they were tied at 1 in the 2nd, 2 in the 5th and 5 in the 12th. In the 13th, Claire took the final and winning lead by slipping a cut in below Terry's high parry to claim the win. (link)

Terry King     2018-03-11 - 2018-06-15   ( 96 days )

E's next challenge was given rather than received, this time to Overlady Terry King for her mantle and the right to the title of Supreme Duelist. In a single duel they settled the score and eight rounds later, the Arena had a new Overlord and for the second time in her career, Terry King found herself the Baroness of Dockside once more. (link)

Ekthbjlgke Smith     2017-02-03 - 2018-03-11   ( 401 days )

E was the first to challenge Misery, claiming no malice but a simple firm belief that a Baron ought to meet the minimum requirements of the warlord rank, which she did not. Nor did two other of the barons at the time, but perhaps they received a pass due to having both defended their titles already. Or maybe he just really wanted that Dockside hot tub as Misery seemed to believe. When the night came, E called no honors while Misery made up for it with a full "squad of honor", naming Addie, Michi, Scarlet, Romeo and Xzavier. A simple one duel affair, they began with opposing cuts to start things off. E began to edge out a lead and went up 2 in the 5th then gave one back in the 7th to Misery's low cut. Round 8 saw another set of opposing cuts to end the challenge as it began, giving E the 5-4 victory and Dockside manor, complete with hot tub. (link)

During the challenge discussions for the fight against Misery, E at one point referred to himself as the future Overlord. Combining that with his alignment declaration of Renegade, it really came as no surprise when the Overlord's squire and recipient of the Winter cycle grant, Hajime Aki, pressed his challenge for Dockside. The two met in a single bout where E took points in the first 3 rounds to go up 3-0 and make this look like it would be a cake walk for the defending Baron. Aki, however, would go on a run of his own and score in the next 3, though round 6 was a trade of cuts that left the baron with a 1 point lead. Aki got that one back too, however, with a parry in the 8th to tie the duel at 4 each. What had started out looking like an easy win advanced to overtime. E broke the stalemate in the 10th round with the 3rd of a three cut run to take a 6-5 victory and his first defense. (link)

Challenge number two came from one time Overlord Matt Simon. Neither had much to say in the pre challenge negotiations, leaving a void in expected drama as it came time for the fighting. Matt fought below the black and yellow standard associated with Team Fist, and for the honor of his wife, Koy, and their children. He named no second. Ekthbjlgke had neither second or honors, and we're not entirely sure of the color scheme for the "FIGHT E FIGHT" banner, but it was on display as usual. The baron chose to fight the challenge in a single duel, a duel he controlled all the way through. An expert parry follow by a high arching cut put him up 2-0 by the second round. Matt would put a few points on the board, but only scored clean once, with a low cut in the fourth. The other two came in thrust exchanges, the second of which gave Ekthbjlgke the final point to close the match, defending 5-3 in 8 rounds. (link)

Cooper Gallows was the next to come after Dockside. Having been bestowed with Overlord's Grant for the Winter Cycle, Coop decided E's ring was the most appealing. It was a respectful challenge, even extending an invite to visit the Hangman Distillery and hammer out the details over a bottle of their best, though E declined. Cooper stood with the colors of Team Dirt's pink and black with the Overlady as his second and in honor of his wife, Claire. Baron Smith, as typical, fought below the FIGHT E FIGHT banner and named Melanie as his lady of honor. It would be a single duel affair this night and Ekthbjlgke wasn't playing any games. He scored in both of the opening rounds and again in the 4th before Cooper finally got on the board in the 6th when they exchanged thrusts to mark a 4-1 lead for the baron. The challenger then picked up two more to make things interesting, but couldn't avoid a high cut in the 9th that sealed E's 5-3 defense. (link)

Misery Postu     2016-11-12 - 2017-02-03   ( 83 days )

When the arena's traditional Halloween event rolled around in 2016 it opened up challenge to all sitting barons to any duelist, regardless of rank, to put in a couple duels in the weekend leading up to Samhain. Misery got herself qualified and then declared challenge to the very Baron she was currently squiring under! To her credit, Terry took this very well and seemed to continue mentoring her young squire right up to challenge time and even throughout the fight. Terry took to the ring under the pink and black of Team Dirty, with Claire Farron standing second and Gabby Alexandros her lady of honor. Misery had her whole band standing as second, with a purple and black banner and had her family there to honor. The challenge itself was a single duel and it looked like it was going to be a very quick lesson from the master as Terry took an easy 4-1 lead after 6 rounds. Something shifted there for Misery though at that point and she refused to go down. In the 7th she parried a low cut to begin closing the gap and then cut back in the 8th to catch Terry in a risky slash. A sidestep in the 9th and a low cut in the 10th and Misery had marched off 4 points in 4 rounds to cap off the comeback! After 10 rounds, the Dockside squire became the new Baron in a 5-4 victory. (link)

Terry King     2016-09-01 - 2016-11-12   ( 72 days )

The Warlord Tournament for the Summer of 2016 offered two prizes. The customary Overlord challenge and an unamed baron ring. Unamed at the time because the Barons were soon to engage in a tournament to appoint the 108th Overlord, after the 107th (Matt Simon) was stripped of the title. Terry King won through in the WLT, defeating Claire Farron in the final, and claimed the baron ring voucher. Five days later, Dimitrii ascended to the Overlordship, leaving Dockside for King to claim. (link)

Dimitrii Sixtus     2016-05-25 - 2016-09-01   ( 99 days )

When Ellisa Morgan won the 2016 DoS Madness Tournament she was awarded both the barony of Dragon's Gate and a baron challenge to hand out to some other duelist. She put out a call for interest (link) and eventually decided on newcomer Dimitrii Sixtus, while also offering a squiership to Sapphire Ravenloc (the only other junior duelist to apply). Sapphire declined the offer and Dimitrii ended up taking on the role of squire as well. Armed with the red squire staff of Dragon's Gate and the right to challenge, Six called out baroness Sabine for Dockside, stating simply that she was the least recent to have fought for her ring. He must have learned a lot from Ellisa in the short time he squired for her, or perhaps Sabine took him a little too lightly. The first duel in their best of three series went to Six in an impressive 5-0, 8 round shutout. Sabine recovered for the 2nd duel and jumped out to a 3-0 lead before the challenger got his feet back under him. He staged a valiant comeback attempt to tie the fight 4.5 each after 16 rounds, but the baroness outlasted him and took a 6-4.5, 18 round victory. After that marathon fight, both looked the worse for wear as they headed into the final. Tied 3-3 in the 4th round, it promised to be short and bloody. Six trapped Sabine's thrust in the 5th to go ahead and then cut over her parry in the 8th to cap a 5-3 win. Swordsman duelist and squire no more, Dimitrii claimed the Dockside ring (once he'd gone to pick it up after Sabine threw it) and vaulted to the title of Baron. (link)

With Dirty teammate and captain, Claire Caelum, challenging for MoonBeryl over in the Outback, Terry King felt she needed to support the team and issue a challenge of her own. Terry chose to press her claim in swords and came for young baron Dimitrii. Set up to defend in a single contest, the baron had Lirssa as his second and no lady of honor (gossip columnists should follow up on this, as the baroness of Old Market was his lady of honor last time around), while Terry had no second but fought to honor Seo-hyeon Rook. Defending for the first time, the baron was quick off the mark - scoring in each of the first three rounds before Terry got on the board in the fourth by ducking his cut. She'd score again in the fifth with a clean low cut, but then Six retook the momentum. After a trade of thrusts in the 7th, Six slashed through Terry's parry in the 8th to close out the duel 5-3. (link)

When the Overlord, Matt Simon, was stripped of his title a couple of quick challenges were issued to previously loyal barons. The challenges both from Team Dirty members, for whom Dimitrii seemed to be a prefered target. This time it was Claire Farron looking to take his ring. Wasting no time, only five days passed from the day of challenge till when they took to the ring, the pair fought it out in single duel style. A format that seems to be the preference of young Baron Sixtus. Claire would have little more luck than teammate Terry King in unseating Six. Unable to land a blow cleanly throughout the match, the former Overlady's points came from cut trades in the 6th and 9th rounds. The trade in the 9th gave Dimitrii the final point he needed to complete a 5-2 win and his second defense of Dockside. (link)

Sabine Gabrielle     2015-12-20 - 2016-05-25   ( 157 days )

As Deathcake was wrapping up an undefeated IFL regular season, Sabine looked to extend the team's dominance from the Garden over to the Arena (though, technically, the Annex since Coordinator Rayvinn still had renovations to the Arena in progress). For her Dockside challenge against Jewell she brought most of the team as person's of honor and/or seconds. Dodging the establishment of team rivalries, Jewell avoiding the Royal Pain association other than having Lirssa as a lady of honor and instead had a pair of particularly shady elves at her side. The single duel challenge began with Sabine thrusting below a cut for first blood and sidestepping Jewell's counter to go up by two. It wouldn't be quite that easy for the challenger to finish off the empress baroness, however, and Jewell began a scoring run that saw her vault into a 4-3 lead by the 6th round. In the 9th it was Sabine's turn to stage the comeback though and when she advanced into the lead for the 10th, it was the final point she needed. 5-4 after 10 rounds, Sabine claimed the ring of Dockside. (link)

Sabine, who had just launched the Baroness Beauty, Bruiser Collection line of products (link) wasn't thrilled to be challenged so soon by warlord Ekthbjlgke Smith. Finding time away from the busy ad campaign and speaking circuit however, the two met up to settle the challenge in a single duel in early January. The contest opened up one sided in favor of the baonress, who cut high over one parry in the first and low in the fourth under a parry in the 6th and held a 4-1 lead. E caught his balance and struck in the 9th and 10th to narrow the gap to 4-3, but that was the last his name would light up on the score board. In the 13th round, Sabine trapped E's thrust and finished this one out, 5-3. (link)

Jewell Ravenlock     2015-08-15 - 2015-12-20   ( 127 days )

With Jesse having vacated Dockside it was made available as a prize in the Summer Cycle Warlord Tournament of 2015, along with Old Temple barony and an Overlord challenge. In a field of 8, the Empress was dropped to the losers bracket in round 3 by Melanie Rostol but would win through to meet up with Mel again in the final. Jewell took a duel to tie them and then another to seal the tournament win. As her prize she selected the Dockside barony. (link)

Two months later, Claire Caelum came around looking to break back into the arena challenge scene. Of the baronies she hadn't held already, she selected the one held by her one time squire to go after. Just before the challenge came up, Jewell had made a deal with G'nort, then Overlord, to declare loyalty in exchange for intercessions. Despite that, Jewell elected to face Claire in a best of three match instead. Winning two straight to retain her title, the Empress-student seems to have become the master. (link)

(vacant)     2015-08-08 - 2015-08-15   ( 7 days )

Jesse (Spell)     2015-04-03 - 2015-08-08   ( 127 days )

Jesse was the first to bring challenge to Aya, possibly to avenge Xanth. Jesse and Xanth's love knew no bounds beyond the lich refusing to acknowledge it or the prescription recommendations of 4 out of 5 town physicians. The ladies met below red and white standards in a duel many expected to fall Aya's way. Jesse, however, was by far the superior duelist this night, giving up only a single point to a craft duck and counter in the 5th. A low cut in the 8th closed teh 5-1 victory and earned Jesse the barony. (link)

After four months without challenge, Jesse retired the barony to the upcoming Warlord Tournament. (link)

Aya Hayashibara     2015-02-24 - 2015-04-03   ( 38 days )

Looking to expand her collection of held baronies, Aya issued challenge to Xanth. Dockside was missing from her collection and that obviously needed to be corrected. In single match format, Aya brought the score to 4.5-2 before Xanth mounted a comeback. The lich took points in consecutive rounds to slice the lead down to half a point. Aya regained control after that though and took the winning point in the 14th round and add a new ring to her collection. (link)

Xanth Van Bokkelen     2014-11-17 - 2015-02-24   ( 99 days )

Unhappy with Napoleon as the Dockside Baron, the lich Xanth returned for another shot at the ring. Moving forward on a diet of large words and sugary sweets, the two arranged to meet and decide the fate of Dockside. While Napoleon wanted to meet behind the school (though not St. Mary's) they appear to have found each other in the arena. Xanth took the opening round and never gave up the lead, though Napoleon kept things close throughout. Tied at 4 going into the 8th, Napoleon risked a PiRATe's slash and Xanth made him pay for it with a low cut. Victory to Xanth, 5-4. (link)

Napoleon Bonarat     2014-05-10 - 2014-11-17   ( 191 days )

As the winner of Madness 2013, Jake Thrash had a challenge grant to give away and chose Napoleon as the recipient. Not wanting to upset his buddy, then Overlady Morgan le Fay, the PiRATe chose a renegade baron to challenge and took aim an G'nort to form a challenge queue behind Apple. When Nappy's time to fight came up he nimbly moved to a 3-0 lead before getting caught in G's trap in the 4th and giving up a point. Unlike his past defenses though, G wasn't able to turn this around. Napoleon kept on him and took the barony in a 5-2, 7 round finish. (link)

Melanie Rostol was the first to try plundering Dockside away from Napoleon, issuing challenge a few weeks after having rescinded one to New Haven. On the night of the fight, Mel drew first blood but by round 3 her lead was gone and wouldn't return. Napoleon sent her off the plank in the 7th round by score of 5-2. (link)

G'nort Dragoon Talanador     2013-09-15 - 2014-05-10   ( 237 days )

With Baphe having been stripped of the ring, Dockside was made available in the Warlord Tournament for the 2013 Fall Cycle. The Old Market Barony was also available and, of course, the intercession free challenge to the Overlord. The tournament saw a field of twelve enter and Morgan le Fay take first prize. Morgan elected to take Old Market, leaving Dockside to G'nort as the runner up. (link)

For Halloween of 2013, DoS Coordinator Norah announced the Swordstober Swordsabration. (link) Any duelist recording two or more duels in a week, each week of October, would be awarded a raffle ticket with the drawing to be held at the end of the month to award 3 intercession free challenges. Nayun held the first of three tickets pulled and issued her challenge to G'nort. The pair met in mid November to decide the fate of the barony with a single duel. After 10 rounds G came out on top, 5-3.5. (link)

Despite the lack of libraries in the Dockside district, G's next challenge came from Xanth. Again the conflict would be settled in a single duel and saw the lich jump to a 2-0 lead. G'nort managed to get his feet under him for a trade of cuts in the 3rd to get on the board and then continued the comback to finish Xanth off with another trade in the 10th to keep the ring, 5-4. (link)

In a challenge that seemed to have much confusion between all parties at the outset, Terry King was the next to come after Dockside. Eventually the two figured out their communication problems and arrange the match, which once again would be a single duel. As with Xanth, G gave up the first two points before he got going. Slower to turn things around this time, however, Terry got the score to 4.5-3 in her favor before the ginger baron was able to take control. Scoring with a reversed cut series in the 11th and 12th rounds, G secured the 6 - 4.5 win. (link)

Apple was the next on the docket, seeking revenge for an previous exchange over Seaside. G'nort looked to be taking this one easy right up until Napoleon cashed in a Madness challenge grant and create the rare queue of challenge to G's renegade barony. G chalked up another defense for the reign, besting Apple in a speedy 5-2, 5 round finish. (link) He would have somewhat less luck against the PiRATe however.

Baphelocutis est Lathadoscia     2013-07-15 - 2013-09-15   ( 62 days )

The first challenge to Kheldar came from came from the draconian, Baphe. A defense could have earned him points for his Hydra team, though Baphe himself was uninvolved in the games. They met in a best of three series where Kheldar took the first duel, but then dropped the second and third allowing Baphe to claim the ring. (link)

Baphe aligned himself loyal to Overlord Teagan Rielea and collected on the benefits of fealty in his next challenge. When Ellisa Morgan came looking for the ring she found herself in the ring with Teagan. With a full allotment of loyal barons, there was no renegade help for Ellisa who was unable to overcome the Overlord's interference.

Not too long after, Baphe was relieved of his title for failing to have put in a duel throughout the Summer Cycle. (link)

Kheldar Drasinia     2013-06-16 - 2013-07-15   ( 29 days )

With Imp leaving the title vacant, it fell to the Warlord Tournament of the Spring Cycle. In a field of 13*, it was Kheldar Drasinia that came out on top and selected the Barony of Dockside as his prize. (link)

* estimated number of participants; event not fully documented

Imp     2011-01-04 - 2013-06-16   ( 894 days )

The first challenge to Rand was engineered by then Overlord Aya Hayashibara and intended as punishment for Rand having challenged her. The Overlord issued the cyclic grant to former Overlord Imp (link), who had successfully defended the mantle twice before against Rand. The two met in a single duel to determine the fate of the Barony and Imp managed to keep Rand scoreless through eight rounds of fighting and the duel ended in his favor 5.5-0, allowing Imp to once more claim a title. (link)

For Halloween of 2011 sub-warlord duelists were offered first come first served challenges to the Baron of their choice. The challenge to Imp came from Dyarhk and, while these challenges were open Overlord intercession and Imp was aligned loyal at the time, he elected to fight off Dyarhk in single duel format. Controlling the fight through its entirety, Imp prevailed 5-1.5 after 8 rounds. (link)

Imp's second challenger came during the 2012 Hydra season where teams could earn bonus points for their duelists taking titles. Jay Capistrano, of Wrecking Crew, took a run at Imp who wasn't involved in the games. Once again Imp elected a single duel match and once again came out on top, finishing it off with a trade of cuts in the 6th round to win 5-3. (link)

Rena wanted the next shot at the blue baron and issued challenge in November. The challenge was issued and accepted, but then Rena rescinded due to unrecorded issues with a promise to come back and re-issue when she was once again free to do so. (link)

Three months later, Imp had not been challenged again and Rena came back. This went much like Imp's previous challenge fights - another single duel defense and another victory, winning with a low cut in the 8th to maintain the ring. (link)

To this point Imp, who by record of wins vs losses had still not achieved the rank of Warlord, had survived all 13 challenges combined to his Overlord and Baron reigns. An impressive accomplishment to be sure and one that Terry King came looking to put a dent in. Having earned a challenge grant in the 2013 Madness tournament, Terry issued challenge to give it a try. History stood against King and saw Imp move that number to 14-0, dropping the would be baron by score of 5-2. (link)

Just as Imp left the Overlord mantel without defeat, so too would he leave Dockside. After a Spring cycle during which Imp never appeared in the rings, he was stripped of the title for inactivity. (link)

Rand alTan     2010-09-18 - 2011-01-04   ( 108 days )

Citing his desire to hold what was once the Third Ring yet again, Warlord Rand al'Tan issued challenge to Soerl. It took mere days for the two to meet in the ring, where the Baron opted for a best-of-three to settle the conflict. The first match went into sudden death, but it was Rand that prevailed, 6-5 in 12 rounds. The second match saw Rand jump out to a 4-1 lead, though Soerl closed the gap to 4-3 before a trading of cuts ended things in Rand's favor, 5-4 in 8 rounds, making him the new Baron of Dockside. (link)

Soerl Lute     2010-04-08 - 2010-09-18   ( 163 days )

Neo then was challenged by recently returned Warlord Soerl Lute, who wished to test his sword once more and chose Neo as the one he most wished to cross swords with. The two met quickly, with the Baron choosing a best-of-three format. The Challenger pretty much held complete control through the entirety of the challenge, taking the matches by a score of 5-3 and 5-2 without falling behind in score in either match. This ended Neo's two month reign as Baron of Dockside. (link)

Upon defeating Neo Eternity in two straight matches, 5-3 and 5-2, New Baron Soerl Lute declared himself Loyal to then Overlord Ticallion Carter. Two weeks later, Soerl declared himself loyal again after Imp defeated Ticallion. Almost two months later, Soerl changed his stance to renegade against Overlord Imp.

Soerl's first challenge came over three months later from one of the Arena's most infamous and decorated duelists, Anubis Karos. The slaver claimed Soerl wasn't fit to hold a ring and sought to remove it from his care. That task proved difficult as Soerl routed Anubis 5-1 in 8 rounds to take the first match in a best-of-three. After taking a 4-1 lead in the second match Anubis rallied to score four points in four rounds to defeat Soerl 5-4 in 9 rounds. The deciding third match once more saw Soerl jump out to a dominating lead of 4-0.5 after 9 rounds, but Anubis rallied back a second time, bringing the score to 4-3.5. But no comeback would be had this time, as the pivotal fifth point went to Soerl in round 13 to bring the final score to 5-3.5. (link)

Neo Eternity     2010-02-08 - 2010-04-08   ( 59 days )

Neo issued challenge to Vanion whilst Vanion was in the process of a challenge to the Overlord, Ticallion Carter. When Vanion did not appear for his Overlord challenge, he was held in forfeit and stripped of his right to challenge for any title at all for the remainder of that cycle. This then allowed Neo's challenge to proceed normally, but when the time and day of the challenge came, Vanion, again, was nowhere to be found. A Barons council was held, and chose to strip Vanion of his title, forbid him from challenging for any titles for the following cycle as well as the current ban, and elect a champion to face Neo for the Barony of Dockside.

The Council chose Baroness Jaycy Ashelana, former holder of Dockside, to defend. Neo opened up to a formidible 4-0 in 4 rounds lead over the Baroness, who then mounted an awesome comeback. Jaycy scored 3 points in five rounds to bring the score to 4-3, before Neo finally succeeded in defeating the Baroness by defending low against her cut to take the right to hold the Barony of Dockside, 5-3 in 11 rounds. (link)

The Baron held an Eight duelist invitational tournament, with Kaylin guaranteed a spot, in order to find his Squire. After a long fought series of battles, Neo's girlfriend at the time, Kelathe Skelicia, emerged victorious and claimed the title of Squire. (link)

Neo's first challenger was going to be Guill Fortis, but he quickly removed his challenge against the Baron for unknown reasons.

Vanion Knightwood-Shadowcast     2009-11-02 - 2010-02-08   ( 98 days )

After defeating Teagan to become the 83rd Overlord, Anubis awarded his former Barony to Vanion Shadowcast, who championed him against the former Overlady's Test of Worthiness. (link)

Vanion was quickly challenged by Warlord Joex Rodlain. The night of the challenge came, and Vanion had brought in a gruesome display of a crucified female, later animated to place blame for her death on the challenger in an attempt to distract him during the match. When time for the challenge came, it was first the Overlord, Anubis Karos who stepped in to test the Warlord. Renegade Baroness Jaycy Ashleana interceded on behalf of the Warlord and quickly defeated the Overlord by a score of 5-1 in 6 rounds. This cleared the way for the Warlord to face off against the Baron. Distracted or not, Joex was only able to score in the first round. After that, the match belonged to the Baron who defended his title, winning by the same score of 5-1 in a slightly longer 8 rounds. (link)

Some time after this challenge, Vanion held a Squire Tournament to determine who would learn the dark arts from him. After Twenty One rounds in a special tournament designed by the Baron, Kaylin Rumblegutter emerged victorious as the Barons Squire. (link)

Guil once more issued challenge for Dockside and once more rescinded when his terms were not met. Somewhat less drastic than last time, he demanded only that no renegade baron step in on his behalf should the Overlord decide to test him. Apparently he learned of one or more renegades who would not commit to these terms and subsequently withdrew the challenge. (link)

Vanion then issued challenge to the Overlord, while Neo Eternity issued challenge to the Baron. Vanion failed to appear for either challenge match and was ruled in forfeit of his title. This also cost Kaylin Rumblegutter her title of Squire. (link) and (link)

Anubis Karos     2009-10-20 - 2009-11-02   ( 13 days )

Ticallion's first actual challenge then came from Warlord Anubis Karons, who issued on the basis that Ticallion did not come to Anubis' aid during his challenge to the Old Temple, when he was tested by the Overlord at the time, Teagan Rielea. All that is currently known, at this time, is that the Baron failed to defend his title against the Warlord, who took the title of Baron of Dockside by defeating him in a best-of-three format. (link)

Shortly after winning the Barony of Dockside, Anubis issued challenge to Overlady Teagan Rielea, citing her interference in his previous challenge for the Old Temple. After defeating the Overlady, Anubis awarded the Barony of Dockside to Vanion Shadowcast, who championed Anubis in the Test of Worthiness. (link)

Ticallion Carter     2009-07-25 - 2009-10-20   ( 87 days )

Teagan's second challenge came from Warlord Ticallion Carter, who claimed he didn't have any reasons beyond business interests in the Dockside that would benefit from his holding that title, and that the challenge was nothing personal. The Baroness chose to defend in a single match format, but it was the Warlord who proved to be the better on that night as he defeated her by the score of 5-2 in 10 rounds. (link)

Ticallions first challenge came from Warlord Guill Fortis, who attempted to set his own conditions on the match that would have resulted in a waste of time and energy by everyone involved in an attempt to do so out of his own version of what an honorable challenge entailed. Upon having his conditions outright rejected by the Duel of Swords Commissioner, Guill then withdrew his challenge. (link)

Teagan Rielea     2009-02-22 - 2009-07-25   ( 153 days )

The Winter Cycle Warlord Tournament of 2009 saw two of the Arena's baronies listed in the prize pool. Only six warlords entered the event. Rena defeated Teagan in a close 6-5 finish during the tournament's 3rd round to take the winner's track to the final. Teagan went on to defeat Kheldar and complete the loser's track. Meeting up again in the final, Teagan won 2 straight to be declared the tournament champion and, as her prize, she took the Dockside barony. (link)

Teagan's first challenge came from Overlord Grant recipient, Jay Capistrano, who won Overlord Tormay Elude's Four Duelist invitational tournament in order to be awarded the grant (link). Though Jay won the Grant and used it to issue challenge to Teagan for Dockside, there unfortunately is no information as to the result of this challenge other than the knowledge that Teagan was victorious. (link)

(vacant)     2008-10-31 - 2009-02-22   ( 114 days )

Jaycynda Ashleana     2007-04-10 - 2008-10-31   ( 570 days )

Three weeks shy of his one year anniversary, G'nort faced challenge from Grandmaster Jaycynda Ashleana. Jaycy was bestowed the Overlord grant by Overlord Anjolie Quinn in part because Jaycy had a desire to see all of the titles in the Duel of Swords held by women. At the time of her challenge, five of the eight titles were in female hands, with the Old Market lying vacant. After Jaycy was through with G'nort, that number jumped to six. Jaycy overcame an early two point deficit to rally back and defeat G, 5.5-4 in sixteen rounds. (link)

Claiming that she wanted the opportunity to take a title from Cletus Ganderfald, Jaycynda next challenged for the mantle. However, she was unable to defeat the Overlord. (link)

In an attempt to increase his holdings throughout the city of Rhydin, Overlord Ganderfald bestowed his grant to his loyal employee, Aurora Blackmane (link). Aurora was a rising star in the Arena, reaching the rank of Grand Master in only a few short weeks. However, her skill could not propel her past Baroness Ashleana. In six quick rounds, Jaycy defended her title with a five to two win. (link)

G'nort Dragoon Talanador     2006-04-30 - 2007-04-10   ( 345 days )

With nearly three months before the next Warlord's tournament, the Duel of Swords staff decided to hold a special King of the Ring event to find the next Barony of Dockside. Only ten duelers were invited to the event which pitted all ten opponents in the ring at the same time. The invitations for the ten duelers were handed out based on a competition that spanned four weeks of regular dueling. Of the ten who received invitations, the duo of G'nort Dragoon Talanador and Kaja Adair proved it takes teamwork to survive a battle royal. Reportedly lovers at the time, G'nort and Kaja teamed up on the unsuspecting until they were the only two left in the ring. At that point, G'nort did the gentlemanly thing to do and flipped Kaja out of the ring to win the event himself. With his victory, G'nort claimed the Barony of Dockside. (link)

Challenges were scarce for G'nort's, with his first challenge coming months into his reign. The challenge came from Ticallion Carter and was part of a group of challenges issued by a group known as the Wrecking Crew. The group had made a name for itself in the Team Dueling League and was now seeking to control a majority of the Baron's council. However, Tical's challenge would be the extent of what he could offer as G'nort bested him with a shut out. (link)

(vacant)     2006-03-06 - 2006-04-30   ( 55 days )

Joshua "Gork" Skinner     2006-02-15 - 2006-03-06   ( 19 days )

Caedia's first challenge came merely two weeks after winning the title. Warlord Gork challenged he disagreed with the premise that a Commoner should be able to gain Baron from an Overlord grant and that a dueler with one WoL needed to be tested. The challenge proved to be a test on both combatants as it stretched a full three duels before a winner emerged. After Caedia jumped out to an eight round, 5-4 opening victory, Gork rallied back to take the title with two strong wins. With final scores of 5-2 in six rounds, and 5-1 in eight rounds, Gork became the new holder of Dockside. (link)

Immediately after winning the title, Gork was challenged by Face Loran. After a week with no word from the new Baron, the matter was sent to the Baronial council. The Council stripped Gork of his title and returned Face his peer wins, leaving the title vacant. (link)

Caedia Thorn     2006-01-26 - 2006-02-15   ( 20 days )

A commoner at the time, Caedia received the Overlord' grant from her brother Tareth who held the mantle. (link) When Max invited the challenge she took him up on it and the two met in a single duel soon after. After a first round trade of cuts, Caedia would take the lead and hold onto it until the 5-4 finish. (link)

Max Quinlan Blue     2005-09-01 - 2006-01-26   ( 147 days )

Max Quinlan Blue became the newest Baron of Dockside after helping Grayson MacLeod ascend to the Overlord's throne. Grayson, then baron of Seaside, had challenged Overlord Damien Mortis. Damien had former Overlord Cletus Ganderfeld step in for the Test of Worthiness and Max met hit to defend Grayson's right to challenge. Max won the duel 5-3 and Grayson proceeded to take the mantle from Damien, also by score of 5-3. For his service, the barony of Seaside was awarded to Max rather than the ousted Overlord. (link)

After Grayson was removed from the Overlord seat, Max pressed challenge to Overlord Rena Cronin from this Baron residence. In a best-of-three format Rena defended her crown and Max remained Baron of Dockside. (link)

Two months later, Max was challenged by Jonathan Ecorian Havoick to, as the challenger stated, "grind a final axe between them." Cory's attempt to claim the ring fell short, with Max winning the single duel match 5-3. (link)

(vacant)     2005-07-27 - 2005-09-01   ( 36 days )

Farek     2005-05-10 - 2005-07-27   ( 78 days )

After challenging for Overlord Damien Mortis's crown, Farek inexplicably rescinded his challenge and announced his retirement as Baron of Dockside. (link)

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