Duel of Fists Rules

Participants in the Duel of Fists rise in rank according to their success in their duels. Ranks are assigned according to the number of Wins over Losses (WoL) a fighter maintains. Gemstones are utilized to designate these ranks.

Glass:0-1 more wins than losses
Jade:2 more wins than losses
Ruby:5 more wins than losses
Sapphire:10 more wins than losses
Emerald:15 more wins than losses
Opal:By challenge from an Emerald
Diamond:By victory in the Diamond Quest.

Game Mechanics

For information on the game mechanics, rank, associated modifiers, etc., please refer to the Game Guide.

Cycles & Rank

The Duel of Fists standings will be reset at the beginning of every cycle; cycles last approximately thirteen (13) weeks, as follows:

  • Winter Cycle (January-March)
  • Spring Cycle (April-June)
  • Summer Cycle (July-September)
  • Fall Cycle (October-December)

At the beginning of each cycle, standings records will be "zeroed out" which means that a record of 16-12 would be reset to 4-0. As normal, duelers will be ranked according to their WoL; the "zeroing out" will not affect rank (16-12 and 4-0 would both be ranked Jade). Duelers with negative WoL will have their records zeroed out as well (e.g. a record of 6-11-0 will turn to 0-0-0).


To qualify as "active" in the Duel of Fists, you need to have recorded at least 1 duel in the past 90 days. Inactive characters will be denoted with an "(I)" in the date column. Please note, if a character reaches the 90-day inactivity point in between Standings releases, their inactivity will be noted on the next Standings release but the character still becomes inactive on Day 91. The frequency of Standings updates will not increase to reflect any character's shift into inactivity.

In addition, if a character is inactive but does not have the (I) designation on the Standings, they are still considered inactive if they have not dueled in the last 90 days; the Standings Keepers do their utmost to track of duelers' status and keep the standings as accurate as possible but it's the individual player's responsibility to know when their characters fall into inactivity.

Whenever possible, every effort will be made to take a player's circumstances into consideration (e.g. a player of Character X, also a caller, elected to call several shifts rather than duel; a player had a lengthy illness; a player had a new baby, etc.) before a character is deemed inactive. However, if a character's last recorded duel was a year or more ago, they will be removed from the standings and can request reinstatement.

Please note: A character's removal from the standings will take place during a cycle reset (e.g. when the standings are zeroed out). Standings will not be reviewed on a week-by-week basis for the purpose of culling or purging characters from the list.

Should a dueler be removed from the standings and desire reinstatement, they will be reinstated at their prior rank and WoL status, assuming that records exist proving their rank & WoL. If prior WoL cannot be established but rank is confirmed, that dueler will be reinstated at the base WoL of their rank (i.e. a Sapphire seeking reinstatement where records do not confirm WoL at the time of removal will return to the standings with 10 WoL). If prior WoL and prior rank cannot be determined, the character must return to the Standings ranked Glass, with 0 WoL. Reinstated characters will be noted with a "(R)" in the date column.

The Opal Rank

Opal holders are ranked above Emeralds, but below the Diamond. There are five (5) Opals available, each special in its own right. Opal holders will have the same requirements and privileges of the Emerald rank in regard to WoL maintenance - no special dispensation exists for this rank. Each Opal has special attributes that may vary from character to character. The below should serve as a guide, not necessarily a constraint, to Opal powers:

The Black Opal (ShadoWeaver)

Minor Power - Create Darkness: The holder of this Opal can create about a basketball size globe of darkness or use several smaller forms of darkness that would add up to roughly that amount. For example: The Opal can use ShadoWeaver's minor power to blind an opponent for a limited time (roughly a minute to 30 seconds; the larger the amount used the less time you have). It can also be used to hide various items from view.

Major Power - Confuse: Allows the dueler the ability to create several "Shadow" forms of themselves that can potentially confuse and misdirect their opponent. The use of this power is incredibly draining and should be used with caution as it requires a great deal of the Opal's concentration to not only perfect and land the move that will score, but to control the various shadow forms that are seeking to confuse the opponent as well.

The Green Opal (PathFinder)

Minor Power - Animation: This power can animate *small* plants (ones no bigger than ferns) to do his/her bidding. They could be used to heckle an opponent by distracting them or possibly to retrieve items, pass mugs of ale, etc., by using their fronds. The power is only useful for brief periods of time (again the larger the plant the less time you have to control it).

Major Power - Camouflage: The user of PathFinder's major power has the ability to slip through walls or objects that are or were at one time animate. (i.e., The Opal could slip easily through a wooden wall or another dueler because they are living objects but they would not be able to pass through things such as stone or steel). Also, if used at the wrong moment, it is possible for the user to miss on a winning strike or cause themselves a misstep and fall.

The Blue Opal (IceDancer)

Minor Power - (De)Hydrate: This power can control small amounts of water (No more than five gallons) and cause it either to appear or disappear at will. Water could be used for drinking, a distraction, or to be dumped on someone's head.

Major Power - Ice Form: The user of IceDancer's major power has the ability to control the structure of their body so it becomes as hard as ice. This can prove useful for either offensive or defensive attacks. Use of this power also has the drawback of greatly reducing the speed of the user, leaving them open for possible counterattack.

The Red Opal (FireStar)

Minor Power - Firebuilding: This power can create small amounts of fire no bigger than an average cook-fire. The flame can be projected up to a range of about five feet. It can be used to burn through ropes, light cigars, or heat a section of the room.

Major Power - Flamestrike: This gives the user the ability to create a large force of flame that can encircle their body. Punching forward with the intensity of flame can possibly cause damage to their opponent.

The Yellow Opal (MoonBeryl)

Minor Power - Levitate: The user can levitate small objects. Couches and tables are not small objects but glasses, coins, etc., are. The user will be able to use this power to bring items to them instead of having to go over and get what they want.

Major Power - Feathertouch: The user of MoonBeryl's power has the ability to "feathertouch." In essence, things that normally weigh a lot (like the resident orc) will seem rather light. Flipping people becomes much easier as does the ability to pick them up without great exertion. However, if the user loses concentration, they may cause themselves to fall or end up off balance, as things will seem their normal weight once again.

Maintaining the Opal Rank

To Maintain their Opal Status the holder of an Opal *MUST*:

  1. Win all challenge matches.
  2. Keep their Wins over Losses (WoL) record at 15 or above. If an Opal falls below 15 WoL on the standings, he or she will lose their Opal and be reduced in rank to Sapphire.
  3. Remain on the standings. Should an Opal dueler retire or be removed from the standings for inactivity, he or she will lose the right to bear their Opal.
  4. Defend against a challenge within two weeks of said challenge. If the challenge match cannot be fought within this timeframe, the duelers involved in the challenge are expected to inform the DoF Coordinator & Assistant Coordinator as to the reasons why (via PM, a conversation, etc.). If no mitigating circumstances are found, or the reasons for delay deemed unreasonable, the offending party will be held in forfeit.
  5. Appear to defend the Opal. Failure to attend challenge matches more than one time per held Opal within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled match-time will result in the loss of Opal status.
  6. Remain active; if a dueler with the Opal rank falls into inactivity as noted by (I) on the Standings, they will be stripped of the Opal rank and revert to the rank associated with their WoL.

Rights of Challenge

Characters challenging for the Opal rank must be present on the standings, qualify as "active" (see the above "Activity" section) and ranked as Emerald on the standings. Duelers who are inactive and return to active status must wait thirty (30) days after renewing activity before they can issue a valid challenge. Duelers who are active but not yet eligible to challenge will be noted with an '(NE)' next to the date column on the standings.

Each Opal may be challenged once per month. If an Emerald defeats an Opal in a given month, the new Opal will still be open for challenge within that month provided their grace period does not carry into the next month, unless the Opal waives their grace period. A defeated opal holder must wait thirty (30) days before receiving the ability to challenge for the Opal rank again.

Emeralds are allowed *one* challenge per month; challenges are not cumulative. If an Emerald does not challenge in a given month, their opportunity will not carry over to the next affording them two challenges. Thus, if an Emerald issues challenge on the last day of a month but the challenge match takes place (starts) on or after the first of the next month, the Emerald will not be able to challenge again until the following month.

Examples: An Emerald challenges on December 31, fights the actual match on January 3 and loses. The Emerald in question is not able to challenge again until February 1st.

If an Emerald challenges and fights the challenge on or before the last day of a given month and loses, they can challenge the next month (e.g. Emerald X challenges Opal Y and the duel is fought on December 31st. Emerald X loses. Emerald X can challenge for another Opal on January 1st).

Only one Emerald may challenge a particular Opal at a time. If multiple challenges are issued to the same Opal by different Emeralds, the first valid challenge received will be the one honored.

Duelers of Opal rank may not deny a challenge for any reason not provided for in these rules; they must fight or forfeit the title.

Currently, should an Opal become vacant (its holder becomes Diamond, retires, fails to respond to challenge, etc.), the opal may default to a challenger (if a current challenge was already in place), become the prize of an Opal tournament, or be awarded in the Diamond Quest. The Duel of Fists Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator have full discretion in determining the fate of a vacated Opal.

The Challenge Process

Challenge matches may occur during regular dueling hours if both duelers and the DUEL official agree. The time of the duel is dependent upon the agreement of the Challenger, the Defender, and the caller. Challenges matches (best two of three format) may proceed as soon as all parties (duelers and DUEL official) have worked out an agreed upon date and time and all challenge procedures properly executed.

All challenges must be responded to by the challenged Opal, on the Public Notice Board, within/no later than whichever of the following comes first:

10 days of the challenge being issued OR 7 days of the challenge validation date.

In the case of an invalid challenge, the Challenger may have his or her right to challenge stripped for the remainder of the cycle as a penalty; this penalty will be levied at the discretion of the Duel of Fists Coordinator. This penalty will *not* take effect if the challenge is withdrawn before voided.

It is a requirement that when a challenge is issued for a title, the challenger must place the name of the Opal in the subject line of the post and must also indicate it is a Challenge (e.g. "Challenge for ShadoWeaver" or "Looking to Burn - FireStar Challenge").

All challenges must be responded to by the challenger, on the Public Notice Board within one week of validation (by the date and time the validation notice is sent out) and dueled within two weeks of the response. Any challenge not responded to within one week of validation, setting a time and place, will likely be considered a forfeit on the part of the Opal (if there are extenuating circumstances, they will be taken into consideration before an Opal is stripped of the title).

Assuming the challenge is valid, the challenger should contact the Opal in order to find a suitable day and time for both parties when the match will take place.

The Opal has first preference on dates, times, and choice of DUEL caller, but consensus between the Opal, the challenger, and the DUEL official must be reached. If the Opal has no preference to a caller, a DUEL official available to call the match on the selected day and time will do so. Please note – do not simply expect the ‘on shift' caller to call a challenge match, especially if that caller was not asked ahead of time. Please find a caller who agrees to officiate the match, preferably before the match is slated to begin.

Upon agreeing to a date and time, one of the two parties must post those details on the Public Notice Board. This duty is the challenger's responsibility but the challenger does not have to post if the Opal does so first.

In the heat of an argument or sometimes just for kicks, duelers may want to engage in a "spur of the moment" challenge that they want to happen immediately. In these instances, the same protocols as above should be followed (the challenge must be posted, all involved parties must agree on the day/time of the challenge, etc.). However, assuming the Duel of Fists Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator and/or DoF Standings keeper are unavailable to validate the challenge immediately, the challenge match may proceed. However, the results will not be posted or become official until verified by the DoF staff.

The Opal Challenge Match

Both duelers are expected to arrive on time, prepared to duel. If one of the duelers fails to show within ten (10) minutes after the match was scheduled to begin, the dueler present will be asked if he or she would like to continue to wait. If that person agrees to wait, the match will be held up for another ten (10) minutes. If after that time the missing dueler fails to show, the match will be rescheduled. If the same person is tardy to the rescheduled match, they will be held in forfeit and no third rescheduling will be allowed. In other words, if any one dueler is late twice to a challenge match, they will be disqualified and their opponent declared the victor. At the discretion of the DoF Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator, the dueler held in forfeit may also lose their rights of challenge for the following month (possibly longer).

Challenge Matches are held in a best of three format and all duels will be fought until a winner is declared; no ties are permissible. If a duel reaches 15 rounds and neither dueler has a one (1) point lead, the duel will continue until a dueler gains the one (1) point lead necessary to win the bout.

Duelers are allowed a brief break (5 minutes is suggested) between each bout if they want/need one.

Any wins and losses accrued during Challenge Matches will not apply to a dueler's standings record (i.e. no WoL are gained or lost during a challenge match).

Challenge Results

Victory by the Opal:

Upon a successful defense, the Opal will retain the rights and privileges of the Opal rank. He or she does not have to accept another challenge for a grace period lasting thirty (30) days. If another challenge is issued to that Opal within that timeframe, they may accept it if they wish. However, the Opal is not required to accept a challenge during their grace period. If multiple challenges are issued to an Opal during the grace period, the Opal may elect to decline one valid challenge and waive grace for another. Once the thirty (30) day grace period expires, the Opal must accept the first valid challenge provided to them.

Victory by the Challenger:

If the challenging Emerald defeats the reigning Opal, the following things will happen:

  1. The defeated Opal loses rank once the challenge match ends; the next Standings update will reflect their rank according to their WoL record.
  2. The new Opal will have, from the challenge date, one week's (7 days) grace period where he or she will have the opportunity to carry the Opal challenge free without having to accept challenges. During this grace period, the new Opal may waive that grace period and accept a bid for challenge.
  3. Once the seven (7) day grace period has passed, the Opal must accept the first valid challenge provided to them.
Grace Periods

Grace periods are defined as follows:

  1. Day 1 of the seven- or thirty-day grace period begins at midnight the day after challenge began. A challenge is considered to begin at the time announced on the message boards. If a challenge was announced on the boards to begin at 9:00 pm ET but does not actually begin until 1:00 am the following day, 9:00 pm ET is still considered the start time.
  2. Example 1: A challenge begins at 9:00 pm ET on January 2, 2014. The Emerald wins and enters into 7-day grace. The grace period begins at 12:00 am on January 3, 2014 and ends one second after 12:00 am January 10th, 2014.
  3. Example 2: A challenge begins at 9:00 pm ET on January 2, 2014. The Opal wins and enters into 30-day grace. The grace period begins at 12:00 am ET on January 3, 2014 and ends one second after 12:00 am ET on February 3, 2014.

Panther's Claw

No more than once per cycle, a special tournament called the Panther's Claw Tournament will be held specifically for the lower-ranked duelers (Glass-Sapphire). Characters ranked as Emerald, Opal or Diamond are not allowed to participate in this event.

The format of the tournament is at the discretion of the caller/Duel of Fists Coordinator and will depend upon the number of participants (double elimination vs. round robin, etc.). The tournament winner will be awarded the Panther's Claw, which will allow them one (1) more modifier than their current rank allows (e.g. Glass would be allowed 1 modifier; Ruby would be allowed 4 modifiers).

Please note, where both the Panther's Claw and Mentorship are concerned: The number of additional modifiers caps at 5. In other words, a holder of the Panther's Claw cannot reach 6 modifiers, even if they are mentored. The highest modifier # a non-Emerald can reach is 5. Characters cannot make use of more than 5 modifiers, regardless of rank/mentee/Panther's Claw status, until they reach the Emerald rank.

If the holder of the Panther's Claw attains the Rank of Emerald/Opal/Diamond, they still hold the title until the next Panther's Claw tournament, but they receive no additional modifier benefit.


Please see this thread ( Mentor Program Info & Request ) for specific details on mentorship. Please note, where both the Panther's Claw and Mentorship are concerned: The number of additional modifiers caps at 5. In other words, a mentored character cannot reach 6 modifiers, even if they hold the Panther's Claw. The highest modifier # a non-Emerald can reach is 5. Characters cannot make use of more than 5 mods, regardless of rank/mentee/Panther's Claw status, until they reach the Emerald rank.

Diamond Quest

Typically held during the second or third week of each cycle, a tournament dubbed the "Diamond Quest" takes place. The style of tournament will be based upon the number of participants and may vary from cycle to cycle.

All duelers of Emerald, Opal or Diamond rank with at least 15 WoL may participate in the tournament. A notice for the upcoming tournament will be posted on the Outback message board. Duelers planning to attend are strongly encouraged to post that intent in the Diamond Quest thread; this will allow the staff time to set up the tournament, prepare seedings, determine format, arrange extra callers, etc.

The winner of the Diamond Quest will be awarded the Diamond Rank, which they will hold until the conclusion of the next Diamond Quest. *Please note: As for all other tournaments, only one (1) dueler/character can be entered into the Diamond Quest per player. Players may not have more than one (1) character participate in the Diamond Quest or similar tournaments (e.g. Panther's Claw, Opal Tournament, Megabrawl, etc.).

The Diamond Rank

The winner of the Diamond Quest will be afforded the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of the rank of Diamond so long as they maintain a record of at least 15 wins over losses. Should the Diamond fall below this requirement, they MUST fight and defeat three duelers of Emerald/Opal rank (selected by the DoF Coordinator and/or Assistant Coordinator) within a reasonable period of time. (Availability of duelers and referees will help the DoF staff to determine this period of time, which will be publicly posted on the Message Boards). Should the Diamond fail to win any of these matches, he or she will be demoted and fall to a rank in accordance with their Wins over Losses record. The Diamond rank will then remain vacant until the next Diamond Quest.

Tournament Participation:

Please do not participate if you think that you cannot stay for the entire tournament (Diamond Quest, Opal Tournament, etc.). For example, if you have to be somewhere and hope the event will finish quickly, don't sign up. Tournaments rarely finish when anybody thinks they will and if there's a chance you can't see it through, then don't start. Of course, we all know emergencies arise and you may have to leave and we understand these sorts of situations.

If a person has to leave before they are eliminated, then they will simply forfeit their current match and the forfeiture will count as their second loss towards elimination (in a double elimination format). In a round robin format, the current match will also count as a loss and the dueler will be removed from the tournament and ineligible to continue should they return later

Saving Clause

Any dispute that is not clearly covered under the preceding rules shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Duel of Fists Coordinator and/or Assistant Coordinator. The ruling will be considered final and may only be overturned by the Forum Coordinator.

Last updated: 06 Feb 2014 by Matt

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