Duel of Fists Rules


For information on the game mechanics, rank, associated modifiers, etc., please refer to the Game Guide.


How to Gain Modifiers

Participants in the Duel of Fists rise in rank according to their success in their duels. Ranks are assigned according to the number of Wins a fighter gains.

Wins over Losses

Wins over Losses (WoL) will still be tracked for historical purposes, potential future changes, and special events, but no longer have bearing on obtaining rank. Players can opt into WoL, where losses count against a character’s record and will affect rank gains, by sending a DM to a DoF staff member.

Ranks/Base Modifiers Per Rank

RankRequirement # Base Mods
Glass:0-1 wins0
Jade:2 wins2
Ruby:5 wins3
Sapphire:10 wins5
Emerald:15 wins6
Opal:By challenge6
Diamond:By victory in the Diamond Quest.7*
(The Diamond is limitted to 6 modifiers vs. someone below Emerald rank).

Modifier Caps

The highest modifier # a non-Emerald can reach in regulation dueling is 5*. Characters cannot make use of more than 5 modifiers, regardless of rank/mentee/other status, until they reach the Emerald rank.
(*Certain tournaments may permit special dispensation wherein participants are allotted more than 5 modifiers; these situations will be explicitly denoted if and when they occur.)


The Duel of Fists standings will be reset at the beginning of every cycle; cycles last approximately thirteen (13) weeks, as follows:

  • Winter Cycle (January-March)
  • Spring Cycle (April-June)
  • Summer Cycle (July-September)
  • Fall Cycle (October-December)


  1. If a dueler goes a 90 day period without participating in at least one regulation duel or a tournament duel, their standings record will be updated with the following symbol to denote inactivity: (I). Example: JoeDueler Joe 2-0-0 2017-05-04 (I)
    1. If a title holder is inactive longer than 90 days, their title shall be considered forfeit and that title shall become a prize in an upcoming tournament or special event
    2. Inactive duelers may be removed from the standings at the Standings Keeper’s discretion. Most often, standings removal occurs after a year has passed with no activity
  2. Duelers who do not appear on the standings due to voluntary retirement or inactivity may duel at their last recorded rank as shown on the Historical Record, provided they inform their opponent prior to the start of any duel of their listing and rank as shown within the Historical Record. The Inactive/Retired dueler must continue providing any new opponent with this information until such time as they are placed back on the official Standings.
  3. To check a dueler’s Historical Record, please send a Direct Message to the Nexus Guide with the following command: ?ranks "Character Name". Alternatively, click the “Historical Record” link within the Duel of Fists Standings.
  4. The Inactive/Retired dueler will appear on the next Standings release after their completion of a single regulation or tournament duel. Reinstatement does not apply until the Standings are updated.
  5. There is no requirement for the dueler seeking reinstatement to contact the standings keeper, unless a discrepancy with the Historical Record is identified.


Opal holders are slotted above Emeralds, but below the Diamond. There are five (5) Opals available, each special in its own right. To challenge for an Opal, a character must qualify for the Right to Challenge (see the “The Opal Challenge Process” section).

After the events of Diamond Quest 100 & 101, the Opals have returned to their physical constructs, trading freedom for agency and influence. They are more powerful than ever and those powers seem to have grown and stretched beyond the elements. The descriptions below just scratch the surface of what they are capable of but beware...power from the Opals comes at a steep price. The deeper you draw upon that power, the more costly that price may be. They are no longer keen to lend their gifts to just anyone unless doing so fits with their schemes. Quite often, they demand an exchange for what they share and leave their mark upon the user in return.

Remember...magic and power are never free.

Opal Powers

The Black Opal (ShadoWeaver)

Beyond tricks of light and shadow, ShadoWeaver excels in creating beguiling glamours as well as deceiving the senses and the mind – even that of its holder. The black Opal enables its holders to blend in with the phantoms it creates, blurring the line between illusion and reality. Its holder is capable of smooth deception and remarkable guile through speech or magical illusions, often weaving them together. Those who dig too deep into ShadoWeaver's abilities or give up too much of themselves may find their very soul forever corrupted by its essence.

The Green Opal (PathFinder)

PathFinder can manipulate foliage, pass through living matter, and now alter life itself, causing healthy things to decay and even restoring or invigorating the life force of plants and creatures. The green Opal’s holders are also capable of altering living matter into something other than its natural state. However, these changes are demanding to bestow and more arduous to undo. Altering the natural order can far too easily sap the strength – or even cost the very life – of those who dare to reach beyond their means.

The Blue Opal (IceDancer)

Methodical and resourceful, IceDancer has always been able to harness the properties of water to shield its holder, slow down an opponent, or even turn their offense against them. The blue Opal can now take this even further and manipulate any type of liquid, including that which is present in all living things. Additionally, holders can delve into the memories of water, constructing images and recreating past events. Beware though...these reflections of the past can drive a holder to obsession.

The Red Opal (FireStar)

FireStar’s brash and excitable personality fits neatly with its raw power. Combative, strong and eager to explore other planes of existence, FireStar constantly pushes the envelope of possibility. The red Opal’s holders can call fire from the skies and manipulate flames like clay but can also, by harnessing their anger and rage, access valuable objects or creatures from other planes to do their bidding...those who use this ability too many times may find themselves consumed by unfettered fury, incapable of expressing other emotion.

The Yellow Opal (MoonBeryl)

Perhaps the most cunning of the Opals, MoonBeryl tempts holders into using its powers with honeyed words. The yellow Opal offers its holders more than just the ability to manipulate wind and air. Holders can transcend the present and navigate the wonders of time itself...but is what they’re seeing what truly has happened/will happen, or is the yellow Opal deceiving them? Delve into the timestream too often and even the most mentally disciplined holder might find themselves adrift, unable to return to the here and now.

Maintaining the Opal Rank

To Maintain their Opal Status the holder of an Opal *MUST*:

  1. Defend against a challenge per the Opal Challenge Process
  2. Remain active; if a dueler with the Opal rank falls into inactivity as noted by (I) on the Standings, they will be stripped of the Opal rank and revert to the rank associated with their Wins


General Rules

A defeated opal holder must wait until the next calendar month before receiving the ability to challenge for the Opal rank again.

Only one Emerald may challenge a particular Opal at a time. If multiple challenges are issued to the same Opal by different Emeralds, the first valid challenge received will be the one honored.

Duelers of Opal rank may not deny a challenge for any reason not provided for in these rules; they must fight or forfeit the title.

Currently, should an Opal become vacant, the opal may default to a challenger (if a current challenge is already in place), become the prize of an Opal tournament, or be awarded in the Diamond Quest. The Duel of Fists Staff have full discretion in determining the fate of a vacated Opal.

The Right to Challenge

Characters challenging for the Opal rank must be present on the standings, qualify as "active" (see the above "Activity" section), and be ranked as Emerald on the standings. Duelers who are inactive and return to active status must wait until the next standings update after their first regulation or tournament match before they can challenge.

Emeralds are allowed one challenge per month; challenges are not cumulative. If an Emerald does not participate in a challenge match in a given month, their opportunity will not carry over to the next.

Example 1: Matt challenges opal-holder Claire on December 31, fights the actual match on January 3 and loses. Matt is not able to challenge again until February 1st.

Example 2: Kheldar challenges an opal-holder and the match is fought on December 31st. If Kheldar loses the challenge, he can submit another opal challenge on January 1st.

Challenging for an Opal

Posting a Challenge
Challenges must be posted on the Public Message Board. The subject line of the post must indicate the post is a challenge and name the opal under challenge.

For example: "Challenge for ShadoWeaver" or "Looking to Burn - FireStar Challenge".

In the case of an invalid challenge, the Challenger may have his or her right to challenge stripped for the remainder of the cycle as a penalty; this penalty will be levied at the discretion of the Duel of Fists Staff. This penalty will not take effect if the challenge is withdrawn before voided.

Responding to a Challenge
All challenges must be responded to by the challenged Opal on the Public Message Board within one week of validation (from the date and time the validation notice is sent out). The challenge must then be fought within two weeks of that response.

Any challenge not responded to within one week of validation will be considered a forfeit on the part of the Opal.

Arranging an Official, Day & Time

Assuming the challenge is valid, the challenger should contact the Opal in order to find a suitable day and time for both parties when the match will take place once the challenge has been validated and accepted. It is also the challenger’s responsibility to obtain a caller for the challenge match, as far in advance of the match as possible.

The Opal holder has first preference on dates, times, and choice of official, but consensus between the Opal, the challenger, and the DUEL official must be reached. Upon agreeing to a date and time, details must be posted on the Public Message Board specifying the day of the challenge, the time it will take place, and the name of the DUEL official (these can be announced in separate posts). It is the challenger's responsibility to post these details but the challenger does not have to do so if the Opal posts this information first.

The Opal Challenge Match

Challenge Match Rules
Challenge Matches are held in a best of three format and all duels will be fought until a winner is declared; no ties are permissible. If a duel reaches 15 rounds and neither dueler has a one (1) point lead, the duel will continue until a dueler gains the one (1) point lead necessary to win the bout.

Any wins or losses accrued during Opal Challenge matches will not apply to a dueler's standings record.

The date a challenge is scheduled to begin is considered the official date the title is defended/obtained.

No Shows/Forfeiture
Both duelers are expected to arrive on time, prepared to duel. If one of the duelers fails to show within ten (10) minutes after the match was scheduled to begin, the dueler present will be asked if he or she would like to continue to wait. If that person agrees to wait, the match will be held up for another ten (10) minutes. If after that time the missing dueler fails to show, the match will be rescheduled.

If the same person is tardy to the rescheduled match, they will be held in forfeit and no additional rescheduling will be allowed. The person who failed to show for two matches will be disqualified and their opponent declared the victor. At the discretion of the DoF Staff, the dueler held in forfeit may also lose their rights of challenge for a period of time.

Opal Challenge Results and Grace Periods

Victory by the Opal:
Upon a successful defense, the Opal will retain the rights and privileges of the Opal rank. The holder does not have to accept another challenge for a grace period lasting thirty (30) days.

If another challenge is issued to that Opal within that time frame, they may accept it if they wish. However, the Opal is not required to accept a challenge during their grace period. If multiple valid challenges are issued to an Opal during the grace period, the Opal may elect to decline one valid challenge and waive grace for another. Once the thirty (30) day grace period expires, the Opal must accept the first valid challenge issued to them.

Victory by the Challenger:
If the challenging Emerald defeats the reigning Opal, the following things will happen:

  • The defeated Opal loses the title once the challenge match ends; the next Standings update will reflect their rank according to their Win record.
  • The new Opal will have, from the challenge date, a seven (7) day grace period where the holder does not have to accept a challenge. During this grace period, the new Opal may waive that grace period and accept a challenge should a valid challenge be issued to them.
  • Once the seven (7) day grace period has passed, the Opal must accept the first valid challenge issued to them.

Grace Periods

A seven-day grace period applies regardless of the method of acquisition of an Opal - challenge, tournament, or otherwise.

Day 1 of the seven-day or thirty-day grace period begins at midnight the day after challenge was scheduled to begin or the Opal was acquired (including tournament start time). The grace period ends at one second after midnight ET of the eighth or thirty-first day.

A challenge or tournament is considered to begin at the day and time listed on the message boards. If a challenge or tournament was scheduled to begin at 11:45 pm EST but does not actually begin until 12:01am EST the following day, 11:45pm EST is still considered the start time.

Example 1: A challenge or tournament begins at 9:00 pm EST on January 2. The Emerald wins and enters into 7-day grace. The grace period begins at 12:00 am on January 3 and ends one second after 12:00 am January 10th.

Example 2:A challenge begins at 9:00 pm EST on January 2. The Opal wins and enters into 30-day grace. The grace period begins at 12:00 am ET on January 3 and ends one second after 12:00am EST on February 2.


Players may not have more than one (1) character participate in tournaments (e.g. Diamond Quest, Opal Tournament, Slugfest, Megabrawl, etc.).

Diamond Quest

Typically held during the second or third week of each cycle, a tournament known as the "Diamond Quest" takes place. Tournament style (single elim, double elim, etc.) will be based upon the number of participants and may vary from cycle to cycle.

DQ Participation
All duelers of Emerald, Opal, and Diamond rank may participate in the Diamond Quest. A notice for the event will be posted on the Outback message board. Duelers need not be active to participate in the DQ; participation in the Diamond Quest will count as an activity duel.

If a person has to leave before they are eliminated, then they will simply forfeit their current match and the forfeiture will count as their second loss towards elimination (in a double elimination format). In a round robin format, the current match will also count as a loss and the dueler will be removed from the tournament and ineligible to continue should they return later.

The Diamond Rank
The winner of the Diamond Quest will be awarded the Diamond rank, which they will hold until the conclusion of the next Diamond Quest.

After the events of Diamond Quests 100 & 101 and due to its role in fragmenting and then reforging the Opals, the diamond has turned black. Now known as the Black Diamond, the gem gets passed from Diamond to Diamond to hold while they maintain the rank. The Black Diamond can absorb and release energy gathered during a fight; duelers of Diamond rank may discover how to use this ability to make their attacks stronger and more powerful.

Additionally, the Black Diamond can absorb echoes of the Diamond’s personality as it is passed from person to person. Over time, it seems as if the Black Diamond may use these echoes to form a sentience of its own. The Black Diamond may have other abilities yet to be uncovered as well.

Diamond Quest winners will continue to receive a commemorative diamond gem to keep as a symbol of their accomplishment.


Please see this thread (Mentor Program Info & Request) for specific details on mentorship. Please note, the total number of modifiers for duelers not ranked Emerald caps at 5. Characters cannot make use of more than 5 modifiers in a given duel, regardless of rank/mentee/other status, until they reach the Emerald rank.


Any dispute that is not clearly covered under the preceding rules shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Duel of Fists Staff.

Last updated: 22 Apr 2020 by Matt

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