The Great Desert

Past the looming sandstone sentinel of Cadentia's Desert Gate Tower is a vast and shifting wasteland known to locals and far travellers alike as the Great Desert. Only the truly prepared, or truly desperate, pass through the mighty gate into the unrelenting heat.

Life in the desert is both beautiful and dangerous. The arid land stretches far beyond the horizon, changing unpredictability from badlands, cracked and dry, to rolling dunes with terrifying dust storms. Kasbahs and fierce merchants guard the circuitous passages through the High Mountains from bandits and marauders. Hidden settlements to the south are populated with resilient locals. These locals are often wary of adventurers who seek to plunder their ancestral ruins. Shantytowns created by runners and outcasts rise and fall within decades, leaving abandoned shelters for coyotes and perfect perches for predatory birds. In this land of conflict, graboids and desert worms vie for territory underground, while dragons and wyverns compete for the skies.

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