The Underground

The Underground is the city's labyrinthine underbelly, a maze-like network of tunnels nestled beneath the cobblestone sprawl of old and new that is RhyDin. While much of it is well-documented, countless uncharted passages help to build an intricate web of sewers and steam tunnels, abandoned subways and cisterns. Many of these tunnels were built in secret, while others lay forgotten for years, until the city's enterprising underground denizens began using them for their own purposes.

There are nearly as many ways into the Underground as there are tunnels, some out in the open and others hidden in plain sight. A forbidden door in the Golden Perch, a wishing well in Old Market, a ruined mausoleum in Battlefield Park, these and countless others provide access to familiar and foolhardy travelers alike. However you make your way down there, you might find a floating bazaar in the city's oldest cisterns, a sacrilegious rave in the catacombs, an illicit fighting pit in Badside, or run afoul of feral beasts lurking in the darkness.

When you step into the Underground, you can never be too sure just what you'll find down there...

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