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Sport Headlines

  • Eden Hops Over Competition to win the Spring ART!

    The unstoppable Eden Parker outwit and outmatched the competition in the Spring All Ranks Tournament! With no losses in the night she easily overpowered last All Rank Tournament winner Royal and never looked back! We hope her and the hoppy bunny, who I may or may not have been feeding extra carrots while taking care of it, have a wonderful time together! I wonder what it's name will be..
    [ link ]
  • Madness 2019 looms on the horizon!

    It's that time of year again! Seeding complete and brackets made! In a weeks time the 2019 Duel of Swords March Madness Tournament will begin! It's not too late to place your bets! Visit the line today!
    [ link ]
  • Simon Stays as Overlord!

    After Renegade Baroness Eden Parker defeated tester Rhiannon Brock, Hope stepped out to the center stage and faced off against.. still controversial (?) Overlord Matthew Simon! While the single duel started off in the Warlords favor things changed mid-match as Matt took and ran away with the lead.
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Fashion Madness! Fashion Week Kicks Off Tonight!

    - Mar 16th, 2019

    Join The Benson Boulevard Initiative for the Fashion Week 2019 Charity Kickoff TONIGHT at 9 PM at the Cavern of the Dancing Bobbins, departing from outside the Arena, Dragon’s Gate!

    All Proceeds Benefit the Sanyumato Relief Fund, the Small Business Relief Fund in celebration of Jewell Raven...
    [ link ]
  • Lucky Clover Night at The Golden Perch

    - Mar 15th, 2019

    Elessaria had been too preoccupied with the preparations for the kick off of this year's Fashion Week, that she decided to keep it simple tonight during her shift at the Perch. Even though Tara wasn't around lately to drag in a battered and beaten leprechaun, this was still RhyDin and anything coul...
    [ link ]
  • Pi Day Pie from Bak'd

    - Mar 14th, 2019

    It was a busy day at the bakery, for many of the people in Rhy'Din loved to celebrate math with pie. On the 14th Day of the 3rd Month, they would celebrate the irrational number Pi (3.141592...) And so Michelle had small tarts, mini-chocolate pie's, and regular sized baked pies with pi symbols along...
    [ link ]
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