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Sport Headlines

  • Caleb Cleans-Up!

    After having the way cleared by renegade baron Salvador Delahada, Caleb Feren made a powerful statement and became the new renegade baron of Old Market!
    [ link ]
  • Dockside & Battlefield Park Hold Fast

    On back-to-back nights, the barons of Dockside and Battlefield Park defended their titles! Olaf von Trunk came up first, defending against Neekylah Lang's rematch challenge in a single match.
    [ link ]
    Matt Simon notched a defense of Battlefield Park, defending Karma Armstrong's challenge without stepping into the ring thanks to the help of Overlord Hope Naharis whose fine efforts kept Karma from facing her chosen opponent.
    [ link ]
  • This Week in Twilight News!

    Eregor defends! Our Keeper of Water adds another defense to his list after defeating challenger Bellamere to continue his reign! This makes Eregor's fifth defense of the Tower of Water!
    [ link ]
    It's Trick or Treat Halloween Edition on Twilight Isle! With the Ultimate Spooky Showdown competition and Halloween Havok lotto in full swing! Be sure to come out and pick up your lotto ticket as this is week two of the four week celebration of all things Halloween!
    [ link ]
    Be sure to check the weekly standings for more information on the happenings on Twilight Isle and other news!
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Rhydin.why?

    - Nov 27th, 2020

    A holonet site has recently gone viral, coming out of seemingly nowhere. A site where people write stories about their favorite celebrities, notable people, and fictional characters. Written by folks of all ages and levels of talent, it is the largest repository of the strangest of stories! Fanficti...
    [ link ]
  • Pre-Party Invitation

    - Nov 23rd, 2020

    It was Sylista's idea, of course. Mathian was just fine having the wedding ceremony in the Vampire Courts and away from the buzz of the city while the fiery woman was absolutely not. Rhy'din was where the individuals lived that she actually enjoyed spending time withand, while Lord Salvatore was a g...
    [ link ]
  • Fall Benefits Ball

    - Nov 22nd, 2020

    Over the past week, slowly there's been signs popping up everywhere. Roni herself hasn't been putting them up, but someone has. And there's flyers left at every business that's allowed her, and up on every bulletin board as well. Anywhere there is a possible surface for notices, there's a flyer ther...
    [ link ]
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