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Sport Headlines

  • Talon Tournament Announced!

    Over in the Arena the Talon of Redwin tournament has been announced! In two weeks time those below the rank of Warlord can come out and cross blades to see who will take home the coveted Talon of Redwin! Join early and receive a special bonus! Early signup ends 8:00 PM EST on Friday, June 21st while the tournament itself will begin Sunday, June 23rd at 9 PM EST!
    [ link ]
  • Phil Eclipses the All Ranks Tournament

    Phil Goshawke wins the Summer 2019 All Ranks Tournament! While returning duelist Gloria Blaze reset the bracket in the finals it would be Phil who triumphed at the end under a starry night sky!
    [ link ]
  • Twilight Isle Goes Dark, Officials Say Nothing to Fear

    After the latest magical duels during the Isle's Summer All Ranks Tournament, it appears the mysterious Crystal Tower has begun to reflect the Nocturnal Sect's current lead in the Trial of Light & Dark. While the Tower is still inaccessible and answers are minimal to the mounting questions, Twilight Isle officials assure the public that there is no current threat to the patrons, keepers, or other visitors to the Isle at this time.
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables


    - Jun 12th, 2019

    "Onwards, Buttercups. We have ..." Mist paused. Amaris was gazing up at him adoringly. He adjusted his language accordingly, "Rainbows to spread!"
    [ link ]
  • What they're saying on the street.....

    - Jun 06th, 2019

    "That's what I heard! I swear to you."

    "Oh, please, the people at Lyceum don't turn you into mushrooms."

    "Well, the pretty one might not, but I don't know about that horn headed one.....what's her name? Molly, Malaria---Mall---something."

    "I think it's Mallory."

    [ link ]
  • Have you heard.....

    - May 29th, 2019

    Come and lend the force of your stories to the Rumor Mill! PM your answers to the survey below to this name, and let's get this ball rolling!

    What are two positive rumors circulating about your character, their life, their business, or their story?

    What are two negative rumo...
    [ link ]
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