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Sport Headlines

  • Magic & Chess, Green Opal Holder Delahada Challenges for Earth

    In a (slight) surprise move, Overlord of the Arena and holder of the PathFinder Opal, Salvador Delahada, has challenged Keeper Haru Jeong to the right to hold the Tower of Earth. Will we see a new Terra Master or will Haru ground Salvador's triple title hopes? The challenge has been accepted so keep an eye on the cork for updates to when it will go down. Be sure to come out to the Isle to see how it pans out!
  • Adia Out for Water

    Former Keeper of Earth (and current Public Works Minister), Kira Adia, is gunning for a new tower! This time, she has set her sights on Morgan LaFey and the Tower of Water. The challenge has been accepted and the date and time are pending. Be on the lookout for updates on the cork!
    [ link ]
  • Queen of Air & Darkness No More, Mos a Fresh Breath of Air

    When it comes to Air, Keeper Karma is out and Szuzak Mos is in! It took all three matches under the watchful eye of Anya de la Rose, but Fall 2021 ART winner Mos ousted the incumbent Keeper, ending her 64 day reign. Congratulations to Szuzak and well reigned, Karma!
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • The Shanachie Theater Presents ...

    - Oct 09th, 2021

    Jekyll & Hyde

    Shanachie Theater Company

    October 11th - October 23rd

    Just in time for Orktoberfest, come join us at the Shanachie Theater for the on-stage transformation of the mild-manned Dr. Jekyll into the evil Mr. Hyde. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic ...
    [ link ]
  • Minister of Defense taking its job seriously!

    - Sep 30th, 2021

    The following alert found itself playing before select Rhy’tube videos as well as printed in as many papers as would accept it.


    Since the announcement of Sir Stabbington Roomba as the minister of defense a small army of armed roomba’s have been seen swarming the streets, gun...
    [ link ]
  • Clothing Drive!

    - Sep 27th, 2021

    Clothing Drive!

    Bring all the old clothing and bedding and whatever to the Red Dragon Inn for drop off and don't forget to add a recipe to the bulletin board!
    [ link ]
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