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Sport Headlines

  • Rule the World - a Galactic Event

    On October 19th, beginning at 8:30pm ((ET)), Archmage Jaycy Ashleana and the Duel of Magic invites you to celebrate under the stars and harness the galaxies that surround us in one magical evening! The Celestial Citadel will be open to the public during the evening for visits! Tour the inner temple and gaze on the flickering seat of magic in the Circle of Genesis*! Savor celestial treats and delights! Additionally, meet the Archmage (once) in the famed Olympus ring while you fight for your chance to harness the incredible power of the Isle and reside in the Citadel for a week! The best caster, based on win percentage** (with a minimum of three wins), will earn the right to claim the prize!
    [ link ]
  • Water & Earth Settled, LaFey & Jeong Remain

    Two nights, two challenges! The Isle saw both the Tower of Water and Tower of Earth Challenges settled on Friday and Saturday night respectively. Both took but two matches to settle and both came out in the incumbent Keepers' favors! Congratulations to Morgan and Haru and well tried Kira and Salvador!
    [ link ]
    [ link ]
  • Magic & Chess, Green Opal Holder Delahada Challenges for Earth

    In a (slight) surprise move, Overlord of the Arena and holder of the PathFinder Opal, Salvador Delahada, has challenged Keeper Haru Jeong to the right to hold the Tower of Earth. Will we see a new Terra Master or will Haru ground Salvador's triple title hopes? The challenge has been accepted so keep an eye on the cork for updates to when it will go down. Be sure to come out to the Isle to see how it pans out!

RhyDin Playables

  • The Shanachie Theater Presents ...

    - Nov 27th, 2021

    Peter Pan Goes Wrong

    Shanachie Theater Company

    November 29th - December 11th

    Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a play by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields of the Mischief Theatre Company, creators of The Play That Goes Wrong (2012). The premise, as in The Play That Go...
    [ link ]
  • Dockside Fisherpeople Protest Overlord's Isle!

    - Nov 12th, 2021

    In the wake of a large number of explosions on and around the Overlord's Isle on Thursday night, Dockside fishers, crabbers, and fishmongers alike found their livelihoods upended when they found the explosions had killed a portion of the fish population and scared away untold others. Fast to point f...
    [ link ]
  • The Shanachie Ballet Presents ...

    - Nov 07th, 2021

    Hansel & Gretel

    Shanachie Ballet Company

    November 8th - November 27th

    This two-act ballet is a lively re-telling of the well-known fairytale about a brother and sister who wander into a forest where they are captured by a witch in a fantastic gingerbread house. In a ...
    [ link ]
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