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Sport Headlines

  • Challenge for Battlefield Park

    Claire Gallows is looking to mark another Barony off her list.. and this time the challenge is to Battlefield Park and its Baron: Nat Candle!
    [ link ]
  • Old Temple Renegade Queue

    Old Temple is under challenge by not one, but two Warlords! The first being Gloria Blaze, winner of the Spring 2019 Warlord Tournament and Bailey Raptis, the Archmage of Twilight Isle! While active on the cork the Baroness of Old Temple, Mairead Harker, has yet to officially accept the challenges! Visit the Arena to check more up to date information on the where and when this challenge will take place!
    [ link ]
  • Overwitch Under Challenge!

    The Overwitch is under challenge! Runner up of the Spring Warlord Tournament, Rachael Blackthorne has finally issued her challenge to Mallory Maeda!
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Burger Battle Brewing!

    - Jul 21st, 2019

    Upstart Dragon’s Gate bar and grill Black Magic Burger has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging all of RhyDin City to a “burger off” at this Saturday’s Taste of RhyDin. In their quest for total hamburger domination, BMB has rolled out a trio of new sandwiches inspired by the Duels’ top ti...
    [ link ]
  • Seaside Cool Down with Phil and Eden!

    - Jul 20th, 2019

    Come to Seaside Beach tonight, Saturday July 20, starting at 8ET for a chance to COOL DOWN!

    Join the fun on the sand where comfortable seating -- including beach chairs and loungers -- is arranged to catch the cool breezes while you keep your feet in the lapping waves and your eyes on the d...
    [ link ]
  • Serial Killer Scheduled to Strike Again?

    - Jul 09th, 2019

    Rhy'din Daily News

    Serial Killer Scheduled to Strike Again?

    For the past six months there is a killer that's struck on the 25th of the month, every month. His victims seem to follow no pattern, they do not discriminate from young or old, rich and poor. They are all found in their homes...
    [ link ]
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