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Sport Headlines

  • Overlord Hangs Tight, New Haven Changes Hands!

    In back to back nights, two different challenges yielded opposite results! On Sunday, the Overlord defended by successfully testing challenger Salvador Delahada with loyal Baron of Battlefield Park, Matt Simon. Check it out here:
    [ link ]
    The following night, Bailey Raptis successfully challenged Michelle Montoya for the title of New Haven, picking up his first title! Check it out here:
    [ link ]
  • News from the Isle!

    Jaycy, winner of the Archmage Tournament, was unable to dethrone Archmage Bailey! As we enter this new Cycle of Earth his reign will continue and leaves us wondering who will climb to the top of the next tournament to face him! As for Haru's attempt at the Tower of Fire — he was unable to best Eden, though we are sure this isn't the last we've seen of him in the challenge game! Our last bit of news is about the recent challenge to the Tower of Air by Ring of Klytus winner Ellie Luisante! Morgan has already accepted the challenge and details are pending! For other and future news be sure to check out the Twilight Isle standings!
    [ link ]
  • Cadentia Changes Hands, Dockside Remains

    In back-to-back challenges, the Arena hosted two unique challenges with two opposing outcomes! On Wednesday, Anubis Karos snatched the Barony of Cadentia from young Morgan Chae in a tough challenge! [
    And then the next night, Neekylah Lang fearlessly faced down Olaf von Trunk driving the Dockside vehicle right in the ring, but she could not prevail and Dockside remains with Olaf! [

RhyDin Playables

  • Candidate Meet & Greet

    - Sep 16th, 2020

    Due to the cancelling of the debate, Tenball has taken it upon himself to organize an informal meet & greet for this year's gubernatorial candidates. So come on down to the Red Dragon Inn this Saturday evening to ask questions, raise concerns, and most importantly... get autographs!

    [ link ]
  • The Shanachie Ballet Presents ...

    - Sep 11th, 2020

    The Little Mermaid

    Shanachie Ballet Company (2019-2020 Company)

    Sept 7th - Sept 26th

    John Neumeier has created a modern but timeless interpretation of The Little Mermaid – a dramatic tale set in two contrasting worlds: the simple underwater life of the ocean creatures and the ...
    [ link ]
  • LOVE for RHYDIN!

    - Sep 10th, 2020

    Unbeknownst to all, the elaborate Doozer constructions erected the week before to house the opening campaign posters for Tenrowe’s 2020 Gubernatorial Bid were wired with power and fitted with visual spectrogrids. Beginning the at the stroke of midnight on September 9th, and at the top of every 3rd...
    [ link ]
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