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Sport Headlines

  • Shift in Old Market!

    Rhiannon Brock defeated Harris D'Artainian to become the new Baroness of Old Market! What will happen next? Hopefully nothing to cause the prices of strawberries to rise...
    [ link ]

    It's that time of year again... THE MADNESS TOURNAMENT RETURNS TO THE DUEL OF SWORDS! The biggest event of the year down in the Arena has been announced! Registrations are now open and brackets need to be filled! Sign up from now until 11:59 PM (ET) on March the 2nd to secure your spot in this Mad, Mad Tournament! The winners prizes include: 10 wins over losses added to your record! The Mad Test Free Overlord Challenge Grant -- an upgrade to the normal, non-mad version, and your shot at Duel of Swords Madness history! For more information on how to register & the rules of the tournament, see the cork!
    [ link ]
  • Jaycy Ashleana Dazzles in Return, Wins 100th Diamond Quest!

    One of the largest Diamond Quest tournaments in the past several years took place this past weekend, with a field packed with venerable (read: aged) duelers as well as many who're newer to the sport. At the end of the night, Jaycy Ashleana, who was one of those hoarier returnees, punched and kicked her way through the loser's bracket, winning 6 straight duels (including two in the Finals against Michelle Montoya, who'd been the one to put Jaycy in the loser's bracket to start with) to claim her 4th overall Diamond title and win the landmark 100th Diamond Quest! Congratulations to Jaycy and a big thanks to all those who came out to watch and participate in the Quest!
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Strange Fog Dissipates from Dockside Slum!

    - Apr 04th, 2020

    The strange fog that has been responsible for spreading undead attacks for the last month has vanished. Around midnight, during a large-scale, violent melee out in the street near Three Foxes Court in Dockside, the fog was dissipated by sudden warm winds and never returned, and the heavy vampiric pr...
    [ link ]
  • Who will wear the flower crown?

    - Mar 30th, 2020

    In every district of the city, druids have set up bowls woven of grass to accept nominations for May Queen. Each station is manned by one of the druids: head lowered, hoods pulled up, silently monitoring the process over the next two weeks at all hours of the day.

    [ link ]
  • Governor's Announcement

    - Mar 28th, 2020

    [ link ]
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