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Sport Headlines

  • New Archmage for the New Year!

    Gren Blockman becomes Twilight Isle's newest Archmage after defeating Eden Parker in two out of three amazing duels! The Celestial Citadel must be the best spot to view fireworks!
  • A Very Melee Christmas!

    Christmas time is almost upon us. Let your days be melee and bright, by getting your fight on (and a gift!) with Duel of Swords in the month of December for A Very Melee Christmas!
    [ link ]
  • Squireships Up for Grabs!

    Mallory, the Arena's newest Baron, is on the hunt for a squire and is hosting a tournament to find one! And Myria Graziano's piggybacking on the event, looking to choose a squire of her own. The more participants, the merrier; sign up today!
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Underground Acolytes: Cultists or Victims?

    - Jan 18th, 2019

    On Friday morning, 1/18/2019, an alleged trio of deviant individuals appropriated a prized possession that belonged to a religious group that calls themselves the, "Ronpawlians", leaving 33 dead and one severely injured.

    "We are shocked and appalled," said Jeremiah Feingold, arch-bishop of th...
    [ link ]
  • Snowpocalypse 2019!

    - Jan 10th, 2019


    For those with televisions, vids, or radios, the sound was annoyingly familiar. All across the city and even to some points beyond, devices were int...
    [ link ]
  • The January Hunt

    - Jan 10th, 2019

    The January Hunt has begun! The Hunters Guild are looking for strong bounty hunters and would be adventurers to travel deep beneath the underground or brave the winds and heat (coughdragonbreathcough) of the Cadentia Desert!

    [ link ]
    [ link ]
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