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Sport Headlines

  • MAYhem in the Arena!

    The Month of May has seen an onslaught of challenges and victories! So far there have been four defenses and three title changes!
    Overlord Hope Naharis notches a seventh defense versus March Madness winner Gatito.
    [ link ]
    Morgan Chae defends Dockside against Haru Jeong.
    [ link ]
    In the Bright Fire Round Robin, the Frost Giant Runt claims New Haven.
    [ link ]
    And Suturi used her March Madness Challenge Grant to defeat Caleb Feren in a 5-0 Shut-Out for Old Temple!
    [ link ]
    Anya wins her first barony, Dragon's Gate, from Mairead Harker.
    [ link ] And her hunting-partner-in-crime, Ettyn de la Rose, defends against Layla Paine to keep the Cardinal Inn.
    [ link ]
    Old Man Simon notches his eighth defense for Battlefield Park.
    [ link ]
  • BREAKING NEWS: CFF's $10b Acquisition of DoS

    After months of negotiations, The Line has sold the Arena and the Arcade to the Canadian Fencing Federation (CFF) for a total of 10 Billion Nobles. Kalamere Ar’Din refused to comment about the sell-out. Negotiations expected for The Outback with DoF Management Matt Simon.
    Investigative reports have revealed that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is interested in purchasing Sync™.
    [ link ]
  • Rhydin's Latest Dueling Power Couple Reigns Supreme as Jaycy Wins DQ CIV!

    With partner Hope Naharis nearly 5 months into her reign as Overlord, Jaycy fought her way through a field of 14 to claim victory in the 104th Diamond Quest, almost exactly one year after she won the prestigious 100th DQ! With both halves of this supercouple wielding top titles in two of Rhydin's three most well-known dueling sports, it's time to ask what's next for the pair? Will they each vie for the title of ArchMage? Will they seek to consolidate their power and rid the Arena of Renegade Barons? Will they encourage challenges for Opals in the hopes their friends and other members of the Real Rhydin team will claim them all? Stay tuned...
    [ link ]

RhyDin Playables

  • Monday's Calling: Haunted Novelty Phones Wash Ashore!

    - Jun 15th, 2021

    After a shipwreck late last night, novelty Garfield phones have been washing ashore. Even unplugged, waterlogged, or otherwise damaged, the phones sometimes ring, with a voice on the other end of the line. Do you dare pick up? Monday's calling!

    ((Check out the event thread for more informatio...
    [ link ]
  • Coming Soon: The Rathskeller Inn Theme Nights

    - Jun 15th, 2021

    The Rathskeller Inn will be hosting monthly theme nights* starting Saturday, June 26, 2021. More details will be posted soon!

    *forum only events.
    [ link ]
  • Birthday Bash & Block Party!

    - Jun 12th, 2021

    Wind down the end of Pride Week and come on over to Old Temple West all day Saturday, June 12th, to join the family in helping celebrate Edgar Greensmith’s 23rd Birthday! No present necessary other than your presence! The celebration doesn't stop until the last person standing finally passes out, ...
    [ link ]
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