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Sport Headlines

  • The Trial of Light & Dark - Twilight Isle Reopens

    After a brief closure in the wake of a crystalline tower rising from the waters northwest of Twilight Isle, a new event has been announced in the form of The Trial of Light and Dark. A team focused event, it isn't quite clear just what it will lead to yet, but as the next cycle progresses, we're sure to find out more! Check out the cork today for more info on how to join in the fun.
    [ link ]
  • Twilight Isle Closed!

    The portals to Twilight Isle has been temporarily deactivated and a notice has been posted outside of Isle entrances informing Isle-goers of the closure. Keepers may still access their towers but it is advised that no one venture out onto the Isle until an all clear is given. The Duel of Magic management thanks you for your cooperation.
    [ link ]
  • New Haven Challenge - Ongoing Aftermath!

    Last night's baronial challenge was filled with intrigue and post-match violence! Despite the Overlord refusing to intercede on behalf of his Loyal Baron, Jonn Revelator defended the Barony on his own, defeating Michelle Montoya. Upon conclusion of the match and after declaring his intent to turn Renegade - only not in writing - Jonn attacked Michelle with his falchion and later turned a knife on Mallory Maeda, who'd officiated the match. This, in turn, caused the Overlord to put out a bounty on Jonn's barony (3000 nobles) and Mallory to place bounties on Jonn's body parts. In the hours since, Jonn essentially dared Matt to banish him to Renegade and then left a partially written bloodstained note on the corkboard. It's been an eventful 18 or so hours! Keep your eyes peeled for what might come next!

RhyDin Playables

  • The Fires of Beltane 2019

    - Apr 17th, 2019

    Eo! The sweet rain gently falling

    Eo! The seed deep in the Earth

    Eo! I hear my lovers calling

    Eo Evohe!

    Eo! The lusty summer coming

    Eo! The green leaf in the bud

    Eo! The wild sap is running

    Eo Evohe!

    Eo! The musky Piper playing

    [ link ]
  • Food Trucks and Musical Acts Needed!

    - Apr 14th, 2019




    Get ready to get wild, RhyDin!


    The May Day Music Festival is a community effort event open to and completely dependent on community contributions. I...
    [ link ]
  • Vote for a Horned Queen of May!

    - Apr 12th, 2019

    While the witch recovered from calling last night's challenge, the Lyceum's co-owner Safiya set up posters around town, urging people to vote for Mallory for May Queen.

    ((PM The Druid here on the forums, or DM Jewellsie#2078 on Discord, to cast your vote. Voting ends on April 25th. Fo...
    [ link ]
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