Getting Started

Welcome to Rings of Honor at, a free-form roleplaying community.

What is Free Form Role Play?

If you like the freedom to fully express your creativity without limits, Rings of Honor is the place to play. Our community dates back to the early days of text-based role play on AOL, a time when you could enter the Red Dragon Inn, the Medieval Tavern, the Forest, or any other public chatroom and the only restriction was your imagination.

Today, we still follow and honor those tenets of Free Form Role Play. We love the freedom to write and play whatever we want in settings that are only limited by our creativity. We extend that flexibility to you as a community with:

  • No set SL’s
  • No application process
  • No writing minimums
  • No limit or restriction on character types, genres, or abilities

If you want to create your own character, if you want to break free from an assigned role in a preset story, if you’re ready to flex those imaginative muscles and collaborate with other like-minded people, then you are in the right place!

How can I play along?

Your Character
The first step to joining in the fun is to create your own character! Your character can be anyone you've ever wanted to write about: a time traveling school-girl or a tech wizard elf-lord. A cybernetic dragon or a medieval poop scooper. They can be as powerful or weak, as flawed or perfect, as nuanced or plain as you want. You can spend days writing a detailed character sheet or just jump right into play with nothing but a name. You can register your first character here. You can change your display name on the Discord server to any name you register to the forums using this guide.

Whoever or whatever your character is, only you control them. Only you can decide their fate.

Live Chat
Harkening back to our roots, we have an active live chat server on Discord open for anyone to join at any time in numerous rooms and settings. Adventure awaits in these public rooms! Jump into the City Square and have your character share a cup of instant noodles with a cyborg or battle fae wyrms in the tunnels of the Underground. Role play happening in any of the public rooms is always open to respectful interaction and involvement from others.

Not sure how to get involved? Staff members (listed in the #guidelines-and-info channel) are more than happy to speak with you out-of-character or engage your character in play! Hosted nights are also a good time to meet other players and get involved in ongoing stories—see the weekly schedule on our site’s front page for hosted hours and the player-announcements channel for upcoming events.

The Forums
We also have our story-board forums for all the tall tales and adventures that happen outside and in-between those times your character is hanging out in the Golden Perch. Post your character’s back story or latest travails on The Streets, join in one of the community story-lines posted in the Town Crier, start your own group endeavor and invite others to join, or simply enjoy reading!

Now you're ready to start playing. Enjoy!

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