Gloaming District

The Gloaming District is a housing development located in the southern glade on the eastern edge of Twilight Isle. The first district of the Gloaming consists of twelve homes of varying sizes, including three mansions, four medium houses, and five small cottages over three separate “blocks” along the coast.

Eventide Street is the southernmost block of the Gloaming, home to four homes. Just south of the Eventide block is a newly constructed beach rental shop, featuring equipment like jet skis, surf and paddle boards, flotation devices, and life jackets. All rentals are free for residents of the Gloaming.

Dusk Palm Drive is the middle block of the Gloaming District and is known for its coastal gardens and exotic fauna that visit the gardens. Abundant fish traverse the tributaries on either side of Dusk Palm's block and a fishing shack has been set up to sell tackle, bait, nets, and other fishing equipment. A weighing and cleaning stand is also available for those looking to keep their catches.

Twilight Lagoon Avenue is the northernmost block of the Gloaming and features a roped off swimming area just northeast of the housing area that is exclusive to residents of the Gloaming District. An open-air shop sells snacks, drinks, and extras like sunscreen and aloe vera. Cabanas are also available for rent for a modest fee, heavily discounted for residents.

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