The Battlefield Park

Beyond RhyDin’s northern gates are the rolling hills and misty woods of Battlefield Park. Once the site of conflicts that shaped the city’s past, the area is now known for its graveyards and memorials, orchards and hay markets, and the fairgrounds that host Orktoberfest each year.

Visible far across Battlefield Park at night is the glow of the Warg Carousel, colorfully painted with reds and browns and decorated with fearsome imagery. The ticket machine seems to operate on its own, though more than one customer vows a ghostly chill accompanied their stub. The ride is a common gathering spot for delinquent teens and impromptu Goblin Polka and Orcish Death Metal concerts.

A clearing by the gate in the old city walls hosts a hay market daily. Abundant hay bales serve as seating and dividers, and local vendors serve food and sell their wares to customers from the city and those traveling to and from the Wilds beyond the district.

Further from the city, horse farms and squash patches give way to overgrown manors and monuments to the dead, the names on the markers worn away by time. Mist and overgrowth covers the entrance to tombs and catacombs that stretch far beneath the district, housing the many dead honored here…

…but the ghosts of Battlefield Park are often restless. By day their faces emerge from the fog to look back when you look hard enough; and by night their lanterns lead travelers to dance among the ruins and help them relive their former glories.

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