The Courtyard

An oasis of quiet and green hides in the center of the city block housing the Red Dragon Inn. Patrons exiting through the Inn's back door find themselves in the manicured garden beds of the Courtyard. Paved paths wind their way to the doors of the Outback, towards the fountain at the center, and between the trees and flowers maintained by the city. Alleys leading out of the Courtyard keep trash from the various establishments out of sight and ready for retrieval.

A tribute to the most famous Inn in RhyDin, the central fountain is a looming piece of art. The carved dragon at its center breathes water instead of fire, sending it cascading over the heads of the smaller dragons parading around its base and eventually into the pool, scattered with coins from all realms. The gardens are kept with seasonally appropriate blooms and boughs, from daffodils in spring to winter heath in the colder months, offering a piece of nature year round to city dwellers.

The Courtyard offers a lovely walk to the home of unarmed combat or a pleasant place to sip a drink and take a stroll. As always in RhyDin, don't lose sight of those dark alleys and what may lurk within.

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