The Wilds

The mysterious stretch of forest known as The Wilds lies beyond Battlefield Park, wrapping around the western shore of Kaiju lake and reaching out to the untamed north. Travelers heading east brave this dense expanse of shaded woods and its untold secrets. Subtle whispers draw you deeper, towards the alluring light of sunny glades and the tempting darkness of hidden caves. The Tiamori River cuts through this rocky terrain, forming small rapids for fishing and convenient swimming holes. The most popular reservoir of water, Little Kaiju, freezes over in the winter to form a natural skating rink. Whether you are a weary traveller heading to the war-torn Eastern Dominion or a local from a nearby camp, you will find freshwater and a place to pitch your tent. Trails crossing the Tiamori promise lost fortune and great wonders, but beware: stray too far from the path and you may find more than you bargained for.

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