Rings of Discord - Quick Start Guide

Joining the Server

  1. Click this link to join the server, create a discord account if necessary
  2. This will place you in the Lobby! Huzzah and welcome!

Display Names and Profiles

  1. Want to appear as something other than your main discord name? Start by registering your character on Rings of Honor here. Feel free to fill out the profile fields -- some of these can be viewed in Discord by other players!
  2. Once you have your first character registered, make yourself an authorized user by following these steps:
    1. Send ?auth [RoH User ID] to the Nexus Guide Bot, found at the top of the user list.
      1. Look at the url when you are on your RoH profile for User ID # (at the end it says u=###, enter the ### part)
      2. Example: ?auth 589 for JewellRavenlock to be authorized
    2. Log into RoH as that character and verify account ownership here.
  3. Want to add another RoH character to your Discord account?
    1. Add an RoH character nickname by messaging the Nexus Guide Bot: ?addnick [roh id] (ex: ?addnick 4123)
    2. Log into RoH as that character and verify account ownership here.
  4. To switch to your other identities after you’ve added them, message ?be [“character name”] to the bot (ex: ?be "Rath"). Make sure you do not use “rounded / curved” or smart quotes -- the bot does not know how to read these!

Note: If you switch your name, people will still be able to click on your profile to view your main discord name and see who you are.


To indicate that your character is currently in play, send the command ?rp on to the Nexus Guide. Your character will now appear "Currently in Play" in the memberlist. When you're done, send the command ?rp off and you will be removed.


  1. The first step is to find yourself an opponent! Let's say you and your friend George would like to duel:
    1. Send ?chal x dos “George” to Nexus Guide Bot to challenge George to a DoS duel in the Annex.
    2. Change your challenge codes as necessary for different rooms and sports. For example, to challenge George to a duel of fists in the Outback, the command would be ?chal o dof "George" Specific sport codes and room codes are listed below.
  2. George should then send ?accept back to Nexus Guide Bot
  3. Use ?m [move code] to send your dueling moves to Nexus Guide Bot. ?movelist [sport] will show you the moves available to you.
    1. Say sidestep as the example: ?m ss.
    2. To add a fancy or focus to any move in all sports, just add an F in front of it (ex: ?m fss); to add a feint in DoF, add an FE in front of the move (ex: ?m fejb). If you add an F to an offensive move in DoF instead of an FE, the result will be a fancied offense, which does not provide any scoring advantage. To learn more about the usage of Fancies, Feints, and Foci, go to the individual sports Game Guides!
    3. George will send moves as well and the duel progresses until complete and a winner is called.
  4. You can always send ?help to the Nexus Guide Bot for a full list of commands for how to duel or get move lists, standings or other useful information. And if there is an on-duty caller or an admin present (green name!), feel free to ask for help!
  5. Below, please find a list of additional/advanced commands you may find helpful! You can always get a complete list of commands by sending ?help to the Nexus Guide Bot. More information about a specific command can be found by sending ?help [command] to the bot.

    Roleplay Commands

    ?weathergives temperature and conditions in RhyDin, which can be referenced in play.
    ?profile [username] shows a condensed version of a player's profile, and provides a link to the full profile on RoH
    ?whoami gives you a list of all your verified identities
    ?rp [channel-name] combining the ?rp command with a channel name (without the hashtag), such as ?rp city-square, will set your character as being in play at that setting
    ?rp list gives you a list of status codes you can use with the ?rp command to show what your character is doing, such as "Upstairs" or "At the bar"
    ?rp show shows you where all characters currently in play are located and their status

    Dueling Commands

    Sport Codes

    • Duel of Swords = dos
    • Duel of Fists = dof
    • Duel of Magic = dom

    Location Codes

    • #annex = x
    • #arena = a
    • #outback = o
    • #twilight_isle = t

    ?lfd on/off changes your status to "Seeking a Duel" in the memberlist
    ?chal [sport] [location] ["opponent's username"] challenges user to duel in desired sport and location.
    ?blast [location] ["opponent's username"] challenges user to a match in Duel of Magic
    ?stab [location] ["opponent's username"] challenges user to a match in Duel of Swords
    ?punch [location] ["opponent's username"] challenges user to a match in Duel of Fists
    ?slug [location] ["opponent's username"] challenges user to slugfest style DoF match
    ?accept accepts a duel invitation
    ?decline declines a duel invitation
    ?revoke withdraws a duel invitation (useful if there was an error in duel location or sport!)
    ?movelist [sport] gives you a list of available moves and their abbreviations in a particular sport
    ?status gives you a summary of your current duel in progress
    ?profile ["username"] gives you a condensed version of a player's profile including their dueling ranks
    ?forfeit gives up on the duel and takes a loss -- requires a 'yes' flag to confirm
    ?timer ends a duel when your opponent has stopped responding.
    Note that all challenge types (?chal,?blast,?punch,?stab and ?slug) take an optional 1 at the end of the line to indicate that the duel may go beyond 15 rounds. This is required for challenge and tournament duels. (eg: ?chal dos a "Kalamere" 1)

    Also see Kal's long winded version of the bot command set on google docs.

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