The Anchor

At the base of the space elevator Yggdrasil, across the water from the neon blaze of Stars End, is a club known as The Anchor. It sits at the end of the causeway that stretches across Fool’s Luck Bay, and is surrounded by parking and shuttle pads on three sides.

Elevators and teleporters are in the back, ideal places for patrons moving discreetly.

The entrances are wide and tall holographic archways, flickering with dancing AI silhouettes and subliminal messages to encourage patrons to dance and consume. And the heart of the Anchor is its large LED dance floor, where every thud of bass, every word from the unseen DJ, and every step erupts into a riot of color. Even in the rare moments when the floor is empty, the lights mimic the ambient flow of the music and the sky outside. Above are drones with speakers and holoprojectors that hover from the top of the thirty-foot ceiling to nearly within reach of the tallest patrons.

The chrome bar from the club’s Dockside namesake runs half the length of the back wall, with bottles, cans, and pressurized capsules filling the tiered glass shelves. Beside the bar is a hallway to the club’s back rooms, and stairs and a turbolift up to the balcony.

Overlooking the dance floor from up on the balcony are the large, comfortable booths, black velvet with glass tables and built-in holonet displays. Here the movers and shakers of Fools Luck Bay often hold court, cutting deals and plotting the rise and fall of megacorps until long after the last dancer has left the floor.

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