Last Chance Saloon

The Last Chance Saloon is the oldest continuous establishment in Cadentia, and a living testament to how the desert city has changed. An eclectic mix of culture, the outside resembles a rundown Old Western saloon with a sandblasted wooden fa├žade and troughs for beasts of burden. Once inside the waist high double swinging doors, one can see the opulence that might have been. Bright and vivid colors faded over many years decorate the interior, rugs litter the creaking wooden floor, and lining the walls are booths with cushions and low tables draped in threadbare silks.

Clientele may range from desperados drinking away their paycheck at the time smoothed bar to merchants sharing a hookah with potential business partners and sun worn scavengers back from the wastes. True to its name, this outpost is considered the last bastion of civilization in Cadentia, the last stop before the mighty gate that leads to the Great Desert.

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