The Marketplace

In a city as diverse as RhyDin, every neighborhood has its own markets and bazaars. If you are looking for more variety, however, the Marketplace is your best bet. Nestled in the heart of RhyDin's oldest district, the Marketplace is a maze of tents, stalls, and carts where people come together to exchange money for goods and services for a fair price - usually. This ever-shifting tent city is ringed by businesses that build on that foundation, businesses that were once part of the transient, seasonal labyrinth of brightly-patterned banners and stalls. They serve as a reminder of what could be for those who can make it in the cut-throat world of sales and bargains, where reputation is worth everything and a good deal is priceless.

The heart of the Marketplace is a grand fountain and stage that serves as a focal point and often hosts touring and resident performers to provide shoppers with a distraction and rest amid their busy errands. This makes the Marketplace a center of not only commerce but culture as well, but there is a downside, as it also draws the attention of those who wish to spread chaos across the city. RhyDin's citizens brave such dangers, however, because they know that if you want to find the best deals, you have to take the risks.

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