The Yggdrasil

The space elevator Yggdrasil rises from the open waters of the sea, across Fool's Luck Bay from the bustling spaceport of Stars End. It is anchored by the floating settlement of Mimisportr, ringed by docks and marinas, and connected to the mainland by a single causeway. Venues have cropped up here to serve the myriad travelers coming to and from the stars by way of the elevator, among them the Greater Nexus Hotel, Idun's Apple Casino, and the Valhalla Arena for mecha duels and other combat sports.

The elevator stands close to the orbital path of Gateway Station, with shuttlecraft ferrying passengers to and from Yggdrasil's intermediate platforms. Near the top of the tether is the docking platform Aquila, providing access to the stars across the Multiverse. Most of the elevator cars are reserved for freight, though there are luxury cars where passengers can spend leisurely days watching the heavens go past. But most prefer the shuttlecraft and teleportation pads that serve Yggdrasil, from pinnacle to anchor, bringing countless souls to seek their fortunes at Fool's Luck Bay.

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