Community Guidelines

Our goal for this community is simple: give people freedom to be creative in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment. To achieve this, we ask everyone to follow three guiding principles:

Be respectful. Be patient. Be kind.

Our site is moderated by volunteer community members. We cannot police, nor do we have interest in policing, what is written on the forums or what happens in the live chat 24/7. So this remains a community endeavor that relies on all of us to participate in a positive way.

With that said, there are a few areas where some guidelines are helpful:

Content & Language

There are only a couple hard limits on language and content on our Discord Server and Forums:
  • Hate Speech
    • We know that hate speech can have a role in storytelling. Hate speech is allowed in story context on the forums, within limits. However, out of respect for fellow players, hate speech cannot be used in the live chat at any time, whether in-character or out-of-character.
  • Sexual & Violent Content
    • Again, we know sexual and violent content has a role in storytelling. Such content that is a part of your story is welcome on our forums. We suggest that explicit material of any type be labeled with an "Adult Content" warning on the forums to make sure that no one stumbles onto something they do not wish to see. For the same reason, sexually explicit material is forbidden in the live chat. If a scene is becoming intimate, we encourage you to relocate to a private chat. We encourage you to use your best judgment when it comes to violence in live play.
    • Sexual content involving underage characters is forbidden on both the forums and in the live chat. No exceptions.


To ensure a collaborative and fun environment for all of our members, we encourage everyone to follow the guiding principles of kindness, respect, and patience. Toxicity and trolling in any form is unacceptable. Behavior and/or speech that is inflammatory, malicious, or disruptive shall be considered toxic and may result in a warning, or in extreme cases a ban.


Harassment of any kind has no place in our community. Below is a list of behaviors that are considered harassment:

  • Publishing/sharing private, personal information of others without permission;
  • Creating new identities to evade Discord's ignore tools;
  • Repeated angry tirades or messages;
  • Repeated violations of our community guidelines; and
  • Repeated abuse of community members, including staff.

Other behaviors may also rise to the level of harassment, but this should give you an idea of what we are looking out for.

Complaints & Violations

What do you do if you see a violation or have a problem with another player? Below is a brief overview of how issues will be handled.

  • We encourage all players to communicate with each other as a first step.
  • If direct communication fails, we encourage you to use the ignore tools made available on Discord. You can read more about Discord's privacy features here. Discord Settings
  • If problems continue, they can be brought to any staff member's attention.
  • If it is deemed necessary, a warning will be issued.
  • If a warning fails to correct the negative behavior, a cool down period will be implemented.
  • Finally, if negative behavior continues, the Board will vote on a permanent ban for that member across all platforms.

Please note, we expect these instances to be rare. We know and trust our community members. We have confidence that issues can be resolved player-to-player and with the help of staff. Because we also know everyone will keep in mind our three key principles: Be respectful. Be patient. Be kind.

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