Orktoberfest (Seasonal)

Orktoberfest is marked by a great ferris wheel stands in the center of a field in Battlefield Park, just outside the city's northern gate. Its garish orange paint and blinking white and yellow lights serve as a bright beacon day and night, calling curious locals and travelers alike to this large seasonal festival.

The celebration has taken over a working hay market, with the abundant hay bales often serving as seating, low walls and dividers, as well as the building blocks of a fortress-like hay maze that looms imposingly over the road. Large beer tents in bright checker patterns cover much of the market, piping smoke out of their peaks from the warm fire pits that sit in the center, and the air is thick with the hearty smell of orcish carnival food. A wide wooden dance-floor has been erected under the largest tent, with bands like Green Danube and Bree-Yark and the Grovelers playing traditional goblin polka.

There is a ruined farmhouse located in a pumpkin patch on the far side of the festival, where Warlady Buttercup sells pumpkins to take home or carve in one of her famous contests (losing jack o' lanterns get smashed by her morningstar). A few of her husbands are there, too, selling bushels of apples and renting baskets for picking from the nearby orchard that stretches off into the mysterious woods of Battlefield Park...

Late at night, loud and guttural sounds can be heard echoing from the orchard, emanating from a vast woodland grove where bands on a stage formed from a massive old tree trunk play ODM -- orcish death metal, colloquially known as "Oh Damn!" Famed ODM vocalist Fistmelda stands behind a makeshift bar of BadCider barrels, pouring fresh pints for the audience and the bands, who only leave when the last barrel stands empty.

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