Welcome to the Outback

Duel of Fists is RhyDin’s premiere unarmed combat sport, and the only duel not protected by healing wards: the bruises, black eyes, and bloody noses earned in the ring are worn like badges of honor by these brave fighters.

Interested in getting into the mix? See the game guide to get started or the full rules for complete details.

Current Duel of Fists Title Holders

Top fighters in the Outback hold the rank of Emerald. The best of the best is awarded the Diamond title in our quarterly Diamond Quest tournament. Between Diamond and Emerald sit the Opals, a title earned through right of challenge.

TitleHolder NameHeld Since
Diamond Eden Parker 2019-07-13
MoonBeryl Penny Escobar 2018-11-15
FireStar Koyliak VanDuran-Simon 2019-02-20
ShadoWeaver Gren Blockman 2019-05-05
PathFinder Runt 2019-05-20
IceDancer Hope 2019-07-31
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