Welcome to Twilight Isle

Welcome to Twilight Isle.

Existing wholly within its own pocket dimension, there are many magical ways to reach the Isle. Eternally suspended in twilight, the rays of a setting sun stretch along the skyline with a veil of twinkling constellations and astral phenomenon acting as its backdrop. The eastern quadrant of the isle is dotted with mountainous terrain, though the highest stands in the far east and pierces through the very clouds, while the Dead Scar and its inhospitable land dwells within its shadow to the north and acts as a constant reminder to all of the folly of ill-used magic. Rich forests lie to the west, while to the south on either side of the lagoon, one can rest under the twilight sky in a field of grassy plains.

The rich blues of the lagoon and its soft sands in the south are what you will be met with upon entering the isle through one of its portals. The cheers of spectators, the sight of duelists matching wits and spells within rings that had been carved into the cooling lava during the Isle’s inception, and the crackling of St. Elmo’s Fire dancing among the aged trees that linger nearby. Your senses will tell you: This is an island of magic.

The dueling rings themselves are protected by magical wards, which are kept well cared for by those who watch over the isle and its sport and are unlike those seen in the realm of Rhydin. What they are is very much a mystery, so much so that any attempts to identify or meddle with them will end in failure. What is known is that these special wards prevent any spells from crossing its boundaries, and can heal wounds as duelists fight. After all, these duels are not to the death.

Could it be that you are without magic? There is no need for worry, as the nearby magical implementation rack will suffice. Be it with an enchanted sword in hand, or a more light weight magical wand charged and at the ready with spells, with these your dreams of dueling glory within the sport of magic are at your fingertips. Feel free to keep the item you’ve chosen, if you like. The rack is replenished regularly.

There are many other locales one can visit.. Have you seen the falling cherry blossoms of the Sakura Forest and the Twilight Pavilion? What about the Ragnarok Isle in the north west and its house of learning: The Studium? Perhaps you have heard tales of the wonders and rarities one could buy within the Twilight Market? Or the parties held in the Gloaming District? And much, much more…

Twilight Isle has much and more to offer its visitors. Won’t you join us?

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