The Arcade

Welcome to the Arcade!

Once known as the Annex, this multi-purpose venue sits directly beneath the Arena, two floors down from the Red Dragon Inn. You can get here using the accessible elevator, traditional staircase, or the firepole. The stairs lead past the vibrant arcade which includes classics such as DDR and more recent additions like Benson Boulevard Brawlers or Joust head-to-head pinball. The entrance and exit for the Underground Go-Kart tracks are between the rows of brightly glowing cabinets, and the buzz of two-stroke engines can be heard echoing over the tinny arcade music.

Straight past the stairs is the comfortable bright red Caller’s Couch which overlooks the center of the room, an open warded space with large circular patterns inscribed on the floor: perfect for dueling, dancing, and movie nights. Behind the Caller’s Couch is an intricately tiled surface that connects to the recreational pool and hot tub. Enjoy a nice soak after a long run of duels or an intense DDR competition, with a place to set your drinks. Locker rooms run along the far side of the room between the hot tub and the large Underground entrance — which takes you to the Bowling Alley and Glow-In-the-Dark Mini Golf.

Across the dueling space from the pool is the Bar & Bistro service counter. Bartenders such as the half-cyborg Casella Ries and sun-elf Artemis Moonflower can help you stay fed and hydrated throughout the night.

As always, feel free to rent out the Arcade for your parties, dances, and events. Ask Casella about our Token-Free Celebration Package!

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