Kaiju Lake

Kaiju Lake is a large freshwater body northeast of RhyDin, separating New Haven and Dragons Gate from the vast and ever-changing Wilds. It is fed by the mighty Tiamori River, connecting it to Little Kaiju and Lake Tiamori deep within this forest. In turn it feeds the RhyDin River, flowing west into the sea, carrying small craft laden with goods gained from the tamer and more settled woods within a day's journey of RhyDin, collectively known as the Near Wilds. Trappers, lumberjacks, anglers and others ply their trades along the wooded shores and shuttle their way around the lake.

Few dare to cut directly across due to the lake's namesake: a kaiju, a massive reptilian monster slumbering at the bottom of the lake, the spikes on its back covered in algae that have gathered since the last time it awoke. Locals appease the monster with offerings and festivals throughout the year, hoping that the next time it awakens, it will be to protect RhyDin.

Camps, cabins, small docks and trading posts dot the far shore. Beyond them are paths that lead to the Deep Wilds, where the city - and civilization - hold no sway...

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