Tiamori River

Emerging from distant headwaters, the Tiamori River cuts a meandering path through the forests of the Wilds. It turns to whitewater rapids when it spills from the wooded plateau around Lake Tiamori, rushing through the willow-lined hills to the placid waters of Little Kaiju. From there the river's banks widen as it flows gently past campgrounds and cabins towards the deep waters of Kaiju Lake.

Campers enjoying the wilderness away from the city traverse the lower reaches, but paddling beyond Little Kaiju takes skill to survive. Those who fish in these waters do well to watch out for those who claim them for their own: waterborne nymphs, dire wolves, and owlbears snatching salmon from the rapids. To the east, beyond the far shore of the Tiamori River, are the Far Wilds, the forest's strange and inhospitable border with the open plains of the Eastern Dominion.

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