The Deep Wilds

There is one thing every foolhardy adventurer should know: the Deep Wilds are alive.

Cities and civilization are a bygone whisper on the wind when you enter the deepest parts of the Wilds, but that doesn’t mean it is dead. Even the grim forest with its blackened trees and hidden graveyards is filled with life, of a sort. Whether you call it the gray plane or the realm of shadows, the veil is thin here. Lost wanderers and hopeless souls almost always find their way to the Bone Tower, for better or worse.

West of the grim forest, ancient firs, pines, and oaks cluster together in a claustrophobic throng of boughs and branches. Blending seamlessly with the understory, firbolg and grugach elves have an uneasy understanding as they tend to the teeming wildlife. At its best, the Deep Wilds are intolerant to outsiders – at worst, viciously hostile.

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