Stars End Bar

Stars End is a towering and bustling spaceport far to the southwest of RhyDin, once little more than a runway in the hills overlooking Fool's Luck Bay. If you wind your way between the oldest hangars you might find it: a cracked concrete street painted with white numbers that passes by a neon sign that advertises Stars End Bar & Grill. Situated between the gleaming corporate skyways above and the smuggling warrens of the Undercity below, the bar is the perfect place for troubleshooters and those who need them.

Glasteel doors slide open with a discordant chime, revealing an interior wallpapered with planetary tourism posters to cover the blaster burns. The barstools are bolted to the floor to prevent their use as weapons, but you might find a couple that have been uprooted by cyborgs in a recent brawl. Manning the bar is the upper half of a protocol droid able to understand every language, but that can only respond in binary. Its lower half is slag, melted to the steel keg that serves as its perch, but its three extendable arms can reach the length of the bar, grab coins and credsticks, and deliver drinks.

Its torso holds a holographic tablet, displaying a waiver. This must be signed before ordering the bar's (in)famous Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. Drink at your own risk.

The back bar is taken up by replicators capable of producing any food or drink desired, and plastic cubes with infrared locks, storage boxes that are ideal for the illicit transactions that happen here. The booths with peeling vinyl cushions are favored for in-person deals, while the holonet terminals in the corner can be used to arrange jobs without face-time.

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