Seaside Beach

Seaside Beach is a popular spot for RhyDin’s discerning surfers and beach bums, blessed with an abundance of soft sand but far enough from town to miss the worst summer crowds. A wide wooden boardwalk follows this stretch of shoreline, with stands for food, drink, and games. The stairs down to the beach are flanked by an old wooden lifeguard stand and a tiki bar that features snacks, snow cones, cerveza, and a “Fish ‘n Chips Friday” happy hour. The lifeguard stand is inhabited by a rotating gaggle of attractive but inattentive lifeguards of questionable training and authority, who are more likely to stay at their post and buff their nails than plunge into the surf and risk an encounter with sharks, sirens, or the poisonous jellyfish known to infest these waters.

Further up the coast is a pile of massive gray stones, once the roof and pillars of a collapsed temple. It has become a popular spot for sun bathers, with an excellent view of the light house and the rest of the city at night, but faded images of tendriled faces and strange, looping markings hint at the temple’s eldritch origins…

Steps from the base of the stones is a pulsating red meteorite half-buried in the sand, usually buried in a pile of driftwood to construct a bonfire. Locals will tell travelers that the meteorite has stayed hot as long as it’s been here, and use the fire for marshmallow and weenie roasts without trepidation.

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