The Solarium

Welcome to the Solarium, a geodesic dome greenhouse in the centre of Old Temple. Visitors from all over space and time come to find a quiet place of refuge in this expertly curated botanical garden.

The outer flagstone path gently leads guests past elegant cherry trees, gracefully escorting you to the open, doorless entrance. As you step into this precisely crafted environment a faint hum washes over your body. Countless nanites swarm across the inside of the glass, filtering and storing light, heat, and moisture to maintain the conditions needed for this vast collection of greenery.

The grounds are almost completely covered in vegetation, while hummingbirds and other small creatures flit around the flora in a well timed dance. Winding, accessible walkways branch out into mulch paths that give you a closer look at the exotic species. This collection changes periodically, but often includes colourful shrubbery, towering trees, medicinal mosses, peculiar gardens, and pollinators from all over the multiverse. Most people can find at least one plant from their home galaxy, and chances are your favourite butterfly is resting near a collection of blossoms.

All paths lead to a slight hill in the center, covered in meadow grass that is as soft as a picnic blanket. Memorial benches are placed strategically to facilitate conversation and provide an excellent view of the gardens. If you need a refreshment, the small open-air cafe provides pastries and drinks made from the Solarium’s flowering tea, coffee, and bushberry plants. Whether you are here with a novel, a sketchbook, or a life-long friend you can find a place to sit and enjoy the company of both botany and people.

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