The Solarium

The Solarium is a geodesic dome located at the boundary of New Haven, marked by a simple sign on the wall and accessed by an ivy-covered gate that opens into Battlefield Park. The grounds around the dome are well kept, and the cherry trees that surround it wither and bloom with the changing seasons -- though they are the only plants here that are ever barren. One large tile of the dome is open, serving as the entrace to the interior, and guests may hear a faint hum or feel static as they pass through...

The dome itself is kept at an ideal temperature by countless nanites swarming across the inside of the glass, filtering and storing light and heat and emitting both as needed. Even their large-scale movements can be difficult to see, but at dawn and dusk they can be heard spilling over the triangular tiles like sand through an hourglass.

The ground within is almost completely covered in vegetation, from flowering tea and coffee plants, a number of them shaded by inga trees, to herb and flower gardens that follow the paths winding their way around the interior. All of these plants are used by the cafe located near the entrance, a modern glass-walled structure that provides a cooler environment to guests. The rounded walls of the cafe are shaped like the petals of a flower, with low bookshelves dividing clusters of seating and a semi-circular counter for drinks, pastries, and sandwiches.

The ground rises to a slight hill in the center, covered in grass that is as soft as a picnic blanket. The cover of the dome and the light filtered by the nanites make this spot ideal for looking at the sky in any weather, perfect for enjoying a clear day, watching a thunderstorm, finding shapes in the clouds, or star gazing.

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