The Docks

RhyDin’s harbor boasts a natural beauty, sparkling placid water dotted with ships of trade and leisure to make for a picturesque scene any artist would be proud to capture on canvas and parchment alike. It is home to a bustling trade of goods from faraway lands, and every ship comes to make port at the docks to exchange goods of varying legality. The port authority has been called lax by some, oppressive by others, and yet some say that with the right amount of lubrication in the form of nobles or rare goods, they’re rather pleasant to work with. Warehouses of many sizes line the shoreline taken by Dockside, each hiding their own mysteries of what may be inside. Rumors abound that there is one that hosts revelers in a rave of epic proportions, if you know the right people.

Shipping is not the only thing to be found in Dockside, of course. Every port of call also boasts their fair share of taverns, inns, and food carts that cater to the strange hours sailors and locals alike can keep. Those who live their lives by the water, by choice or circumstance, know the hardships and the bounty of the back streets that others avoid, and can be persuaded to guide travelers to what they seek - though the cost may be high. Mind your path, hold your wallet, and watch for dead ends.

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