Twilight Market

The Twilight Market connects by a seamless portal to Rhydin City for easy access to magical wares for even the most mundane users. The Twilight Market will also provide a one stop shop for school supplies for students of The Umbra School of Magical Arts as well as offer a safe haven and place of camaraderie for magic users of any background. From the Twilight Market, it is only a short trip to the school, the dueling venue and more.

A study in fulminology, the market’s layout is much akin to a branching arc of lightning. A wide primary boulevard is packed with freshly remodeled storefronts for businesses both mundane and magical. Narrower offshoots from the main street are home to open air stalls, smaller shops, and even modest apartments. Through it all, visitors can find owners hawking wares for everything from potion ingredients, magical creatures, and wands to tomes, candy, clothing, and more.

(( Shop list & How to add a shop of your own! ))

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