Denizens of the Isle

Duel of Magic is a test of magical combat, where duelists may use spells, advanced technology, or whatever other means are at their disposal to blast their foes and protect themselves from harm. However, those who gain rank and exhibit great skill in this sport earn far more than bragging rights: potent new spells can be learned, and enchanted items can be won or lost, valued for imbuing their wielders with power even outside the dueling rings.

Eager to prove your mastery of the arcane? See the game guide to get started or the full rules for complete details.

Current Duel of Magic Title Holders

Mage and Mage Emeritus (Mages who at one point held the title of Archmage) are the top rank of those who sling spells on the Isle. In a bi-monthly tournament, the best among them emerges to combat the incumbent Archmage to claim the title for themselves. The Keepers hold a position between the Mages and Archmage, entrusted with a key to one of the Isle's towers, and may be challenged at any time.

TitleHolder NameHeld Since
Archmage Jaycy Ashleana 2021-09-18
Fire Rachael Blackthorne 2021-03-14
Water Morgan LaFey 2021-03-28
Earth Haru Jeong 2021-09-06
Air Jackson 2021-11-07
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