RhyDin.org Staff & Contacts

The RhyDin.org site is organized and managed by a number of volunteers. We maintain a board of regents operating under a charter that can be found in the forum FAQ section. If you need to contact us, you may send any one of us a forum PM or Discord Message; make a post to the forums (we all check them pretty regularly); or use the Contact Us form found on the boards.

In no particular order, the following members make up the senior staff:

Claire Gallows

DoM Staff / Marshall of Magics

'Nat' Candle

DoS Staff / Hired Gun

Matthew Algiers Simon

DoF Staff / Warden of the West

Mallory Maeda

Master of Whispers


Warden of the South

Eden Parker

Master of Coin

Lisa Takamine

DoM & DoS Staff / Chief Auditor


DoF Staff / Enforcer

Kalamere Ar'Din

Black Wizard

Na-rae Takamine

DoS Staff / Warchief

Jake Thrash

Top Thug

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