RhyDin.org Staff & Contacts

The RhyDin.org site is organized and managed by a number of volunteers. We maintain a board of regents operating under a charter that can be found in the forum FAQ section. If you need to contact us, you may send any one of us a forum PM or Discord Message; make a post to the forums (we all check them pretty regularly); or use the Contact Us form found on the boards.

In no particular order, the following members make up the senior staff:

Mart Di'luna

DoF Events Coord

Ebon Ilnaren

Assistant RP Coord

Hope Naharis

DoF Assistant Coord

Morgan LaFey

Assistant RP Coord

Anya de la Rose

Assistant RP Coord


DoF Assistant Coord + Standings

Kalamere Ar'Din

Black Wizard

Matthew Algiers Simon

DoF Coord

Cajsa Storm

DoS Assistant Coord + Standings

Helea Alwin

DoM Assistant Coord

Karma "Strawberry" Armstrong

DoM Events Coord

Jake Thrash

Top Thug

Mallory Maeda

RP Coordinator

Tippletoe Timbers

DoS Events Coord

Max Lager

DoM Coord


DoF Assistant Coord

Conner Reid

DoS Coord / Treasurer

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