The Outback

Out back of the Red Dragon Inn stands a two-story building with a glass dome roof and oaken double doors. First built by Panther and rebuilt after multiple fires, the Outback is the traditional home of the Duel of Fists.

The Rings

Dominating the ground floor are the Rask Generic rings -- four raised circles of sand spaced out in a diamond pattern and named after one of the Outback’s prior owners.

Across from the entrance, a two-story waterfall cascades down the back wall into The Pond, edged by a spread of bamboo trees and moss-slick stones. The Fern resides in the front left corner, its giant fronds serving as springboards and obstacles for fighters. Close to the double doors sits a recently installed cast-iron grate housing The Boiler. Climb down to fight amongst the boilers and superheated pipes which are housed in this sweltering compartment bathed in red light. A switch near the bar opens floor panels, uncovering the infamous Pit, a glorious hole in the floor filled with mud, weevils, and ichor. Below the retractable glass dome ceiling is Styx 2.0, where duelers fight high in the air on antigrav, moveable wooden beams.

Doorways line the left hand wall beyond the Fern, leading to storage, training rooms, locker rooms, and staff offices. In the corners, practice mats are available with sparring equipment hanging nearby.

The Bar

Over to the right is a long, elaborately carved bar that contains most anything a thirsty brawler could want, with tables and chairs in close proximity. Above the bar is the scoreboard with a scrolling marquee of announcements, challenges, and standings; to the right is a kiosk where patrons can purchase Outback merchandise and memorabilia.

The Caller’s Couch is located nearby, with commanding views of the rings and screens to view action in the Boiler and the Pit.


The second floor is a balcony running along three sides of the building and accessible by stairway or anti-gravity lift. The Wall of Diamonds – portraits of every individual to win the top-title – line the staircase on the way up. At the top sits the trophy case bursting with awards and accolades, including portraits of the original five Opal holders as well as replicas of retired “special rings” and pictures of their creators.

The left side of the balcony holds the second bar, manned by a satyr sporting a top-knot, while across the way is a lounge area with blonde wood furniture, shoji screens, and bamboo in large steel planters.

This is the Outback. Step inside, tape up your hands, and pop in a mouthguard. Here, there are no wards. Here, we rule by our fists.

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