The Golden Perch

The Golden Perch is a tavern on a quiet street that follows the shore of Kaiju Lake in Dragon's Gate. It is a handsome brick building with unruly hedges, thick ivy covering the gambrel roof, and a mermaid fountain across the way that is flanked by stone benches.

The common room is wide but cozy, filled with tables and chairs, ottomans and armchairs, with a river stone hearth on the left-hand wall. The bar is well-stocked, with tapped beer, bottles of wine, and liquor on the shelves, and is usually tended by one of a number of nearly identical gnomish sisters. Pinned up behind the bar is a corkboard featuring newspaper and magazine articles, and Polaroids of their patrons at various events, including a growing collection of candid, overexposed pictures of Trivia Night Champions. (( Trivia Night Hall of Fame ))

There are rooms upstairs, and ordering one is a simple matter of feeding coins to the clockwork canary in a golden cage at the end of the bar, and waiting for it to dispense a golden key into your hand. An antique jukebox sits in the corner near the dartboard, warbling out random tunes through crackling speakers, until someone gives it a copper or a swift kick to switch tracks.

There are two doors behind the bar, one declared OUT OF ORDER by a rusty old sign. The winding stone ramp behind it leads to the web of tunnels known as the Underground, connected to the Arena, the Arcade, and countless other places in the dark passages beneath RhyDin...

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