RhyDin & The Nexus

RhyDin is a bustling port city, divided by a river that flows into the sea, an eclectic sprawl of old and new buildings that has long since outgrown its city walls. Many roads meet here, pathways that wind through the northern mountains and stretch across the southern plains, but the city is a crossroads in more ways than one: it sits on a convergence of time and space known as the Nexus, where every plane and every reality coincides.

Because of this convergence, RhyDin has a diverse and ever-changing population. Portals, rifts, and anomalies abound in this city, and not all of its denizens arrive here by choice: many simply find themselves here, unable to explain why. A bewildered cowboy might find space at the bar between an alluring vampire and a cybernetic soldier, with a bespectacled gnome pouring the drinks! But many of these wayward souls settle down in RhyDin, changing the face of the city as they make it their home. Ancient shrines and lamp-lit taverns vie for space with shuttle bays and modern homes, serving the needs of the city's diverse denizens.

Other settlements lie beyond RhyDin, though smaller and more disparate, and the vast wilderness can be just as mysterious (and dangerous) as the city itself. The planet of RhyDin, named for the city itself, is orbited by two moons: Arabrab, large and steady, and Trebor, small and swift.

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