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Duel of Magic provides a venue for characters wishing to test their skills in magical combat. Anything that can't easily be explained or manipulates energy of some sort counts as magic. Magic in the traditional sense, other sorts of energy manipulation, supernatural and metaphysical abilities, and even some types of technology can all be used in this sport!

There are twelve spells usable by duelists of every rank. Each spell will earn either a point (by causing your opponent harm), a half-point (by protecting you from harm), or no points, depending on how it reacts with your opponent's spell. What follows is a basic, generalized description of each spell, but the specific incarnations vary greatly from caster to caster depending on their magical ability. That is to say, each spell can be roleplayed however you want! For example, "Fear Touch" might be a touch that invokes frightening imagery, a wave of darkness, a scaly claw of doom, a venus fly trap that'll pull down your pants, or something else entirely! Let your imagination go wild!

The basic spells:

1.Mage Bolt[MB] A moderately strong blast of energy.
2.Mind Whip[MW] A quick attack on your opponent's mind.
3.Wizard Blades[WB] A flurry of sharp physical blades.
4.Fear Touch[FT] A powerful wave of fearful intent.
5.Meteor Shower[MS] An onslaught of magical fury from above.
6.Arctic Blast[AB] A wave of artcic winds that can freeze objects.
7.Reflection[RF] A reflective barrier that can bounce back certain attacks.
8.Foul Fog[FF] A wave of potent fog that spreads through the ring.
9.Shield[SH] A reliable frontal shield that can deflect energy.
10.Armor[AR] A reliable full-body barrier than can deflect objects.
11.Displacement[DS] Instantaneous movement from one point to another.
12.Ghost Form[GF] Renders the caster incorporeal and intangible.
Visit the Dueling Zone tools page for a full matrix of move interactions.

Powering Up Spells

As duelists rise through the ranks, they will be able to channel their power into their spells in order to make them stronger, and potentially score more points. This is a maneuver called a Focus. Focuses are awarded as follows:

Rank# of Focuses
Mage3 + One mage spell locked on standings
Mage Emeritus3 + One mage spell on duel-by-duel basis
Archmage3 + Both mage spells

A focused spell, if it scores, will receive an extra half point over the normal amount. This means that successful focused defenses gain a full point, and successful focused attacks gain up to a point and a half! A focused spell may be roleplayed any way you wish. Unlike Fancies in the other two disciplines, Focus is an acceptable in-character term for the maneuver of powering up a spell, much like how DoF's Feints have clear in-character application. Using one is easy: Just attach the letter "F" to the front of the move you send in private message to the Nexus Guide Dueling-Bot (example: "?m FFT" for Focused Fear Touch). If your move is successful in scoring, the Focus will add a bonus half-point to your score.

Mage Spells

When you reach the rank of Mage you may choose from one of the two mage spells. Each spell is extremely useful, but each one fits a certain purpose better than the other. Neither of these spells may be focused.

Nether Ray - A high-power beam of energy; a superior offensive spell.
Immolation - A white-hot wall of fire; a superior defensive spell.

Invoking the Elements

Only the five Keepers may harness the energy of their respective towers (Celestial, Earth, Fire, Water, or Air) into the awesome spell Elemental Fury. This spell, like every other, has a different incarnation for each Keeper who uses it, but the Keeper's element is always involved. A Keeper may only use it in a challenge match or against a fellow Keeper, and only once during a duel, so use it wisely.

However, the Keepers and the Coordinators may from time to time offer opportunities to gain one use of this awesome spell, in the form of Keeper Gems and Tornadoes in Jars. These are one-use items that can invoke Elemental Fury in a duel against anyone, but may not be used in challenges and tournaments. Once they're used, they're gone. Like the two Mage spells, Elemental Fury may not be focused, no matter how it is used.

Advanced Spells and the bot

Because the mage spells and elemental fury are restricted in usage, there is an extra code required when sending them to the Guide Bot on Discord. This is to remind players of the restriction and, hopefully, decrease cases of misuse. All you need do is attach the number 3 at the end of your move send. eg: ?m NR 3

For more details on rules concerning the attainment and use of these extra spells, see the Rules of Rank.

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