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Ebon Ilnaren
Ebon Ilnaren
Character Race:
human (Talented)
Stardreamer Manor, RhyDin
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
freelance adventurer, occasional diplomat, businessman, father figure
Ebon's most notable features are his pure black eyes, expressive eyebrows, and long black hair (with a touch of silver) that is usually pulled back into a tail. His skin is tanned from years of exposure, and he carries himself with the grace and build of a gymnast. He wears two rings--on his left hand, a wedding band forged by an old friend now long departed, and on his right, a ring crafted by his beloved Phen. He dresses primarily, if not entirely, in black, though the style varies depending on situation and mood.
Ebon is psionic, a gifted telepath and telekinetic whose skill has been honed through years of training in war and peace, in adventure and leisure. He is also a master of physical combat, both unarmed and with katars or his battlestaff. Aside from his fighting skills, Ebon is a competent field medic, a decent cook, excellent with horses--both riding and caring for them--and a devoted husband and father, both to his own children--Doran (18), Azure (13), Olivia (6)--and to the numerous street children that he and Phen have taken in over the years.

Stardreamer Manor, a short distance outside of the city, is his primary home, and where his young charges reside, recover, and learn crafts to build their futures; in addition, he raises horses on the estate. Ebon also owns a townhouse that the Ilnarens use as a residence within the city, as well as a yacht moored on the river.

He has earned a number of titles and accolades in his time:
- 30th & 28th Baron of Dragon's Gate
- Governor of RhyDin
- Councillor of RhyDin
- Lord Ilnaren in the court of House Girder
- Order of the Golden Gryphon
- Sandguard of the Khasin
- Scourge of the Scarlet Isles
- Black Knight of the Feranor
- Husband, Father, and Free Man
....and also hello!

((OOC note: The children's ages are as of October 2019.))

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