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Proven Adventurer
Proven Adventurer
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Rhy'Din City
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Character Portrait
Rogue, Scoundrel, Lover, Fighter, Singer, Minstrel... You know. That whole Jack of All Trades business you hear tell of. And now a former Governor of Rhy'Din too!
Not tall, nor short. Not lean, nor built like a brick wall. The man called Dris stands all of five feet and ten inches tall, betwixt and between what most might consider mousy or formidable. Though lithe and wiry certainly fits the bill, not to mention beautiful. A rare breed to take it as a compliment to be told so to his face. He has a face a woman should envy, with full lips and blue eyes the color of the clearest seas. Not to mention the fine cheekbones and flyaway bunched curls of raven's feather black hair. Untouched by age, but seen in the secret creases tucked into the corners of his clean white smile. If that don't sweep you off your feet, just wait until you hear him sing.

(( www link shows image of preferred weapon ))
A master of instruments, a bard through and through, Dris is known to be proficient in the playing of several devices including the piano, lute, lyre, flutes of all variety, guitars and other strings, as well as a voice that suits the bawdy tunes of the Rat Pack of future times. Additionally he's a luthier, famous for his artistic as well as functional designs. On top of all that, he's also an empath with little to no control over his ability. Thank goodness for alcohol and magic lollipops.

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