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Dimitrii Sixtus
Dimtrii Sixtus
Character Race:
Somewhere between human and fae
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Character Portrait
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alternate earth
Acquisitions and appraisals
Dimitrii, Dima, Dimas, Trey, D, Six. Most commonly Six, but he answers to most anything. He stands about 6'2" with dark hair, green eyes and a medium build.

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Not just sent to live amongst the Muscovites this time either. Full on, sent to another plane, given no way to get back, maybe we'll check on you in a century or two, banishment. Ef'ers. I guess I should count myself lucky not to have been bound first.

Seriously, this is their fault to begin with. If you really don't want someone borrowing tomes on the forbidden arcanam, it ought to be better protected. A couple of changeling guards, mechanical locks from the last melenium and one minor ward? Please. That's practically entrapment. Besides, what's up with the ban on fire magic to begin with. Stupid ties to the Court of Winter.

Maybe I should blame that girl from the Summer court. Taunting me with her fire spells; consuming in an instant the ice rose I had produced for her. That thing took effort to get the details perfect too! I picture that long red hair and, oh, those legs though... those legs. I just can't stay mad. I guess I should have known better, with a name like Juliet, how else was that going to turn out?

The eight pointed star probably didn't help. I'd kept the ink hidden, but they cut off my glamour during the interrogation and spotted it. Another violation of the Arch Duke's mandates; no pledges of fealty to human organizations. Bah. Last time they banished me to Moscow for a decade, what did they think I was going to do? Caught breaking into the high palace (maybe I should blame the Arch Duke's daughter for that one), obviously I had to find someone to teach me to do it better next time and not get caught. 'sides, the Bratva aren't such bad sorts and liked the idea of training up a new cracksman. Though the inquisitor didn't really need to know that part.

So, yeah, banished. Again.


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Close cousins to the Winter Court, his people have an inherent affinity to ice magic. Many also dwell in the darker arcana, but mis-spent youth had Six learning different, more human, trades involving lockpicks and getaway cars. He's picked up a touch of the forbidden fire magics, but it's a school that doesn't come easy to his people.

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