Barons of Cadentia

♦ Founded: February 7th, 1995
♦ Original Name: Ring of the 7th
♦ Original Baron: Ulath ni Fici
♦ Manor Home: Cadentia Villa   (map)
♦ Squire Weapon: Smokey Kopesh

Reign Summaries

Duelist Name Dates of Reign Days Held Defenses
Michelle Montoya 2023-03-12 - Present 435 0
Karma Armstrong 2022-06-25 - 2023-03-12 260 1
(vacant) 2022-06-25 - 2022-06-25 0 0
Neo Eternity 2022-02-28 - 2022-06-25 117 1
Anubis Karos 2021-07-15 - 2022-02-28 228 3
Yuzuki Kuwabara 2021-06-18 - 2021-07-15 27 0
Lilith Anderson 2020-09-29 - 2021-06-18 262 2
Anubis Karos 2020-09-10 - 2020-09-29 19 0
Morgan Chae 2020-08-24 - 2020-09-10 17 0
Myria Graziano 2020-08-06 - 2020-08-24 18 0
(vacant) 2020-07-14 - 2020-08-06 23 0
Na-rae Takamine 2020-05-07 - 2020-07-14 68 0
Mallory Maeda 2019-08-25 - 2020-05-07 256 1

Michelle Montoya     2023-03-12 - Present   ( 435 days )

Karma next faced a challenge from Michelle Montoya, who cited that it had been six months since the Baron had last been challenged (plus Michelle wanted to use the Cadentia portal). Karma accepted, but ask that should she lose that Michelle keep Nero as squire. It was a good request, as even though Karma was in control of the match and had a 4-2 lead, Michelle was not to be denied and mounted a comeback and stole the victory after 11 rounds, with a winning score of 5-4. Michelle took the Barony, and also was true to her word and kept Nero on as squire. (link)

Karma Armstrong     2022-06-25 - 2023-03-12   ( 260 days )

With the Barony retired on the same day as the Spring All Ranks Tournament, the Duel of Swords staff quickly placed the ring into a prize for the tourney, and that immediately drew a number of duelists to enter. With 11 entrants, it would not be an easy climb to take first place and claim the prize - or so that was the thought. Karma entered as a middle seed, but ran through the tournament with an undefeated record. As expected, she claimed Cadentia as her prize and so the vacancy of the Barony lasted only a few hours. (link)

When gifted the Overlord’s Grant from Pearl, Nero took the route less followed and challenged his own Baron for Cadentia, as he was the Squire of the desert sands. Karma agreed on the condition that if she were to lose, she’d keep access to the pool for the summer months. When the pair met, Karma decided on a best of three match to put on a show for all, and she did not disappoint. Starting off strong in the ring, Karma kept Nero from scoring for 6 rounds before they traded in round 7. This was an unfortunate trade for Nero in that it made the final score 5 to 1 in 7 rounds. This seemed to be a decent warm up for the challenger, as though Karma scored first in the second match, her and Nero traded in rounds 2 and 3. Karma struck match point in round 5, but Nero kept her from scoring for the following three rounds and began to make the scoreboard climb and start up on a comeback train. It would be another trade that would close the challenge out, in Karma’s favor once again and a final score of 5 to 4 in 9, allowing her to continue her reign as Baron of Cadentia. (link)

(vacant)     2022-06-25 - 2022-06-25   ( 0 days )

Neo Eternity     2022-02-28 - 2022-06-25   ( 117 days )

The third in the queue to face Anubis was our resident Seraphim Knight, Neo Eternity! Neo's challenge came about possibly maybe because Anubis wanted a queue. But Neo didn't want it. Then he did. It's all rather confusing. In any case, Neo wasn't going to schedule the duel until the other two were out of the way, and even said that if others wanted a shot, they could go before him. But no one else signed up, and Anubis got through Kruger and Jackson, so here we are! As previously, Anubis chose a single match to see where the sands in the hour glass fell. Unlike previously, this match was close all the way through. It started with a trade in points, then a lead by Anubis followed by tying it up by Neo. This continued until the 8th round when Neo took his first lead, which then caused Anubis to tie it up. Then in the tenth, Neo got a half point and followed it in the eleventh with a full one to take it and become the new baron of Cadentia! Neo Eternity def. Anubis Karos, 5.5 - 4 in 11 rounds.(link)

Anubis just can't seem to let this Barony go. Upset at his performance in Madness, he held true to his word that he would challenge Neo for the title. The two met in something that resembled a marathon more than a challenge match, as they dueled late into the night when the Baron opted for a best of three. Neo secured the first match with a 5-4 victory in 11 rounds, while Anubis matched with a win in the second duel by 5-3 in 11 rounds. The final duel would end up not being as close as the first, as Neo managed to hold Anubis to 2 points, and took the win 5-2 in 9 rounds. Time would tell if Anubis would try yet again for the Barony. (link)

Citing that his guild required more attention and not wanting to leave the Barony in limbo as he took time away from the Arena, Neo retired the Barony so that it could be placed as a prize in the All Ranks Tournament to take place that same night. (link)

Anubis Karos     2021-07-15 - 2022-02-28   ( 228 days )

Less than a month into her first reign, Yuzu faced her first challenge in the person of Anubis Karos. Apparently Anubis was eager to reopen the revolving door of this Barony and to earn scorn from the community for challenging a popular first-time Baron so soon after their first win. When the two faced off, Yuzuki opted for a single match challenge, and Anubis wasted no time when the match started by scoring the first two points in the first two rounds. Yuzu battled back to tie the score, but Anubis then once again scored two unanswered to move to match point. The Baron kept themselves alive for one round and closed the gap, but Anubis next attack found an opening beneath Yuzu's high parry, and he took the victory by a score of 5-3 in 9 rounds.

And so one of the Arena's favorite duelers was replaced with one who was not as well-liked (to put it nicely), and it was a smart bet that Anubis would face a challenge almost as soon as the next standings update hit the board. (link)

Smart bets might also sometimes be sucker bets! Anubis went two months without challenge, before Rhys Germain, the recipient of Velgr's Generosity Grant, offered challenge. Though Rhys offered explanation for his challenge, Anubis was as curt as ever in his response. The two then met in the ring, with Anubis offering a single match to determine who would be able to call the Barony at Cadentia their home. In the end, Anubis and his experience in challenge matches helped against the more inexperienced challenger, and the Baron secured a defense by a score of 5-2 in 7 rounds. Maybe Cadentia had finally found a Baron that would reign for a while. (link)

Anubis's next set of challenges came way of a Renegade Queue! Kruger was the first to step up, having recently obtained the rank of Warlord. Anubis, no stranger to challenges, took the challenger head on and chose a single match for all the mar... sand. Anubis took the early lead, gaining two quick points, then a trade in the third round saw Kruger get on the board. But that would be Kruger's only point. Anubis continued on, only being paused once in his question to dominate the match, and keeping the sandy ring as his own. Anubis Karos def. Kruger, 5 - 1 in 6 rounds.(link)

Next in the queue for Anubis was Jackson! Jackson claimed he needed to relax, and that was the reason why he challenged Anubis. Well... to each their own, though I'm sure there are better ways to relax. Whitedown is a good one. Ask for Angel. After a bit of a sticky note situation, the match finally was agreed on and went down. Anubis, once more, chose a single match to see where the cooki... sand would fall. Jackson took the early half point, only to lose it then tie it up again at one all in the third. And that would be the last that Jackson would score as Anubis would once more walk away with it, defeating the second person in the queue. Anubis Karos def. Jackson, 5 - 1 in 7 rounds.(link)

Yuzuki Kuwabara     2021-06-18 - 2021-07-15   ( 27 days )

As the cycle's Warden of Outlook, Yuzuki Kuwabara used the grant that was given as a prize to once again challenge Lilith for Cadentia. Lilith allowed Yuzuki to pick the format, and a best of three was once more to be fought between the two. Yuzu was again accompanied by Bert the Camel, and perhaps in not wanting to let him down again, she started the challenge on fire. She pulled out to a 4-1 lead in 6 rounds, but Lilith has proven time and time again her skill in the ring, and once more it was displayed as she clawed her way back in to even the score at 4 after round 11. But Yuzu, who was open to a cut from either direction, parried correctly and knocked aside Lilith's high attack to win 5-4 in 12 rounds.

Yuzu again got off to a fast start, this time opening a 3-1 lead in the second match, then eventually working to match point at 4-3. While Lilith was able to keep Yuzuki from match point for two more rounds, she was unable to do so while making up any ground, and Yuzu found an opening low to score the match point and take her first Barony, winning 5-3 in 10 rounds. (link)

Lilith Anderson     2020-09-29 - 2021-06-18   ( 262 days )

For the third time in a row, nearly as soon as the new reign was made official, Cadentia was under challenge. Lilith Anderson, by right of earning the title of Warden of Overlook for her performance in the previous cycle, used the King's Decree to challenge Anubis. The two had exchanged barbs regarding Anubis choosing to go loyal to the Overlord - though details of what Lilith took issue with were vague. Lilith was much more direct in the challenge. Anubis chose a best of three format, but Lilith controlled the match itself and won in two straight duels, 5-4 in 10 rounds and 5-2 in 7 rounds. Would the revolving door of Cadentia come to a halt with her, or would the Barony continue to be involved in a game of hot potato? (link)

Lilith's first challenge came from a first time challenger. Recent recipient of a Yuletide Challenge Grant, Yuzuki Kuwabara challenged Lilith for the Barony of Cadentia. Perhaps it was because she was seconded by the infamous camel Bert and he wanted to live there? Regardless, the two met and Lilith deferred to Yuzuki on the format, which became a best of three. The first duel was an evenly matched contest, and went to sudden death. Lilith was able to pull away with a well-timed defense and unanswered strike to win 5.5-4. Yuzuki opened the second match by going out to a quick 2-0 lead, but the Triple Crown Winner then took control and scored the final five points to secure her first defense by a score of 5-2. (link)

Lilith's next opponent was the runner-up to the recent Duel Madness tournament, Sheridan Driscol. Dris had best been known for his calling around the Arena and other sports, but an impressive and unlikely run in the tournament now elevated him to a genuine threat to take the title from any Baron. He chose Lilith based on his fondness for Cadentia, and the Baroness seemed fine with that, growing tired of the desert. But that didn't mean she wouldn't fight for it, and fight she did. Dris slowly and steadily built a commanding lead, and by the eighth round he was in charge by a 4-1 score - almost insurmountable. But Lilith showed the skills that has earned her so many accolades, and clawed herself back to tie the score at 4 in round 13. From there the two duelers started to slug it out, going toe to toe and remaining even until Lilith's sidestep around a parry gave her a slim advantage, which she took advantage of to land a follow up cut past Dris' defenses, and secure a tough, but memorable win by a score of 7.5-6 in 20 rounds. This duel is one for the ages. (link)

Anubis Karos     2020-09-10 - 2020-09-29   ( 19 days )

Maybe what goes around comes around? Morgan had but a day to officially enjoy the Barony before - just as he had promised - Anubis Karos made his challenge. The two met in a best of three match, and Morgan was unable to replicate the success of his previous challenge matches. Though Morgan got on the board first, Anubis scored five unanswered points to win the first duel 5-1 in 8 rounds. The second match did not fare any better for the defending Baron, who appeared to suffer a serious knee injury, and Anubis pounced on the opportunity to win the second duel by the same score of 5-1 in an even faster time of 6 rounds. Now the new Baron of Cadentia, the question is: will Anubis have long to enjoy it, or will he be challenged just as fast as the previous two holders? (link)

Morgan Chae     2020-08-24 - 2020-09-10   ( 17 days )

Morgan jumped on the opportunity to challenge for the title giving Myria Graziano just a few moments to enjoy the hard-won barony. At the time of this challenge, Lilith Anderson retained the benefits of the Overlord title though she had recently been defeated by Hope Naharis. Lilith decided to test challenger Chae. Neekylah Lang, Chae's second, countered the test using an Intercession Grant that she earned at the most recent All Ranks Tournament. Although it was a long, close fight, Lilith prevailed 5-3 in 14 rounds. Lilith was then able to proceed with her test -- but Chae was determined to see his challenge through. He put up a near perfect match, defeating Overlord Anderson 5-0 in 6 rounds. That striking momentum carried him forward against Baron Graziano. Chae allowed Graziano just one point before he scored four unanswered points, winning the title on a final SLASH, 5-1 in 6 rounds. As Morgan left the Arena to celebrate his victory with his second Neekylah, rumors were already spreading that one Anubis Karos had his eye on the barony. (link)

Myria Graziano     2020-08-06 - 2020-08-24   ( 18 days )

The vacant Barony of Cadentia was included as a key prize in the summer King of the Ring tournament. The tournament had filled quickly with stand-by entrants and on the night in question it was not long before the twelve duelists began to see who could be at the top. Among a variety of places and prizes the Barony of Cadentia was awarded to Myria Graziano for their first place finish. (link)

(vacant)     2020-07-14 - 2020-08-06   ( 23 days )

Na-rae Takamine     2020-05-07 - 2020-07-14   ( 68 days )

Looking for a lovely timeshare-esque spot in the desert, former DoS Sports Coordinator Na-rae Takamine challenged Mallory Maeda for the newest barony in Cadentia. The challenge took place in the Cadentia Villa itself, under the starry sky. Fighting in a single match for the barony, Mallory took an early lead, but Na-rae persevered tying the score at 3 - 3. She kept the lead for a while longer, before it switched back to Mallory, at a thrilling 4 - 4.5. Unfortunately, that was the closest the horned witch would come to defending as Na-rae would take the lead once more tipping the score over five points and closing out 6 - 4.5 in 15 rounds. (link)

After 68 days holding the Cadentia Barony, Na-rae decided to end her reign on two lucky numbers. (link)

Mallory Maeda     2019-08-25 - 2020-05-07   ( 256 days )

Lost then found! With the 7th Rings rediscovery it was chosen by Arena staff to host a Sword and Sorcery tournament with cooperation with the Duel of Magic to see that the now named Barony of Cadentia would find a new home — along with the staff of Merlin! Teams of two were asked to register, one for the sport of Magic and the other for Swords. Those of the Magic portion of the tournament were tasked to gather enough magical essence to imbue their partners weapon of choice that would then be wielded in the Swords portion of the spectacular: A single elimination tournament to be held at the end of event!

The team of Overlord Mallory Maeda and her squire, the giant Runt, were among the multiple entries — and it was their partnership that saw victory in the end! Mallory's triumphant win in the swords portion of the tournament gave her the opportunity to step down as Overlord of the Duel of Swords to become the first Baron of Cadentia. Her squire, Runt, did much of the same; choosing to retire the sword and shield of the Overlords squire to take on the kopesh the Cadentia Barony had to offer. - (link)

The first challenge to Cadentia came from Lord Bile. Bile wished to force a test of worthiness against himself so that he may step into the challenge ring opposite of then current Overlord Jewell Ravenlock. Bile's request, sadly, was not fulfilled — as on the night of a cardboard cutout featuring the visage of the Overlord stood in the ring while flesh and blood overlooked from the Overlord skybox up high. Enraged, Bile leapt through the air after igniting his saber and sought to cleave the Cadentia Baroness in two. Both Bile's maneuver and Mallory's attempt at countering with a bolt from held crossbow, would be muddled with magical help from Max Lager who enchanted the ring mid-conflict to turn both challenger and defenders weapons into toy replicas. The single-duel challenge continued on, albeit less bloody, and saw Bile having much of the "high ground" throughout the match. Bile stood strong at match point but the Cadentia Baroness wouldn't allow the challenger his wanted taste of victory. Mallory tied the challenge match in the 8th round with a chasing cut for the ducking Bile then finishing in her favor by outflanking Bile's defense in the 9th. With her defense complete Mallory secured her place as the Baroness of Cadentia. - (link)

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