Barons of Dragon's Gate

♦ Founded: February 7th, 1995
♦ Original Name: Ring of the 8th
♦ Original Baron: Elijah Basia-Uhr
♦ Manor Home: Dueling Sword Dueling School   (map)
♦ Squire Weapon: Red Staff

Reign Summaries

Duelist Name Dates of Reign Days Held Defenses
Salvador Delahada 2023-07-05 - Present 320 0
Rekah Illyriana 2023-02-12 - 2023-07-05 143 1
Sheridan Driscol 2022-01-22 - 2023-02-12 386 0
Nayun Takamine 2022-01-11 - 2022-01-22 11 0
Ellie Luisante 2021-09-29 - 2022-01-11 104 0
Anya de la Rose 2021-05-13 - 2021-09-29 139 0
Mairead Harker 2020-03-29 - 2021-05-13 410 5
(vacant) 2020-03-15 - 2020-03-29 14 0
Nayun Takamine 2019-12-12 - 2020-03-15 94 0
Ebon Ilnaren 2019-09-29 - 2019-12-12 74 0
(vacant) 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-29 20 0
Michelle Montoya 2019-07-11 - 2019-09-09 60 0
Ebon Ilnaren 2019-05-30 - 2019-07-11 42 0
Eden Parker 2018-05-17 - 2019-05-30 378 0
Claire Farron 2016-10-20 - 2018-05-17 574 1
Jewell Ravenlock 2016-07-07 - 2016-10-20 105 0
Ellisa Morgan 2016-05-01 - 2016-07-05 65 0
(vacant) 2016-03-06 - 2016-05-01 56 0
(vacant) 2016-07-05 - 2016-07-07 2 0
G'nort Dragoon-Talanador 2015-11-28 - 2016-03-06 99 1
Shadowlord 2015-05-30 - 2015-11-28 182 0
Ekthbjlgke Smith 2015-02-16 - 2015-05-30 103 0
(vacant) 2015-01-31 - 2015-02-16 16 0
Terry King 2015-01-30 - 2015-01-31 1 0
Melanie Rostol 2014-11-30 - 2015-01-30 61 0
Matt Simon 2014-04-20 - 2014-11-30 224 0
Jaycy Ashleana 2014-02-19 - 2014-04-20 60 0
Anubis Karos 2014-02-09 - 2014-02-19 10 0
Shadowlord 2013-08-04 - 2014-02-09 189 0
Mur Ollavan 2013-04-08 - 2013-08-04 118 1
G'nort Dragoon Talanador 2013-03-13 - 2013-04-08 26 0
Nayun 2012-12-15 - 2013-03-13 88 0
Jaycynda Alexander 2011-09-11 - 2012-12-15 461 2
Vincent Smith 2011-04-10 - 2011-09-11 154 0
Neo Eternity 2010-11-07 - 2011-04-10 154 2
Teagan Rielia 2009-12-29 - 2010-11-07 313 2
Cassius Gaius Maximius 2009-04-09 - 2009-12-29 264 1
Drey Starke 2008-12-12 - 2009-04-09 118 0
Tormay Eludes 2008-08-17 - 2008-12-12 117 0
Tasslehofl Momus 2008-03-01 - 2008-08-17 169 0
Xavior Mues 2007-12-18 - 2008-03-01 74 1
Aya Hayshibara 2007-06-17 - 2007-12-18 184 1
Topaz Datrazanov 2003-12-04 - 2007-06-17 1,291 7

Salvador Delahada     2023-07-05 - Present   ( 320 days )

This was a rather friendly challenge match between teammates. When challenged, Rekah suggested that Sal just take the ring from the kitchen counter, but that would be too easy and so a fight was had. In the challenge Rekah named Sal as one of her persons of honor. In return, Sal also named Rekah as a person of honor. There was a lot of honoring going on. Sal fought under the queerplatonic pride flag and Rekah fought under the Deathcake team banner. While Rekah offered to take the challenge to best out of eighteen, it was settled in three. As noted by the caller "the fighters consistently bypassed blocks made by their opponent to land hits where they were least expected. Each duel included a high-low trade that pushed points onto the board for each of them. Plenty of pure defensive rounds gave the fighters chances to breathe, and gave the leading fighter the change to push the score in their direction when action restarted." Sal defeated Rekah in the first match 5-3 in 9 rounds; Rekah returned with 5-2 in 7 rounds, and the final match went to Sal, 5-3.5 in 10 rounds. (link)

Rekah Illyriana     2023-02-12 - 2023-07-05   ( 143 days )

Most of the time challenges are grudge matches or because one individual has an eye on holding a certain Barony. This challenge was not either of that, and instead appeared to be just because Rekah wanted to see what all this challenging and Barony fuss was about. When the challenge night came, an extra wager was made in which if Rekah lost, she would be forced to wear pants while if Dris lost, he would be forced to wear a kilt. (Rekah hates pants and Dris hates kilts, you see.)

The challenge format was a best of three, which was an instant classic. In Rekah's first ever challenge for a Barony, she faced a 4.5-1.5 deficit after 10 rounds, but managed to crawl her way back into the duel and in round 15, took her first lead at 5-4.5. The next round saw her complete the improbable comeback by landing a high cut above Dris' defense and take the first match, 6-4.5. The second duel of the challenge again had the more experienced Dris going to a 4.5-3.5 lead, but once again Rekah battled back and after 17 rounds, won the match and the challenge, 8-6.5. Thus Rekah claimed her first Barony, and perhaps just as importantly, avoided having to wear pants. (link)

Rekah's first challenge came via a challenge grant given to Doran Illnaren from the 2023 Madness winner, Ettyn de la Rose. The Baron chose a best of three format and wasted little time in getting down to business, handily winning the first match by a score of 5-1.5, even though it took 13 rounds to get there. The second was much different, as Doran took the win by a score of 5-2 in 10 rounds. After both duelers had kept the other with low scores, the third match was a toss-up, but there was little drama to be had. The pendulum swung in Rekah's favor once more, and she secured her first defense by winning the final match, 5-1 in 7 rounds. (link)

Sheridan Driscol     2022-01-22 - 2023-02-12   ( 386 days )

Nayun's first challenge came from one of the now-former occasional teachers of the school; one Mr. Sheridan Driscol! Nayun's acceptance came with a warning, but it was more for the community in general. Will anyone take heed? Well, perhaps we will see. But Nayun did say she wanted satisfaction in combat, and she got it! With a single match decided, they went to work! From the start, Dris took the lead, and never looked back. When the dust settled, Dris walked away as the new baron of Dragon's Gate! BardGallant def. Nayun, 5 - 2 in 6 rounds. (link)

Dris came under challenge by Mira Burke, who sought to recover the Barony which her lover, Ellie Luisante, once held. When the night of the challenge came, Dris asked for Overlord Hana Sasaki to test the challenger. It was later noted that Dris asked for this challenge because Mira's actions and words had made him uncomfortable and feel unsafe, and he wished to keep his distance. With no one stepping in against the Test of Worthiness, Hana faced off against Mira, and in a closely contested contest, Mira failed to pass the test and was defeated, with Hana winning 5-4 after 12 rounds. Thus Mira's challenge was denied, and Dris remained as Baron of Dragon's Gate. (link)

The King of the Ring: Kaiju King tournament saw Rachael Blackthorne claiming the Kaiju Grace-Breaker Challenge Grant and with it in hand she set her eyes upon the Barony of Dragon's Gate! The challenge itself would be as turbulent as the waters of Lake Kaiju with the squire of Dragon's Gate, Rhys Germain, acted as would-be tester of the evening on behalf of Baron Driscol. Rachael's staff reached out for the squire at the start but was unable to break through his quick-thinking parry! Rhys, with the first round lead gained, pressed the advantage and it wouldn't be until the 4th round that challenger Blackthrone gained her first point of the evening — but by then the Squire of Dragon's Gate already stood at 4 points scored! The final round came in the 6th and it would be by a squire's hand that the Dragon's Gate barony achieved its second defense with a 5 - 1 finish! (link)

Nayun Takamine     2022-01-11 - 2022-01-22   ( 11 days )

Bounties! Well, there were some placed on the board, but the one for Ellie wasn't! Rumor is that Nayun was approached separately and she took it. And did she! Nayun challenged Ellie for Dragon's Gate, and Ellie didn't seem to mind, even knowing she had a bounty on her! The night of the fight came and Ellie chose the best of three. And it would take all three matches for the winner to be determined. In the first match, It was back and forth, though Ellie edged a lead in the seventh, and kept it all the way to the 15th. Ellie Luisante def. Nayun, 5 - 4 in 15 rounds. In the second match, Nayun took the lead in the second and didn't give it up until the 10th when Ellie finally tied things up. But Nayun went for the thrust the next round and took it! Nayun def. Ellie Luisante, 5 - 4 in 11 rounds. The final match once more saw Ellie take the lead, and she held it until Nayun tied it up in the fifth. Then Nayun took the lead and kept it, winning the final match. Nayun def. Ellie Luisante, 5 - 3 in 8 rounds. Upon winning, Nayun announced that the school would be shut down and everyone was to leave. Should be interesting going forward! (link)

Ellie Luisante     2021-09-29 - 2022-01-11   ( 104 days )

New Overlord Salvador Delahada wasted little time in bestowing the first grant of his reign, and it was offered to Master at Arms Ellie Luisante. His wish was for Ellie to have fun, and at the suggestion of Anya's squire Sheridan Driscol, Ellie challenged for Dragon's Gate. The challenge was very, very, very friendly in nature, which might just align with how Ellie and Anya are, and even when Dris stepped in to test Ellie, it didn't seem to cause any hard feelings. Recently crowned Governor Karma Armstrong used a fresh intercession grant to step in, but was unable to score a point as Dris won 5-0 in 7 rounds.

Dris then faced off with the challenger, and the two each kept within striking distance for much of their duel before Ellie managed to defeat the squire in the 14th round by a score of 5.5-3.5. She then went on to face the Baroness, and in what was sure to cause a skirt twirling celebration, Ellie won in near-dominant fashion by a score of 5-1 in 10 rounds. And what began as a friendly challenged ended as one, but with a new Baroness. (link)

Anya de la Rose     2021-05-13 - 2021-09-29   ( 139 days )

Squires to the Overlord have had success in recent past challenges, and while Anya had not been successful before, she was the next to try her luck against Maggie, who had since surpassed a year as holder of Dragon's Gate. After interviewing the challenger about why she wanted to win the title, Maggie opted to settle the fight in a single match. Anya was first on the board, but after catching Anya's wild slash with a low attack, she took her first lead. The lead would not last however, as Anya scored the next three points in the duel, ending with a well timed cut to catch the sidestepping Maggie. Thus Anya toppled the young Baroness, winning by a score of 5-3 in 7 rounds, and looked to start a long, successful reign of her own. (link)

Mairead Harker     2020-03-29 - 2021-05-13   ( 410 days )

The Barony of Dragon's Gate would be taken by the first place winner of the End of the 2020 Winter Cycle All Ranks Tournament. Out of twelve participants it was Mairead Harker, seed number six, who faced off against first seed Tasslehofl Momus who had just finish resting with a bye. The match heavily favored the young Harker as she gained a 3 - 1 lead against Tassleholf by round 5 — and a trade of thrusts in the following round brought her one step closer to victory. While Tassleholf did regain a lost point by thrusting the ducking Mairead, the young Warlord quickly recovered in the next round to swing high for her sidestepping opponent to take the grand finals. - (link)

Using the reason of a substantive period of time without facing a challenge Warlord Bailey Raptis challenged Maggie for the title. True to form the Overlord stepped in to test the challenger and consistent with many recent challenges the Renegade Baron Matt Simon stepped in on behalf of the challenger. This match ended in a five round, 5-2 win by the Overlord. Bailey then faced the Overlord in the test and succeeded an almost equally quick 5-2 in 6 round fashion. The third duel was then for the title itself with a final quick, six round match of 5-4 where Maggie retained the title and secured the defense. (link)

Maggie's next challenge came from former Baron Jaycy Alexander, who offered a simple challenge for Dragon's Gate. Without much fanfare, Maggie responded and a date was set. Maggie chose a single duel for the format, and it seemed that the match would end before it really had a chance to get started as Jaycy traded blows to take a commanding 4-2 lead after 5 rounds. However the young Baroness proved her mettle, scoring two points to bring the match to sudden death before boldly slicing through Jaycy's defense to claim the win in memorable fashion by a 5-4 score in 8 rounds. (link)

With Andrea Anderson offering new weapons to newly crowned Barons, and other bounties up for grabs, Eden Parker issued challenge to Maggie. The two met in a single duel, where Eden struck the first blow of the match, but that ended up being the only point she would score. Maggie cut her way to a large lead before her defense and a straight thrust carried her to a win of 5-1 in 7 rounds. This made three members of the Real Rhydin team that had challenged, and three challenges that Maggie had been victorious in. (link)

Citing that Maggie had held the Barony too long, and that as the mentee of the current Overlord, she had the obligation to challenge a Renegade Baron, Neekylah Lang was the next challenger for Dragon's Gate. The two met in a single match format, and Maggie got out to a 2-0 lead. Neekylah trailed for most of the match, until she found her first lead in round 10 to take a 4.5-4 lead. However, she was unable to convert the final advantage and eventually fell behind once more, and for good, as Maggie scored the final points to notch yet another defense, winning 6-4.5 in a 14 round marathon. Though the Arena had gone challenge-happy, so it was yet to be seen how long Maggie would be able to enjoy this defense before another challenger came calling. (link)

The Dragon’s Gate challenge would start off with one of the two current squires, Haru Jeong jumping at the opportunity to test just in case it might be the last chance for him to do so for Maggie as the baron. With perfect timing and hearing just right, Ettyn, the current Loyal Baron of Old Market showed up to step in for Layla Paine, the challenger of the evening. After Haru started things off and drew first blood, it was Ettyn who kept him from scoring again in the match and continued to score all the way up to closing the match and taking the win at 5 to 1 in 6 rounds.

So then it was Maggie and Layla’s turn, and while Maggie entered the ring to stand ready, Layla called forth a faceless spectre to handle the match for her and face off against Maggie. With Layla’s spectre scoring first, one had to wonder if this would be a reversal of the previous match for the challenge, as Maggie soon scored three points in a row (with only one null round). With a trade of thrusts, Layla looked to be climbing out of the hole, following the thrust with a well placed parry to Maggie’s high cut. However, we would not see a sudden death score in this match as Maggie closed things out with a quick side step which she took into her 5th defense of Dragon’s Gate in nearly a year! (link)

(vacant)     2020-03-15 - 2020-03-29   ( 14 days )

Nayun Takamine     2019-12-12 - 2020-03-15   ( 94 days )

Just short of Friday the 13th Dragon's Gate became the first Renegade Barony to fall under siege from bounty hunters. Nayun, a previous Overlord, challenged Ebon Ilnaren for Dragon's Gate. While at first her modus operandi was questioned she soon explicated that she sought the bounty and nothing more as she had in the past for Overlord. Once that was cleared up, Ebon and Nayun agreed to a prompt challenge within the same week.
On the night of the challenge the incumbent Ebon chose a best of three format to defend Dragon's Gate. The first of eventually three bouts really took off with an IMPaling round wherein challenger and Baron exchanged thrusts. This marked the only successful round for Nayun as Ebon proceeded to run the table scoring a 5-1 victory in only 7 rounds. The second match started as its progenitor had with a trading of thrusts however that was all that the two matches had in common. Nayun secured herself an early 3-1 lead and never relinquished it eventually winning 5-3 maintaining the gap in score. The third and final bout proved to be the most arduous of the night. The score held steady for the beginning rounds before beginning to take a turn to favor the challenger. By Round 10, longer than the previous duels, Nayun was at match point before a trade of cuts finished the challenge. With a score of 5-3 in 11 Nayun became the new Baron of Dragon's Gate and completed her bounty challenge. (link)

Nayun retires the Barony so that it can be placed in tournament. (link)

Ebon Ilnaren     2019-09-29 - 2019-12-12   ( 74 days )

As a possible prize in the End of Summer All Ranks Tournament the Barony of Dragon's Gate waited to see who among the ten combatants would come and claim it. Ebon Ilnaren, former holder of Dragon's Gate ring, was victorious in the single elimination tournament and chose the barony as his prize! (link)

(vacant)     2019-09-09 - 2019-09-29   ( 20 days )

Michelle Montoya     2019-07-11 - 2019-09-09   ( 60 days )

A challenge of pies and icecream. Under a banner of jade and black for Atrebla and her second, Gloria Blaze, set to fight her own challenge that very same night, Michelle stepped into the ring to face off against Ebon to decide the fate of Dragons Gate. Ebon elected the duel be fought in a single bout -- and at the end of 9 rounds (and a 5 to 2 score) Michelle would become the newest Baroness of Dragon's Gate. (link)

With a victory in the Barons Tournament Michelle left Dragon's Gate behind to become the newest Overlord of the Duel of Swords. (link)

Ebon Ilnaren     2019-05-30 - 2019-07-11   ( 42 days )

The sun always shines in Dragon's Gate. It was a battle of Rhy'din's Most Likeable when incumbent Baroness of Dragon's Gate Eden Parker was challenged by Ebon Ilnaren. Of course, the latter was respectful in his issuance and the former was gracious in her acceptance, creating an exciting buzz for something on the lighter side of entertainment. Fearless, Eden Parker didn't look for an intercession from the Overlord and opted for a single duel to decide the fate of the barony. In the end, after a very close match, it was Ebon Ilnaren's time to shine as he took the victory and the title as the new Baron of Dragon's Gate. (link)

Eden Parker     2018-05-17 - 2019-05-30   ( 378 days )

Gifted a challenge grant by Overlord E, Eden called out Claire for a shot at her ring. "Called out" in Eden's case is probably something of an exageration. While the challenge was in all caps, one assumes she was sipping on a cherry cola or eating an ice cream cone at the time, which gives a much less combative image. Regardless, the challenge was issued and the pair met to fight it one in a one shot challenge. The challenge lasted a long 15 rounds and was tightly contested, but Eden prevailed in the end to take her very first barony. (link)

Claire Farron     2016-10-20 - 2018-05-17   ( 574 days )

Claire took over the Dragon's Gate barony after losing the Overlordship to Jewell. (link)

Her first defense came shortly after as the 2016 Trick or Treat Challenges saw all of the barons come under challenge. For Claire it was Sal Delahada who secured the two required duels and was first to call out the baroness. As always, Claire fought below the banner of Team Dirty's pink and black, naming the more sober of Terry or Hope as her second and a long list of honors to fight for. Sal held to the colors of autumn with no second and for the honor of the Empress Overlady and his mother, Faye Random. It was a back and forth affair, Claire taking an opening lead and then Sal evening the score, though never able to advance into the lead himself. The baroness went ahead 4-3 in the 8th with a superbly timed circular parry to beat Sal's low cut and then completed the bookend in the 9th to rebuff the cross cut. Claire completed the defense in 10 rounds, winning 5-3. (link)

Jewell Ravenlock     2016-07-07 - 2016-10-20   ( 105 days )

With Ellisa refusing to defend, the task of championing the ring fell to Senior Baroness Vaeluthil Whitevale. Vael was swift in her response and brought along her cadre of squires to face off against Jewell just two days later. They fought in a single duel match in which Jewell put on a deadly display of skill. After jumping out to a two point lead, the challenger gave up her first and only point to the ring's champion in an exchange of thrusts at the 3rd round. Jewell tacked on a point in each of the five rounds the duel lasted and claimed Dragon's Gate with a 5-1 victory. (link)

When Matt Simon was removed removed from the Overlordship, several of the previously loyal barons came under challenge. Jewell was one and the challenger was Rhiannon Brock. In the time it took to get things arranged, however, a new Overlord was installed via a tournament of barons. The details around the negotiation that led to Jewell declaring loyalty to the new Overlord, Dimitrii Sixtus, haven't been made public, though given their strained relationship prior to his ascension it was something of a surprise. Suddenly, Rhiannon's path to the barony became moderately more difficult. With no renegade baron stepping in to assist, Rhi faced off against the new Overlord when he interceded. Dimitrii was in fine form on the night, keeping the challenger to two points in their nine round contest, securing the title for his loyal baroness with a triple parry in the final rounds. (link)

Ellisa Morgan     2016-05-01 - 2016-07-05   ( 65 days )

Two time Overlady, Ellisa Morgan, came out on top in the annual Madness tournament and claimed Dragon's Gate as her prize. Defeats of Cooper Gallows, Gren Blockman and the ogre Crunchem moved her into the elite eight where she was the beneficiary of Apple's retirement and got bumped up to the final four uncontested. Solid wins over Spider in the semi's and then Rachael Blackthorne in the final secured the championship and ring of station. (link)

Faced with a challenge from Jewell Ravelock, the Madness winner abdicated her title announcing she was occupied with too many other engagements to make herself available for the defense. (link)

(vacant)     2016-03-06 - 2016-05-01   ( 56 days )

(vacant)     2016-07-05 - 2016-07-07   ( 2 days )

G'nort Dragoon-Talanador     2015-11-28 - 2016-03-06   ( 99 days )

Almost six months into Shadow's tenure, his first actual challenge came from G'nort. By this point G had held all of the titles the arena had to offer and felt he had nothing left to prove. Between the Renegade Baron Bounty (link) set by the Overlord, Harris D'Artainian (though Harris would be unseated by the time the fight took place) and the prospect of a date with the new Coordinator Rayvinn (link) he was quickly tempted back into the title game. On the night of the challenge, new Overlord Nayun interceded on Shadow's behalf. Jewell Ravenlock, Baroness of Dockside and one of only two renegade barons at the time, was onhand to champion G's cause however and stopped the Overlord's meddling with a quick 5-1 victory in the Right to Challenge. G'nort and Shadow took to the ring and started off bloody with a trade of cuts in the first, though evenly matched through the first five rounds. G broke the tie in the 6th with a deft parry to take his first lead of the night then marked up points in the 7th and 8th rounds as well to take a 5-2 win and his second hold on Dragon's Gate. (link)

At the time of G's first challenge, he stood as the only male Baron and the only renegade. Overlord Matt Simon rather liked the idea of a full council of loyal women (it is not clear what Koy thought of this idea) and convinced Jewell to take on G'nort. G proved uncooperative to the Overlord's plans, however, and dispatched Jewell in a lopsided 5-1 single duel showing. (link)

G'nort gave up the barony in early March of '16, just after the quarterly warlord tournament had passed, so that it could be offered as a prize in the annual DoS Madness event. (link)

Shadowlord     2015-05-30 - 2015-11-28   ( 182 days )

Shadow was Ekthbjlgke's first challenge and took the ring from him in a single duel. E started the bout off strong, taking the first two points, but then Shadow went on the offensive to score 5 points in the following 6 rounds and claim a 5-3 victory. (link)

Apple was the first to challenge Shadow, but didn't follow through. Having an Outback related commitment, she rescinded the challenge the very next day. (link)

Ekthbjlgke Smith     2015-02-16 - 2015-05-30   ( 103 days )

In the Winter Cycle Warlord tournament, Ekthbjlgke finished second behind Kimone Kidd amongst a 10 person field. With Kimone selecting the Overlord challenge prize, E was able to claim the barony. (link)

(vacant)     2015-01-31 - 2015-02-16   ( 16 days )

Terry King     2015-01-30 - 2015-01-31   ( 1 days )

Ex-Overlord Terry King took over the Barony after being defeated by Melanie. It took her little more than minutes to hand over the ring to the next warlord's tournament rather than maintain the position. (link)

Melanie Rostol     2014-11-30 - 2015-01-30   ( 61 days )

After rescinding her last challenge to Seaside, Melanie decided to come after Dragon's Gate instead. Matt went with a single duel format and kept the match close, but Mel thrust in the 14th round to take the 5.5 - 4.5 win. (link)

The events that followed Melanie taking Dragon's Gate are open to interpretation. Here is what we know. Melanie and Terry King, the Overlord, were in a relationship. Melanie had won the Overlord challenge grant in the Warlord Tournament previous to challenging for either Seaside or Dragon's Gate and declined to use it. Cory Havoick issued challenge to Terry for the Overlord mantle. Terry then banished Melanie to Renegade, triggering the banished baron's right to immediately challenge the Overlord, superseding any other challenges. According to the Overlord's statement (link) it would seem this was done to goad Mel into the challenge she should have issued after the Warlord Tournament. Other's might suggest this to have been the depth of political maneuvering in an effort to void a pending challenge and keep the title in the family, so to speak. Adding to the speculations, the two also missed the first arranged date for the fight so, by rule, triggering the week extension to get it done. In the end, Melanie and Terry finally met in a single duel affair, where Melanie emerged the new Overlord after a 5-2, 10 round, win. (link)

Matt Simon     2014-04-20 - 2014-11-30   ( 224 days )

Matt was looking for a barony and since Battlefield Park was already under challenge, he called out Jaycy to take his shot at Dragon's Gate. The two met in a single duel and controlled the night, claiming the ring in a 5-1 finish. (link)

Jaycy Ashleana     2014-02-19 - 2014-04-20   ( 60 days )

Jaycy challenge Anubis, who was loyal to Overlord Vanion, and had the Overlord step in on the challenge. G'nort exercized his own rights as the renegade baron of Dockside and stepped in to defend Jaycy's right to challenge. G bested the Vanion 5-3 to clear a path for the challenger. From there Jaycy got her shot and won the single duel, 5 points to 2. (link)

Anubis Karos     2014-02-09 - 2014-02-19   ( 10 days )

Anubis ended up being the first challenger Shadow actually needed to get into the ring with. The baron elected a single duel to settle matters and might have regretted that when Anubis bested him 5-2 in 8. (link)

Shadowlord     2013-08-04 - 2014-02-09   ( 189 days )

Continuing the Hydra targeted challenges, Shadow, a member of Rakeesh's Champions of Mythos, was the next to come for Mur. It was a long road for the challenging elf, who first needed to best Overlord Teagan. Teagan wasn't in the Hydra games, but Mur was a loyal baron and she decided to get involved. Shadow made it through the test with a finish high cut to win 5-3 in 10. Next was the Baron Mur himself, which was closer but still came out in his favor. With a trade of cuts in the 8th round, Shadow emerged the new Baron of Dragon's Gate. (link)

Shadow's first challenge came from Apple, though not really. The redheaded warlady rescinded her challenge once the Hydra tournament came to a close. (link)

Instead, the first real challenge came from Rand al'Tan. Shadow had aligned loyal to Teagan when taking the barony, giving the Overlady another chance to interceded. Rand wouldn't fair so well against her as Shadow had and lost 5-2 in 8. (link)

Mur Ollavan     2013-04-08 - 2013-08-04   ( 118 days )

Mur was the first to challenge G for the right to Dragon's Gate and won it in a single quick duel. Capping the win with a slash through G's lat. parry attempt, Mur won 5-1 in 7. (link)

The Hydra season of 2013 encouraged numerous challenges over the Summer months. Representing his own team, Champions of Mythos, Rakeesh issued challenge to Mur (Team Beatdown). In a single match that the liontaur led 3-1 in at one point, Mur came out on top to keep his ring and take the points. (link)

G'nort Dragoon Talanador     2013-03-13 - 2013-04-08   ( 26 days )

G'nort was looking for someone to challenge so went looking for volunteers (link) and found Nayun. In a best of three match, G won in 2 straight and took over the barony. (link)

Nayun     2012-12-15 - 2013-03-13   ( 88 days )

In the Fall Cycle Warlord Tournment the baronies of both Dragon's Gate and Old Temple were in the prize pool, along with the Overlord challenge. Nayun dropped her first round duel to Rix Farve but then fought her way back to meet up with Rakeesh in the final. Rakeesh won after two very close duels and selected Old Temple while Nayun chose to take Dragon's Gate. (link)

Jaycynda Alexander     2011-09-11 - 2012-12-15   ( 461 days )

By virtue of her first place finish in the Summer Cycle Warlord Tournament (link) Jaycy was awarded an intercession free Baron challenge and made the most of it in defeating Vinny. With a 5-2 score in 9 rounds, Jaycy claimed the ring. (link)

In celebration of Halloween, Coordinator G'nort announced the Trick or Treat Challenges, (link) awarding challenge rights on a first come, first served basis to duelists below the rank of Warlord. Winterborn wasn't the first to claim one of these challenges, but was the first to come for Dragon's Gate. Soon after he became Jaycy's first defense to this reign. In a best of three series it took the Baroness only 2 duels, and the second a shutout in 8, to retain her title. (link)

Jaycy was left alone for more than 8 months before the next challenger wanted to take her ring, but certainly hadn't accumulated any rust in the meantime. Harris was the one looking for take over, but Jaycy sent him packing in another shutout, though this time it took 9 rounds. (link)

In November of 2012, without much explanation, Jaycy retired the ring and left it in G'nort's office. (link)

Vincent Smith     2011-04-10 - 2011-09-11   ( 154 days )

Neo was having a bad Spring after holding a 1 seed in the annual DoS Madness tournament and getting bumped in the first round. Vinny came along shortly after to make things worse. Neo elected to fight a best of three and Vinny claimed the ring in just two duels. (link)

Neo Eternity     2010-11-07 - 2011-04-10   ( 154 days )

After Teagan's third attempt to wrest the mantle from then Overlord Imp, she vacated Dragon's Gate, leaving the fate of the ring up in the air (link). With the Warlord Tournament still a ways off it was decided that an 8 Person Iron Man Invitational would decide who the next holder would be. The combatants would duel in a single elimination format, fighting the full fifteen rounds with the victor of the match being the one with the most points at the conclusion. Invited to the event were Jaycynda Ashleana, Gwen Minx, Tasslehofl Momus, Anubis Karos, Neo Eternity, Harris D'Artainian, Sylus Kurgen, and Xenograg thu'Darelir. Sylus proved unable to attend and was replaced by Xeric Mues. Neo Eternity defeated Tasslehofl, Xeric, and Harris to claim the Barony of Dragon's Gate at the end of the evening. (link)

Warlord Harris D'Artainian issued challenge to Neo as a response to the Baron having challenged for his Tower on Twilight Island. The two scheduled the challenges back-to-back on the same evening. The Magic duel was held first, in the specially constructed Ring Titan, a rocky, two level ring filled with various hazards and pitfalls, and once the duel was concluded it was decided to hold the swords battle in the same ring. The first match in the best-of-three went to the Baron, 5-3 in 10 rounds. After a dual slash in the fourth round of the second match, both combatants lost hold of their respective weapons and eventually finished the duel with each others blades. Neo proved quicker to adapt to the unfamiliar falcata and won the second match as well, by a score of 5-4 in 11 rounds. (link)

Neo's next opponent had made his intent to challenge known while the Baron was still engaged with his challenge with Harris. Warlord Guaire Bryne had taken personal issue with Neo and his girlfriend, Sarah Matthews, and when insults were no longer enough he sought to challenge him. Guaire issued challenge immediately after the results for Neo's defense against Harris were made official. Ten days later the two stepped into the ring to settle the dispute, and after winning match one 5-2 in 8 rounds and match two 5-4 in 13 rounds Neo proved it would take more than mere bravado to wrest the Barony from his grasp. (link)

Teagan Rielia     2009-12-29 - 2010-11-07   ( 313 days )

Cassius' next challenge came from Warlady Teagan Rielea, who cited her reasons for challenging to be due to the fact that her choices at that time were limited and he was the most interesting to go after. After some time and a delay where an extension had to be requested, the challenge was fought with Cassius taking the opening point, but the challenger relatively controlling the match the rest of the way. In the end, the Warlord won out over the Baron, and after 12 rounds with a score of 5.5-3, Teagan became the new Baron of Dragon's Gate. (link)

After taking the Barony of Dragons Gate from Cassius, Teagan enjoyed about 4 days of relaxation before being challenged by Guill Fortis, who would create a stir of controversy in every subsequent challenge. Guill cited Teagan's behavior in a challenge involving Anubis Karos as a reason Teagan was unfit to hold the title of Baron, and were an act of cowardice. Sharp words were exchanged from the Baroness and several others from the community who disapproved of the Warlords reasoning behind this challenge. In any case, Teagan; who was loyal to the Overlord, Ticallion Carter, never saw action in this defense as the Overlord chose to test the challenger and bested him in 15 long rounds by the score of 6-5, securing Teagan's Title. (link)

The Minion of Deathlord, also known as the DeathSquire, sought to expand his master's domain outside of Deathlord's New Haven Barony. After accusing Teagan of neglecting the manor and property the two duelists met for a single match with Teagan defeating the Minion by a score of 5-2. (link)

Unsatisfied with the downtime between challenges Teagan made it known she was interested in another challenge. Warlord Vincent Smith was more than happy to oblige her and once again it was a single match format Teagan decided upon. After 7 rounds Teagan was on the cusp of losing her title as Vince had a commanding 4-2 lead. But after a well timed slash and thrust she set the Warlord up for the coup de grace, disengaging from the melee with flair to successfully defend her title, 5-4 in 10 rounds. (link)

Cassius Gaius Maximius     2009-04-09 - 2009-12-29   ( 264 days )

Drey's first official challenge then came from Warlord Cassius Maximus, who wished to hold it a third time and considered it a bonus that he would have to, in the challengers words, "Butcher the likes of you in order to do so." After some delay, which were admitted by the Baron as being his own fault, the date was finally set and the Baron chose a single format in which to settle the matter. In retrospect Drey may have liked to have fought a best-of-three style, because the Roman simply overpowered the Baron en route to a 5-1 victory in 7 rounds to become the new Baron of Dragon's Gate. (link)

Cassius' first challenge came from a fellow Roman, and was issued completely in Latin so that the only people who could even understand it was a challenge, were those who spoke the language. Eventually translated, it was determined that Guill Fortis issued challenge to Cassius under the pretense of testing his skill against a fellow Roman citizen. In what proved to be one of the better challenges in recent memories, even the Baron had to admit that it was, using a direct quote, "The most well fought challenge (I)he had ever been in." It featured long rounds, massive leads and dramatic comebacks, and close scores in each one. In the end, it was the Baron who remained standing, winning in the best-of-three style; 4-5, 5-4, 5.5-4. (link)

Cassius' second challenge came from him in which he issued challenge to the Overlord, Tasslhofl Momus. He was also intent on the fact that the challenge was not issued out of rancor or malice, but after weighing his options in regards to his near future. The Overlord chose the format to be that of the best-of-three, which Cassius took control of after the 6th round, winning 5.5-2 in 10. The second match was much closer, with the Overlord emerging victorious 5-4 in 14 long rounds. But the last match was dominated by the Overlord, who allowed the Baron only a half point in the first round before scoring 5 unanswered points en route to a 5-0.5 victory in 9 rounds. This left Cassius to remain as baron of Dragon's Gate. (link)

Cassius' next challenge against him came from recently returned Warlord Even Rush Rynth, who mentioned his reasons to be both political and personal, but chose to keep them personal. This sparked a debate of words between Baron and Warlord which prompted the Baron to switch his alignment to loyal, and thus have Evan tested by the Overlord due to feeling that he was disrespected by the Warlord. The Overlord took to the ring against Evan and in 11 rounds, defended Cassius' Barony by the score of 5-4. It was noted that this was the first Overlord Intercession in fifteen months. (link)

Drey Starke     2008-12-12 - 2009-04-09   ( 118 days )

The first challenge of Tormays reign came not to him, but from him. Citing Overlord Drey Starke as being "deranged" and that he should not be in a position of power, the Baron went right after the Overlord as soon as the standings were posted announcing Drey had won the title. On the night of the Challenge, the Overlord had Warlady Erin Dunbridge step in to test the Baron. The Baron's champion was going to be his mother, Warlady Topaz Eludes, but then Renengade Baron Teagan Rielea used her right to step in and faced off against Erin, and defeated her in 7 rounds by the score of 5-1.5, clearing the way for the Baron to face the Overlord. It may have taken 13 long rounds, but in the end, the Baron controlled the match all the way through and defeated the Overlord to ascend to that title, winning 5-2.5. Due to the fact that a Renegade Baron championed Tormay, the title of Dragon's Gate went to the Former Overlord, Drey Starke. (link)

After becoming Baron of Dragon's Gate, Drey's first challenge attempt came from Warlord Xeric Mues, but was ruled invalid due to being improperly issued in accordence with new challenge rules. (link)

Tormay Eludes     2008-08-17 - 2008-12-12   ( 117 days )

After dispatching the previous Baron, Tasslehofl's reign was relatively uneventful until he was challenged by Overlord Grant recipient Tormay Eludes (link), who wished to bring the Title of Dragons Gate back into his family's hands. The Baron accepted the challenge and chose a single match format. From the beginning, the challenger took a strong lead. While the Baron made a few attempts to catch up, he never quite made it. The duel finally drew to a close after fourteen rounds with the score 5.5-3, making Tormay the new Baron of Dragons Gate. (link)

Tasslehofl Momus     2008-03-01 - 2008-08-17   ( 169 days )

Xeric's second challenge would come against Warlord Tasslehofl Momus. The Baron chose a best-of-three format which the challenger took two straight from. The first match was close, with Tass winning 5-4, but the second and final match was completely in the Warlords control, sealing his victory at 5-2 become the new Baron of Dragons Gate. (link)

Xavior Mues     2007-12-18 - 2008-03-01   ( 74 days )

Shortly after, Xeric challenged Aya for the title. Aya yet again chose a single match, in which Xeric allowed the defending Baroness only one point on a successful defense. Taking the match quickly, Xeric won 5-1 in six rounds, ending the six month reign to begin his own. (link)

Xerics first defense came against then supervisor Chris Graziano. The Baron was able to defend his title against the Supervisor. Unfortunately, there is no information on this match at this time. (link)

Aya Hayshibara     2007-06-17 - 2007-12-18   ( 184 days )

For placing second in the spring warlord tournament, Aya Hayashibara was granted the Baronial challenge as her prize (link). It was no surprise to anyone who knew Aya that she chose to challenge the best the Council had to offer. Topaz met her challenger with the grace and dignity that she carried her entire reign. More than just Dragon's Gate was on the line however. Topaz knew that a successful defense would nearly guarantee that she would top Unagi Miyamoto's mark for the longest Baronial reign on record. With the backdrop set, the two women stepped into the ring for a challenge that proved worthy of Topaz's reign. Aya took the first duel by rallying back late in the match and winning 5-4 in eight rounds. Topaz dominated in the second duel, also winning in eight rounds but with a score of 5-2. The final duel was also a fast match. With only seven rounds of fighting, the two duelers traded cuts twice at the end, but as Aya held a slim one point lead going into the exchange, the second longest reign the Duel of Swords had seen ended. (link)

Four months after claiming the title from Topaz, Aya's first challenger stepped forward. Vanion Shadowcast delivered his challenge which was accepted with Aya's usual no-nonsense style. In a single marathon match, Aya defeated Vanion two rounds after taking her first lead, 7.5-6.5 in eighteen rounds. (link)

Topaz Datrazanov     2003-12-04 - 2007-06-17   ( 1291 days )

Topaz's first challenge after being given the Dragon's gate property came from Eddie Venom. Eddie was given the Overlord's grant by Damien Mortis after Damien made a public offer to extend the grant to whoever wrote the best essay on the topic: "Why Overlord Mortis should bestow his Baronial Grant upon me." Despite Eddie's fine literary prowess, he was unable to defeat the Baroness. In two overtime matches, Topaz defended her title with victories of 6-4.5 in seventeen rounds, and 6-5 in thirteen rounds. (link)

Next to step forward against Topaz was Warlord G'nort Dragoon Talanador. G'nort's challenge came shortly after Topaz had reached her two year anniversary of holding the Dragon's Gate Baronial line. Out of respect for the Baroness, G'nort waited until this anniversary was reached before issuing his challenge. In a respectful and slander free match, Topaz once again defended her reign with a 5-3 victory in nine rounds. (link)

Anubis Karos was next to step forward against the Senior Baroness, however, before he would meet Topaz, Overlord Cory Havoick stepped in to intercede on behalf of the Baroness. In an eight round match, Anubis was able to clear his path and advance to the main event of the night with a five to one victory.But turnabout is often called fair play. In the nightcap, Topaz was just as dominant as Anubis had been and defended her title with the same score, and the same number of rounds as the previous duel. (link)

For years the Wrecking Crew had been a force in the Team Dueling League, with occasional success in the Arena. When Chris Graziano challenged Topaz, it was part of a group of challenges issued by the Crew in an attempt to control the majority of the Baron's council. As was done in her last challenge, Overlord Havoick once more stepped forward to defend his loyal Baroness. This time the challenge was not alone. Baron of Dockside, G'nort Dragoon Talanador, stepped forward on behalf of Graziano, despite also being under challenge by a member of the Crew. However, G'nort was not to save the day as Cory defeated him 5-4 in nine rounds. But Chris was intent on meeting the Baroness and defeated the Overlord, 5-3.5 in thirteen rounds. The final match of the evening proved the most entertaining. Baroness and Warlord traded points and leads until Topaz was able to score two unanswered points at the end of the match to defend her title with a 6.5-5.5, thirteen round victory. (link)

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