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Aya Hayashibara
Aya Hayashibara
Custom Title:
Go Rin No Sho
Character Race:
Jenli, Mount Yasou
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
Osaka, Japan
Dojo Master
Height: 5'5
Hair: Bluish Black
Eyes: Black

»»Also known as: Aya, Ichi Nasakeshirazu.»»
»»Place of Origin: Osaka, Japan»»
»»Blood Type: O»»
»»Accomplishments: Mid-Level skill martial artist, Aikido. Talented with intimidation tactics -vs- the Men.»»
»»Weapons Used: Average bamboo staff, Naginata, Katana, and Fists.»»


Titles in the Duel of Swords held by Aya Hayashibara:

»»86th Overlord.»»

»»18th Battlefield Park.»»

»»20th Dockside.»»

»»8th New Haven.»»

»»12th Old Market.»»

»»13th Old Temple.»»

»»15th Seaside.»»

»»2nd Dragon's Gate.»»

»»21st Baron of the 8th Ring.»»

2nd All Title Holder in the Duel of Swords

Aya once opened a Dueling School, naming it "Shinmei-Ryu" or "Gods-Cry" School. She was eager to assist in the training of up and coming duelists who has the similar focus, dedication and determination that she does.

There had come a time when Aya decided to leave the life of Rhydin behind and traveled to Mount Yasou to further her training and find herself. She found more than she was expecting as she discovered the root of her cold personality. That she had been told that she was loved and was immediately abandoned.

These memories had been suppressed by her absolute devotion to the art of combat, and upon arriving at Yasou, the love that abandoned her had been rediscovered through chance and a moment of weakness. She remains a serious person, though she might actually smile and find a little more enjoyment in life, now that Arianna has returned to her.

There are times where Arianna must return to her demon plane, and at those times, Aya is free to roam wherever she feels, though during these times she is slightly more like her normal self. Very serious, no nonsense, somewhat cold. Just slightly less so compared to her old ways.

All it took was a show of love from the right person.

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