The Talon of Redwin

The Talon of Redwin Tournament is open to all duelers below the rank of Warlord, and is held in a single-elimination style in honor of one of the Arena's most illustrious and well known duelers, Siera Redwin, past Overlord and Baron of the rings.

The Talon itself has been described as follows:
"...the dirk, had a fine blade it did. Bluish steel, with a razor's edge. Had a signet mark on it. Red and gold. Reminded me of a claw, or a raptor's talon."
See: Origin of the Talon of Redwin
#70.   Abby Fenner
Tournament Date:2023-09-24
As the winner of the End of Summer Cycle 2023 All-Ranks Tournament and highest placing non-Warlord, Abby was awarded the Talon of Redwin.
#69.   Pythia
Tournament Date:2023-03-24
Pythia was the winner of the End of Winter 2023 All-Ranks Tournament, and as the highest placing non-Warlord, was awarded the Talon of Redwin.
#68.   Jordan
Tournament Date:2022-12-17
As the highest placed non-Warlord in the End of Fall 2022 All Ranks Tournament, Jordan earned the Talon of Redwin.
#67.   Nicole Brock
Tournament Date:2022-10-01
Nicole Brock won the 2022 End of Summer All-Ranks Tournament and was awarded the Talon.
#66.   Snack
Tournament Date:2022-06-25
As the highest placing non-Warlord in the 2022 Spring All Ranks Tournament, Snack was awarded the Talon of Redwin
#65.   Reign
Tournament Date:2022-03-25
As the highest placing non-Warlord in the All-Ranks Tournament, Reign was awarded the Talon of Redwin.
#64.   Uriah Shinou
Tournament Date:2021-12-18
Uriah was the highest placing non-Warlord in the 2021 End of Fall All-Ranks Tournament.
#63.   Jackson
Tournament Date:2021-09-25
As the third place finisher and highest non-Warlord participant, Jackson was awarded the Talon.
#62.   Rhys Germain
Tournament Date:2021-06-26
The highest placing non-WL, Rhys was awarded the Talon of Redwin for the Summer 2021 cycle.
#61.   Sheridan Driscol
Tournament Date:2021-03-26
n the Winter All-Ranks Tournament, Dris was the highest placing non-Warlord and was awarded the Talon
#60.   Anya de la Rose
Tournament Date:2021-01-01
In the Fall All-Ranks Tournament, Anya placed second in the tournament overall and was the highest placing non-Warlord. She was awarded the Talon.
#59.   Gatito
Tournament Date:2020-09-25
In the 2020 Summer All-Ranks Tournament, Gatito was the highest placing non-Warlord and was awarded the Talon.
#58.   Mart Di'luna
Tournament Date:2020-06-28
An all ranks tournament, Mart won the whole thing as a Commoner.
#57.   Tali Zhdanova
Tournament Date:2020-03-29
An all ranks tournament, Tali was the longest standing non warlord.
#56.   Max Lager
Tournament Date:2019-12-29
An all ranks tournament, Max was the longest standing non warlord.
#55.   Alannah O Loinsigh
Tournament Date:2019-09-29
An all ranks tournament, Alannah was the longest standing non warlord.
#54.   Runt
Tournament Date:2019-06-23
Runt, Grak the Silent, Max Lager, Lilith Anderson, Amaris
#53.   John Cole
Tournament Date:2019-03-24
John, Michelle Montoya, Taneth
#52.   Bailey Raptis
Tournament Date:2018-11-11
Nat, Collie, Bailey, Penny, Alasdair, Conner
#51.   Hana Takamine
Tournament Date:2018-08-12
Hana Takamine, Mallory, Conner Reid, Colleen MacLeod-Fenner, Yuki Sasaki
#50.   Mai Sato
Tournament Date:2018-05-13
Mai Sato, Maul MacLairish and Saori Maeda
#49.   Penny Escobar
Tournament Date:2018-02-18
Penny, Saori Maeda, James Collins
#48.   Kaylin Rumblegutter
Tournament Date:2017-11-28
Misery Postu, Kruger Allen, Tahlia Faras
#47.   Aludariel Sun'vael
Tournament Date:2017-05-21
Morgan Chae, Misery Postu, Kruger, Vivian Villani, Aludariel, Mairead Harker
#46.   Fan-Girl Vivian Villani
Tournament Date:2017-02-19
Fan-Girl, Eden Parker, Misery Postu
#45.   Hajime Aki
Tournament Date:2016-11-21
Hajime Aki, Addie, Kruger, Lacey, Grace and Kane
#44.   Nat Candle
Tournament Date:2016-08-21
Misery, Addie, Andu, Nat Candle and Sally Whitemane
#43.   Addie Alcar
Tournament Date:2016-05-15
Addie, Andu, Adroix Nuovo, Misery, Romeo and Aric
#42.   Corlanthis Wystansayr
Tournament Date:2016-02-21
Corlanthis, Kruger, Jackson, Dris, Amer Safar, Collin M'Govern, and Charlotte du Colde
#41.   Buzzeria
Tournament Date:2015-11-07
Jackson, Esmond, Bleys, Lor, Shae, Nicole Brock, Ra and Buzzeria
#40.   Mairead Harker
Tournament Date:2015-08-09
Talon, Maggie, Sinbad, Noah, Lilith, Alyson, Grace, Ficus, Charlotte and Bailey
#39.   Spider
Tournament Date:2015-05-09
Jade, Max, Mai, Talon, The Spider, Eden, Andu, Helene, Amara and Black Knight
#38.   Corlanthis Wystansayr
Tournament Date:2015-02-08
Charlotte, Kyra, Aaliyah, Valentina, Jewell, Ebon, Beka, Sabine, Corlanthis, Errtu, A, Cael, Arthour, Mairead, Brian, April, Grace, The Spider,
#37.   Blue
Tournament Date:2014-11-02
#36.   Hope
Tournament Date:2014-08-02
JC, Mairead, Kruger, Kyra, Mr. Collins, Hope, Elaine, Jewell, Arthour, Charlie and Grace
#35.   Jenny Chae
Tournament Date:2014-05-03
Bile, JC, Arthour, Resolute, Maximus Shimmer-Scale, The Spider, Jewell Ravenlock, Kruger and Elaine Aqua
#34.   Lena Choi
Tournament Date:2014-01-18
MC, JC, Ficus, Maggie, Elaine, Oll One-Arm, Kimone, Lena and Jewell.
#33.   Morgan Chae
Tournament Date:2013-09-08
Myria Graziano, Elaine Aqua, JewellRavenlock, Molly MacLairish, Napoleon Bonarat, Kimone Kidd, Claire Farron and Noctis Caelum
#32.   Myria Graziano
Tournament Date:2013-06-02
#31.   Myria Graziano
Tournament Date:2013-02-23
Nicole, Elaine, Kimone, Fio, Hoi Mei, Dillon, Kyra, Shale, Bayliss, Christa, Ehzoterik, Noah and Nicole
#30.   Rhiannon Brock
Tournament Date:2012-12-29
Sungkut Lanka, Robert Heys, Rhiannon Brock, Cookie, Delahada, Fiohelston, Summer Daniels, Gren Blockman, Scorched Druid, Charles Blackstone, Myria Graziano and Kimone Kidd
#29.   Sal Delahada
Tournament Date:2012-08-31
Delahada, Eregor, Locke DVestavio, Rachael Douglas, Rhiannon Brock, Riley Lo, Seirichi, and Veritas.
#28.   Mur Ollovan
Tournament Date:2012-06-01
#27.   Mystic
Tournament Date:2012-02-09
Rhiannon, King, A. Dagger, Alyson, Kruger, Julianna, Veritas, Porthos, Mystic, Broken Toy, Rachael, and Noble.
#26.   Rhiannon Brock
Tournament Date:2011-09-01
Seirichi, Rhiannon Brock, Delahada, Hina, Dyarhk, With Wicked Intent, Michiko, Julianna, Rachael, Winterborn, Aja and Porthos
#25.   Dyarhk
Tournament Date:2011-05-15
Rhiannon, Misty, Porthos, Rachael, Dyarhk, Delahada, Winterborn, Daniel, MinionofDeathlord, Seirichi and Taneth.
#24.   Damien Ravnos
Tournament Date:2011-01-09
Rachel, Rhiannon, Delahada, Leroy, Damien, and Kitty
#23.   Gwen Minx
Tournament Date:2010-08-15
1. Gemethyst, 2. Kattria Minx, 3. Mur Ollavan, 4. Rhiannon Brock, 5. Gwen Minx, 6. Michiko, 7. Kelathe Skelicia, 8. Sarah, 9. Masked and 10. Druid
#22.   Roderick Douglas
Tournament Date:2010-03-28
1. Maranya Valkonan, 2. Rekah Illyriana, 3. Roderick Douglas, 4. Rhaine, 5. Errtu, 6. Salvador Delahada, 7. Penelope, 8. Napoleon, 9. Myria Graziano, 10. Vincent Smith, 11. Delphi Alethelia Thais, 12. Porthos, 13. Dawn Shadowsbane-Karos
#21.   Imp
Tournament Date:2009-12-19
Maranya Valkonan, Sinjin Fai, ThorneFang, Delahada, Wyheree, Imp, Rhiannon D Harker, Yejix Zabiru, Michiko, KelatheSkelicia, Capistrano, Shinigami, Rumiko, Garren, Rollo, Hojyn
#20.   Maranya Valkonan
Tournament Date:2009-10-02
Maranya, Candy, Skid, Sal, Matt, Napoleon, Kalinda, Sandalio, Lucius, Michiko, Wyh
#19.   Maranya Valkonan
Tournament Date:2009-08-14
Maranya, Teagan, Skid, Laylla, Thorne, Paradise, Sal
#18.   Sierra Black
Tournament Date:2009-05-16
#17.   Scarlet Moon
Tournament Date:2008-10-19
1. Malem, 2. Guarie, 3. Scarlet Moon, 4. Donale, 5. Goldglo, 6. Wyheree
#16.   Matthew Simon
Tournament Date:2008-05-13
1. Rhaine, 2. Napoleon Bonarat, 3. Matthew Simon, 4. Locke DVestavio, 5. Trinala, 6. Samilee Burke, 7. Scarlet Moon, 8. Ariel Swift, 9. Sebastian GoldRaven, 10. Kyra Von Jessup, 11. Lydia Loran, 12. Soerl Lute, 13. Wyheree, 14. Vinny
#15.   Teagan Rielea
Tournament Date:2007-12-16
1. Matthew Simon, 2. Napoleon Bonarat, 3. Raye Howard, 4. Joex Rodlain, 5. Wyheree Ravenlock, 6. Zara Coalwood, 7. Sabastian Goldraven, 8. Jewell Ravenlock, 9. Teagan Rielea, 10. Vinny Smith, 11. Lilly of the Myst
#14.   Jewell Ravenlock
Tournament Date:2007-09-09
Napoleon Bonarat, Jewell Ravenlock, Matthew Simon, Erin Dunbridge, Felix Pride, Liena Hope, Kelten Tarkenstone, Vincent Smith, Uriko Belarus, and Gabe Ashlocke.
Event log
#13.   Candy Venom
Tournament Date:2007-05-13
Sabastian Goldraven, Candy Venom, Wyheree Ravenlock, Napoleon Bonarat, Jewell Ravenlock, Felix Pride, Leithan Garn, Corlanthis, Troy Costello, Merik Drago, Mariak DeAngelo, and Vincent Smith.
Event log
#12.   Wyheree Ravenlock
Tournament Date:2007-01-28
Bran Bale, Wyheree, Jewell Ravenlock, LongWangLo, Matthew Simon, Rabmallet, Kelten Tarkenstone, Rhiannon Harker, Hanzo, Kyra Von Jessup.
#11.   Ruke LaChayne
Tournament Date:2006-09-24
Rhiannon Harker, Rabmallet, Damien Ravnos, Bran Bale, Ruke LaChayne, Charlie Jericho, and Aerol Mathius.
Event log
#10.   Rhiannon D Harker
Tournament Date:2006-06-18
Rhiannon D Harker, Ashin Arinathe, Losden, Mikael Rheinhart, Anjolie Quinn, Charlie Jericho, Tsu Nami, Derrac Montrose, and Eddie Venom.
Event log
#9.   RabMallet
Tournament Date:2006-03-19
RabMallet, Kalinda Acheron, Kelathe Skelicia, Anjolie Quinn, Geffen Siewelt, Kelten Tarkenstone, Troy Costello, Kyra Von Jessup, Artemus Kurgen, and Elijah Solaris.
Event log
#8.   Illusia Drasoini
Tournament Date:2005-12-18
Mystic, Illusia Draosini, Eukee Griffonmane, Shandren Esme Hex Kurgen, Caedia Thorn, Damien Ravnos, Vanion Shadowcast, Frog Fairbrother, Pslyder, Maeda Omi-noh-Sugiyami, Shard, Hojyn.
Event log
#7.   Sylus Kurgen
Tournament Date:2005-09-18
Hojyn, Shard, Rhiannon Harker, Logan BlackBane, Lothar Blacklance, Vincent Smith, Rabmallet, Illusia, Sylus, Dude, Pslyder, Adamar Del Luis, Random McChanse, Ria Graziano, and Vanion.
Event log
#6.   Mystic
Tournament Date:2005-06-12
Sylus Kurgen, Lothar Blacklance, Hojyn, Random McChance, Galicia Rinaldi, Cadence Rayshon, Samiyah Zahn, and Mystic.
Event log
#5.   Sylus Kurgen
Tournament Date:2005-03-06
Tony Graziano, Aenyln Hollow, Bobo the Hobo, Sylus Kurgen, Vincent Smith, Daimyo Joku, Richard D Harker, Vanion Shadowcast, Rhiannon D Brock, Lothar Blacklance, and Cheyenne Fordyce.
Event log
#4.   CeeCee Rinaldi
Tournament Date:2004-12-05
PJ Ramirez, the "Nameless One", Arrisian Caltarr, Sylus Kurgen, Alex Maclaine, Rena A Cronin, Eukee Griffonmane, Rayne Blackhart, Troy Costello, Hylaenus, CeeCee Rinaldi, Bobothhobo, Tony Graziano, Aenlyn Hollow, Pirm Coperinicus, Richard D Harker, Rhiannon D Brock, and Kai.
Event log
#3.   Bronwyn of Tyr
Tournament Date:2004-09-05
Jenia, Bacchia D'Angelo, Samiyah Zayn, Wokket,Cyan Bloodbane, Tim Enralyte, Onyx Solare, Severe, Bronwyn of Tyr and Tony Graziano
Event log
#2.   Chase MacLaren
Tournament Date:2004-06-13
Chase MacLaren, Elmer the Frog, Sumgi, Soerl Lute, Tareth Thorn, Gork, U7, Xiao Qiao, Vince Smith, Matthew Simon, Oranges
Event log
#1.   PJ Ramirez
Tournament Date:2004-03-14
PJ Ramirez, Xerzes Maureen, Xiao Qiao, Tellius, Darren Drazen, Mark Gill, Bronwyn, Onyx Solare, Raven, Nebo Fugen, Tim Enralyte, Vince Smith, Tareth Thorn, Klinton Caer
Event log
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