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Myria Graziano
Myria Graziano
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Queens, NY
Crew Chief / Rig Chief
Myria's built similarly to her sister, Maria, but falls far short of Maria when it comes to dueling accomplishments and accolades. A tad taller (5'7"), than Maria, she's got the Graziano genes through and through. The large tattoo on her right arm stands out, especially when she's not wearing anything to cover it (which is most of the time when she's not in coveralls or a firesuit).
With the typical Graziano cockiness and spunk, Myria was the last to come to Rhydin, and possibly the least well known among the dueling venues dominated by her siblings. She spends most of her time away from the city, working double-duty as Rig Chief & Crew Chief for Kitsune-Kokouri Racing on the #22 machines piloted by Iris Kokouri. After her mother was murdered in late 2011, Myria took a leave of absence from the racing team and from dueling. Several months later, and at her sister's behest, she returned. In her early dueling career, Myria's had more success in the Outback as opposed to the Arena but has now made her mark across all 3 sports, winning the Talon of Redwin, Panther's Claw, a Keepership, and Diamond. She's also held multiple baronies and an Overlord stint. She's made the Finals of the DoS Madness tournament 3 years running, winning the event in 2017 and 2019.

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