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Rhiannon D Harker
Rhiannon Dawn Harker
Character Race:
Harkers' Island, off the coast of Eldicor
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
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Avatar and portrait are © AMF
Place of Origin:
Harker's Academy - Director
She has dark sapphire blue eyes and nearly black hair that often lightens to a reddish brown in summer.

5 ft 10 in. tall, lean but not thin build.

Married to Dennis Harker, mother of Maggie, Catie, and Rick Harker.

OOC Note - Thanks to a time travel scenario from years past, Rhiannon Harker is the elder, late thirties, version of Rhiannon Brock.
Rhiannon has healing abilities. Her telepathic abilities with animals and magical creatures surfaced at a very young age and is quite strong. She has limited telepathic abilities when it comes to people.

She's skilled with several bladed weapons. Rhi was the winner of the Tenth Talon of Redwin tournament and the Winter 2010/2011 Warlord's Tournament where she took the Old Temple barony as her prize. She held that title from 16 January 2011 until 13 November 2011. The Barony of Old Market was held by her between 23 July 2014 and 16 November 2014.

Rhi is the owner and operator of Harker's Dueling and Defense Academy. She also manages the Rhydin Observatory Complex.

Avatar and portrait are © AMF

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~The defination of hero never included anything about age~
Rhiannon D. Harker