Barons of Seaside

♦ Founded: May 26th, 1998
♦ Original Name: Ring of the 10th
♦ Original Baron: Leto Covington
♦ Manor Home: Fortified Manor on the Sea   (map)
♦ Squire Weapon: Purple Glaive

Reign Summaries

Duelist Name Dates of Reign Days Held Defenses
Droet 2022-01-29 - Present 842 3
(vacant) 2022-01-03 - 2022-01-29 26 0
Hope Naharis 2021-10-04 - 2022-01-03 91 2
(vacant) 2021-08-24 - 2021-10-04 41 0
Jaycy Ashleana 2021-03-20 - 2021-08-24 157 3
Salvador Delahada 2020-09-25 - 2021-03-20 176 4
(vacant) 2020-09-04 - 2020-09-25 21 0
Tali Zhdanova 2020-06-27 - 2020-09-04 69 0
Salvador Delahada 2019-12-13 - 2020-06-27 197 3
Rachael Blackthorne 2019-11-07 - 2019-12-13 36 0
Jewell Ravenlock 2019-04-13 - 2019-11-07 208 2
Vaeluthil Whitevale 2015-12-16 - 2019-04-13 1,214 4
Guaire Bryne 2015-12-05 - 2015-12-16 11 0
Bile 2015-11-18 - 2015-12-05 17 0
Melanie Rostol 2015-10-20 - 2015-11-18 29 0
Anubis Karos 2015-09-18 - 2015-10-20 32 0
Myria Graziano 2015-01-18 - 2015-09-18 243 3
Artemus Kurgen 2014-10-25 - 2015-01-18 85 0
Aya Hayashibara 2014-06-03 - 2014-10-25 144 1
Lilly Hyde 2014-04-08 - 2014-06-03 56 0
Claire Farron 2013-11-01 - 2014-04-08 158 1
Terry King 2013-08-08 - 2013-11-01 85 0
G'nort Dragoon-Talanador 2013-07-20 - 2013-08-08 19 0
Andrea "Apple" Anderson 2012-10-18 - 2013-07-20 275 1
Ticallion Carter 2012-08-09 - 2012-10-18 70 0
Gwen Minx 2010-11-22 - 2012-08-09 626 1
Wyheree Ravenlock g'Ark'Hiradan 2010-05-18 - 2010-11-22 188 1
Jaycynda Ashleana 2009-07-30 - 2010-05-18 292 2
Guillermus Iulius Fortis 2009-07-20 - 2009-07-30 10 0
Damien Mortis 2007-08-08 - 2009-07-20 712 4
Karen Wilder 2006-05-11 - 2007-08-08 454 3
Damien Mortis 2005-09-01 - 2006-05-11 252 1
Grayson MacLeod 2004-11-30 - 2005-09-01 275 3

Droet     2022-01-29 - Present   ( 842 days )

With the retirement of both Seaside and Old Temple, the powers that be decided to hold a tag-team tournament to see who would be the next holders of the two vacated rings! Five teams signed up, four teams competed and a Double Elimination was decided. Strategy was used and plans fell apart. Was it luck? skill? cunning? Who knows, but after 7 hours of grueling dueling, one team came out on top; Bold. Beautiful. Who was which... ask them! But in the end, Droet chose Seaside and Myria chose Old Temple!(link)

Droet went nearly four months before his first challenger came calling in the form of one Anubis Karos. Anubis claimed that he heard Droet had made some disparaging remarks about him, and thought that he would teach the Baron a lesson by taking his title. When the time came for the challenge, Droet requested that Overlord Pearl Ilnaren test Anubis, which she did. With no renegade Baron to step in for him, Anubis met the Overlord and overcame the test by winning 5-2 in 7 rounds in a duel he largely controlled. The same could not be said for the match against Droet, as Droet never lost the lead and after the score went to 3-3, Droet scored with a low-high combination of cuts and took the victory, 5-3 after 8 rounds. (link)

Next up for Droet was the dangerous Matt Simon. Matt had claimed a challenge grant thanks to his success in the 2022 Madness Tournament, and opted to use it to challenge for a Barony he had not yet held. The duel was held during a festival at Seaside Beach, and Droet chose the rare format of a one match duel. That seemed to be the correct choice, as it might have been home field advantage - or maybe it was trying to goad Matt into using a pool noodle instead of his fists - but regardless, Droet was dominant throughout the match. The Baron jumped out to a 4-1 lead, and while Matt was able to get another point in, he would not score again and Droet retained his title with a 5-2 victory in 7 rounds. (link)

Looking to secure a district in which she has not yet had a title, Maggie Harker was next up to challenge the tiefling. Droet elected to defend in a single match, and Maggie took a brief lead before the Baron moved to match point with a score of 4-2. Maggie was able to shorten the lead to one after Droet took a gamble with a wild slash, but a trade in the next round saw Droet pick up another defense in his long title reign and secure the win, 5-4 in 8 rounds. (link)

(vacant)     2022-01-03 - 2022-01-29   ( 26 days )

Hope Naharis     2021-10-04 - 2022-01-03   ( 91 days )

The ring sat vacant for a while, as the Duel of Swords staff had decided to offer it to the MVP of the second annual Round Robin Cup team tournament. When the dust settled between all the teams and duelers, the MVP was found to be former Overlord Hope Naharis, who had scored the most points for her team. Though reluctant to take another title so soon, Hope did indeed take the ring and the responsibilities with it. (link)

In a war of words and bounties between the Overlord (Sal) and Hope, Gatito was the first to take up the call, challenging Hope for her barony. Hope threatened to test Gatito, but she didn't have a squire, and so let Gatito choose the format, which was to become the Best of Three. The first match started with Gatito taking the lead, and keeping it. He only gave up one point to Hope in the third, taking the first match 5-1 in 5. The second match, Gatito took the lead again, but this time Hope caught up in the sixth. After a trade in the seventh, Hope took the lead and kept it, winning the second match 5-3 in 9. The final match had Gatito take the early lead for the third time. Hope caught up again in the sixth and then would answer Gatito's points all the way to the twelfth where it was tied at 5 apiece. Then Hope eked out the advantage and by the end of 15, took the win, 7-6 in 15 rounds.(link)

Hope's next challenge came by way of another relative newcomer, Droet the Bold. Droet has been on the rise in all the rings, steadily gaining the wins and making a name for himself! I see great things coming his way. Now, as for this match, well, with the exception of possibly doing a best of thirty-nine thanks to Karma's suggestion, this match was very... civil. Hope thought about it a moment, then decided on a single match, which she took the early and late leads in. At round six, Hope was leading four to zero, but in the seventh, Droet finally got a point. However, it was a trade and seals the defense for Hope, 5-1 in 7, showing just how strong of an opponent Hope is.(link)

With the arrival of the new Overlord, Hope decided it was time to step away from the titles and retired Seaside. Though, it was overheard that she won't be leaving the duels. There might have been even talk about helping the new generation...(link)

(vacant)     2021-08-24 - 2021-10-04   ( 41 days )

Jaycy Ashleana     2021-03-20 - 2021-08-24   ( 157 days )

The constant assault on Sal's reign continued, this time from Jaycy Alexander - the current paramour of Overlord Hope Naharis - and former holder of Seaside years and years ago. Maybe Jaycy had pinpointed Sal as someone behind the rash of challengers to Loyal Barons in the past month, or she just wanted to remove a strong Renegade Baron on behalf of Hope, but either way the challenge moved forward. Sal once more used his Squire Gatito to test, while Loyal Baron (and teammate of the Overlord and Jaycy) Bailey Raptis intervened. Bailey created a nearly insurmountable 4-0 lead before Gatito scored a point, but there was no comeback to be had as the match ended the next round with a trade, and Bailey winning 5-2.

Jaycy then stepped up to face the seemingly unstoppable Baron, and Sal took the lead in the first round. However that would be the only lead Sal would have during the match, as Jaycy matched the score in the next round, then took the lead in the subsequent round with an evasion of Sal's high attack. Though Sal would tie the match up afterwards, it was Jaycy who scored two unanswered points to take it to match point, before trading thrusts in the final round to win 5-3 in 9 rounds. Unsurprisingly, Jaycy declared herself Loyal to the Overlord. (link)

Recipient of an Overlord Grant from Hope Naharis, Morgan LaFey decided to use it on the Overlord's current paramour. This didn't seem to cause as many brows to raise as one might have thought, and the challenge ended up being something of a low key affair where Jaycy even break out any weapon for the duel. Apparently she didn't need them, as in a single match, Jaycy took a 3-0 lead after four rounds, and after allowing Morgan to score his only point on a trade of attacks, put the match away with a dominating 5-1 victory in 6 rounds. So a challenge that, if issued in past days, would have surely lead to barbs traded in person and on the boards and perhaps caused a stir within the community or ranks of Barons, ends quietly with no drama. (link)

A somewhat controversial take has long existed in the Arena, and that is the topic of children dueling. This once again came to a head when Amaris pressed challenge for Seaside. Jaycy asked that the Overlord Hope Naharis test the child, and despite Amaris stating that she had previously been a Baron, Jaycy restated her desire for a test. After some discussion and looking into the rulebook when some expressed their desire to counter, eventually Renegade Baron Caleb Feren's services were called for, and he stepped in against Hope. The duel itself was over quickly, as the Overlord defeated Caleb by a 5-3 score in 6 rounds, and then faced the original challenger.

Amaris was able to pass the Test of Worthiness with an unorthodox style, keeping Hope on her toes and eventually scoring a hard-earned win by a score of 6-5 after 14 rounds. Instead of face Amaris in the ring, Jaycy used a construct in place for their duel. Amaris was unable to find the same success against the Baroness, and after all was said and done and at the end of a long night, Jaycy retained her title by winning 5-2.5 in 7 rounds. Time would tell if any further controversy would come from the events of this night. (link)

Amaris was not done in her quest to take Seaside, and again challenged Jaycy for the title. To the surprise of nobody, Jaycy again requested that Amaris be tested, but the surprise came in that this time it wasn't the Overlord to act as proctor, but Myria Graziano, who had won an intercession grant in the recent All-Ranks Tournament. Renegade Baron Salvador Delahada intervened on behalf of the challenger, but was unable to clear a path for the young dueler as he fell by a score of 5-2 in 10 rounds.

Myria then faced Amaris herself, and Amaris was never able to get out of the gates. Myria took a 3-0 lead after seven rounds, and Amaris got on the board with a trade in the next. Down 4-1, the challenger scored a point to close the gap with a high attack, but any comeback was cut short as Myria ended the match with a sidestep around Amaris' defense, and secured a defense for Jaycy by winning 5-2 in 11 rounds. After the match, Amaris declared she would keep coming for the Barony until she was successful. (link)

In an odd twist, the champion from the previous challenge became the challenger! Myria Graziano challenged for Seaside, stating this was the second half of a deal made with Jaycy. Myria seemed reluctant throughout the introduction of the participants when the match came, and it's possible that hesitance carried through to the match. In a special duel at Seaside Beach, Jaycy defended her title in a single match in which she never trailed, and eventually won 5-2 in 9 rounds. With no hard feelings on either side, the two ended the match on good terms, with Myria only wishing she was able to offer a better challenge. Whatever deal was made had been fulfilled. (link)

The Baronial ring belonging to Seaside was delivered to the Duel of Swords staff, and it was assumed that Jaycy retired her title. (link)

Salvador Delahada     2020-09-25 - 2021-03-20   ( 176 days )

After being retired by Tali, the vacant Barony of Seaside was offered up as a premiere prize in the 2020 Summer All-Ranks Tournament. Baronies are always a popular prize, and fourteen duelers signed up with most having their eye on filling the vacancy - including two of the three most recent Barons of Seaside, Salvador Delahada and Rachael Blackthorne. Starting off as the 11th seed, Salvador tore through the competition and went undefeated in five duels, defeating Rachael in the finals, to claim first place. It was no surprise then, that he chose to receive the vacant Barony of Seaside as his prize. (link)

Sal's first challenge in his second reign came from Neekylah Lang, as part of a bounty put up by Overlord Hope Naharis against Renegade Barons. Neekylah said she liked the Seaside district, and that was her reason for choosing Sal. When the time came, Sal's Squire Gatito stepped in to test the challenger, and Overlord Hope herself countered. Hope cleared the path for Neekylah by winning 5-1 in 6 rounds against the Squire. When the Baron squared off against the challenger, he found himself in a hole as Neekylah built a 3-1 lead in 3 rounds. Sal then mounted a furious comeback, scoring the final four points of the match to win 5-3 in 7 rounds and defend his title. (link)

Stating that he was becoming bored, Sal added his own cash prize to the offering that Andrea Anderson had put up for those challengers who could unseat a sitting Baron. Ebon Ilnaren took up the offer, stating that he was looking for a good fight. The two did not disappoint. Meeting in a best of three, Ebon jumped out to a 4-2 lead in the first match before the Baron scored three unanswered points to win 5-4. Ebon again had a quick 2-0 lead in the second match, and this time he kept Sal at bay and took the win 5-3. The third and final match was a reversal of the first, where Sal had a 3-0, and then a 4-1 lead which Ebon was able to erase. With the deciding match in sudden death, Sal's fancy footwork earned him a better vantage in which to strike, and he secured the victory and defense by the slimmest of margins. It was a crowd-pleasing display of skill, with some of the crowd also appreciating the amount of blood spilled between the two. (link)

Sal's next challenge came from Anya de la Rose: a Grand Master who had received a challenge grant, and who also was both Squire to the Overlord and current holder of the Talon of Redwin. If this seems familiar, that's because these were the same qualifications that Tali Zhdanova possessed when she challenged and defeated Sal in the previous year. Perhaps not wanting lightning to strike twice, Sal opted to test the challenger with his Squire, Gatito. Recently crowned Baron of Dockside Morgan Chae interceded on Anya's behalf, but lost a close match 5-4 in 11 rounds. However Anya passed the test with flying colors when she stepped into the ring against Gatito, winning with a 5.5-0 shutout in 6 rounds. When the Baron faced off against his challenger, the two kept the match close and traded leads, but the Baron eventually broke a near stalemate and scored the win and defense, 5-3.5 in 13 rounds. With barely any time given to celebrate, Sal was given a verbal notice that another challenge would be made to him soon. (link)

Sal had barely had time to enjoy his latest defense before he was challenged by a familiar face; Ebon Ilnaren came calling once again, looking to still cash in on the offer the Baron still had on the table. After confirming that it was, the two met in the rings in what was something of a friendly match. Sal opted for a best of three match, but would only need two matches to rack up his fourth defense. Sal controlled the first match, winning by a comfortable score of 5-2 in 9 rounds. Ebon fared better in the second match, but his opening score of 1-0 would be the only lead he held in the challenge as Salvador quickly tied the match, and then pulled away in the final rounds for a 5-3 victory in 8. There was no doubt that Sal had cemented himself as one of the most dominant duelers in the Arena. (link)

(vacant)     2020-09-04 - 2020-09-25   ( 21 days )

Tali Zhdanova     2020-06-27 - 2020-09-04   ( 69 days )

About a day after the Loyal Baron Anubis was defeated and replaced by a Renegade in Old Market, the Overlord's Squire, armed with a challenge grant and the recommendation to challenge a renegade Baron, faced Salvador Delahada of Seaside. The Baron chose a single duel to decide the match and the Overlord's Squire successfully obtained the title 5-3 in 9 rounds and declared her loyalty to the Overlord thus maintaining the Overlord's loyal majority. (link)

After 69 days holding the Seaside Barony - and the Overlord who gifted her a challenge grant now dethroned - Tali felt it was time to retire. Nice. (link)

Salvador Delahada     2019-12-13 - 2020-06-27   ( 197 days )

Friday the 13th brought more excitement in the stirred Duel of Swords world with Salvador Delahada vying for his first Barony against the custodian of Seaside, Rachael Blackthorne. This marks a unique thread in the duels history as Sal completes a journey he began a decade ago. As the first ever Squire of Seaside he embarked on his quest for the ring then against the current holder Jaycy, though it was not meant to be. As fate would have it the sands of time or his own nature brought him back to his humble beginnings to begin a new chapter for himself and Duel of Swords. The challenge was made from a cryptic torn page out of a French nursery rhyme as well as a fragment of a wedding itinerary.

Rachael opted for the best of three option for the challenge and in an eerie twist of fate the challenge for Seaside started as the challenge the night prior. Dual thrusts put both swordsmen on the board and an exchange of cuts immediately after would prove to be the threshold for the Baron in the first chapter of the contest. Salvador took the lead in the third round and clutched it never looking back ending the first match 5-2 in 5 rounds for an impressive, swift victory. The second go would start out with a bit of see-sawing where the lead fluctuated four times in the first five rounds. However very akin to the first match once Salvador established a lead he was quick to finish out the match scoring in each consecutive round after for a 5-4 victory in 8 rounds to secure his first Barony. (link)

Challenge of the Cuts! Lilith, second place in the 2019 End of the Fall Cycle All Ranks Tournament issued a challenge to the Seaside Baron with her prize and the two met in the ring for a single duel. With 10 choices of cuts on Salvadors side and 9 to Lilith's, much of the duel had been the two clashing high and low with one another. Salvador took the lead early on on the match, though Lilith's cunning saw her catching up and soon enough taking the lead of her own. The rookie to the challenge game looked to be in good form until Salvador tied it up to 3 - 3 in the 8th — and soon extended it into the 9th by taking the lead once more. Lilith countered after a clash of low cuts by swinging a reckless slash to catch the then ducking Baron! With it 4 - 4 in sudden death spectators were left holding their breath as both challenger and Baron clashed high and low in the next three rounds... but the cutting frenzy came to an end in the 15th and final round as Salvador broke pattern and unleashed a thrust to catch the low cutting Lilith! (link)

Salvador's second defense came from Gladiator Gauntlet winner Amaris. The challenge and defense happened within the same week and saw a defense in Salvador's favor after a single format duel. Starting off slow, it wouldn't be until the third round that the Baron would gain the first point of the match. The fourth round brought balance back to the match as challenger Amaris' quick thrust caught the low-swinging Salvador, but this proved to be the only point she'd gain throughout this challenge process — as Salvador quickly regained the lead and ran away with it. After 8 rounds Salvador defended the Barony of Seaside with a 5 - 1 finish in 8 rounds. (link)

A third defense was quickly added to Salvador's resume. After a discussion with Jaycy Ashleana, Salvador waived his grace period to allow his former mentor the opportunity to challenge. It was a rematch years in the making. Jaycy was once the Baroness of Seaside, and Salvador was her rebellious squire. This challenge quickly showed their grit and determination. Salvador took an early lead, all the way to 4 - 1 in four rounds. Showing her patience and perseverance, Jaycy took three points in a row tying the score. They traded twice, taking the match into overdrive at 6 - 6. Finally, in the last round, the Baron of Seaside deflected Jaycy's thrust and sealed his claim on the title 7 - 6 in 10 rounds. (link)

Rachael Blackthorne     2019-11-07 - 2019-12-13   ( 36 days )

A fifth defense seemed assured as Jewell defeated the challenging Rachael Blackstone with a shutout in their best of three challenge.. but fate would decide different in the second and third match of the night. Rachael, not missing a step even after suffering from a shut out in the prior match, overcame Jewell as the Seaside baron began the match with a quick 2-0 lead and once the tie was gained Rachael did not look back with a 5-3 victory in ten. The third and final match, the one to decide the fate of the barony, was much more clear as Rachael took back Jewells first round lead with a side step around the Baroness' defense in the second -- then proceeded to gain the upperhand then on out to secure both victory and the Barony of Seaside with a 5-2 victory in 10! - (link)

Jewell Ravenlock     2019-04-13 - 2019-11-07   ( 208 days )

Faerie politics are a paradox, as sweetly nebulous as they are painfully rigid. Who knows what lurks in the heart of the Fair Folk? Clearly no one was certain what Jewell Ravenlock was thinking when she challenged long time incumbent Vaeluthil Whitevale for the long held Barony of Seaside. What started as a seemingly innocuous challenge quickly became something more sweetly venomous as the defending Baroness took umbrage at what she perceived as a betrayal by a long time acquaintance and, dare it be considered, ally. The rings were tight with polite tension as the challenger and oft impressive defender met in a single match to determine ownership of the Seaside Ring and Manor, but in the end Vaeluthil's long, historic reign was decided in 12 rounds by a score of 5.5 to 3, which saw Jewell emerging victorious as the next Baroness of Seaside. - (link)

Vengeance sometimes comes quickly but the anger still burns slow and long. New Baroness of Seaside, Jewell Ravenlock, didn't have long to enjoy her victory over near-insurmountable Vaeluthil before she found herself under threat of challenge. Mysterious but often well regarded Penny Escobar was quick to issue a personal call-to-arms of her own and before the sand for the Seaside Ring could settle. Bound by some pact or unspoken honor, she sought to return the beautiful manor to its previous owner with simple, stern words and the oft sassy blue-haired faerie-socialite was quick to respond with the own casual confidence. In the end, the defending Baroness wasn't ready to let her stay in Seaside be fleeting one and in a single match she bested Penny 5-2, royal scepter to wicked axe, sending the latter's wielder packing despite a determined promise that she would be relentless in the continued pursuit of the Ring. - (link)

And the beach party marches on! Fresh off of her first defense of Seaside, incumbent Baroness Jewell Ravenlock once again found her title under siege. By virtue of a gifted Grant from Rachael Blackthorne of House Steel, David Harada stepped up to test his mettle against the the blue-haired beauty and her favored scepter. Ever confident, the Baroness elected to decide her fate in a single match, with 10 Rounds and close score of 5-4 keeping the defender firmly cemented in her sandy spot. - (link)

Jewell found herself challenged once more by Penny Escobar. The two met yet Jewell would not grace the ring as House Royal teammate Hope Naharis brandished her earned Grant of Karnafexx (which she had been holding all throughout the cycle) to stand in Penny's path and issue a Test of Worthiness. Mairead Harker, Baroness of Old Temple, aligned herself Renegade in that instant to allow herself to counter. Fate deemed Mairead unable to overpower Hope -- forcing Penny to match against Jewell's champion instead. A bloody match transpired, one which left Hope, even in victory, impaled in the result of a vicious trade. With blood spilled and victory gained by her champion, Jewell achieved her third defense of her Seaside Barony. - (link)
Jewell's fourth challenge was from Rhiannon Brock. A fiery exchange of words seemed to smolder out on the night of the challenge as Overlord Mallory Maeda stepped in to issue a test of worthiness. While Mairead Harker, kin to Rhiannon, attempted to counter this test -- Overlord Mallory made quick work of said attempt by defeating the Renegade Baron of Old Temple 5 - 0 in 7. Rhiannon fared a little better than Mairead but was still unable to defeat Mallory as the Overlord gained, with a trade of thrusts after 6 rounds, a 5 - 4 victory. - (link)

Vaeluthil Whitevale     2015-12-16 - 2019-04-13   ( 1214 days )

Vael was the first of two challengers to form up a rare renegade queue to take on Guaire (the other being Layla Paine (link)). A span of roughly 20 minutes separated the declarations of challenge. Guaire was quick to respond and set things in motion, the pair met in the ring less than a week later for a best of three contest. In both of the two duels, the baron jumped out to a 2-0 lead after the opening two rounds. Guiare's strong starts couldn't be capitalized on, however, as Vael struck in the 3rd round of both to steal his momentum and carry it through to 5-4 and 5-3 victories. (link)

Vaeluthil's first challenge came from Anubis Karos, veteran of the arena and multi ring holder. The two had had a past interaction and the Egyptian was looking to settle the score. Overlord Matt Simon had other ideas, however, and chose to intercede on the affair with a Test of Worthiness. With no renegade barons willing to take up the Right to Challenge fight, Anubis was forced to meet Matt directly. The pair took their time getting the feel of the fight and first blood wasn't drawn until the 5th round when Matt avoided a thrust and countered. The duel went 14 rounds in total before it was over, but the Overlord came out on top. A successful defense of his loyal baroness, Vael retained her ring as Matt took the 5-3 win. (link)

Challenge number two came as a result of the 2016 Trick or Treat Challenge event. With all barons open to challenge from a duelist of any rank, Vael found herself confronted by Hajime Aki. With little pre challenge fanfare, they met two weeks later to fight it out in best of three format. Vael, fighting below her banner of purple sparkles, was seconded by her brother Cael and fought in honor of a long list of people including the challenger. Aki, for his part, held to a blue standard emblazoned wtih a white tornado. He had no second and declared the Overlady Jewell Ravenlock as lady of honor. This was slightly odd given Vael's status as a loyal baron, but didn't seem to trouble anyone at the time. The actual fighting began with a pair of null rounds as they tested each other's blades in matched cuts and then saw Aki slowly take it over and pull off the 5-2, 13 round upset. That was the last time Aki would see a lead on this night however. The second duel was close, within a point the whole way through, but Vael took it in a dual impalement to win 5-4 in 9. The final was short and sweet, Vael apparently having had enough of play time. Cross cuts in the first had things tied, but then she took over and a matched pair of thrusts brought the score to 4-2 in the 5th. The senior baroness completed her defense in the 6th round, cutting low into Aki's attempt to duck away. With a 5-2, 6 round score Vael took 2 of 3 duels to hold onto her ring. (link)

Having won the Madness tournament of 2017, Myria Graziano had a baron challenge grant to award. She gave the grant to Lacey Tamarez and Lacey used it to take on the Senior Baroness. Vael, however, would never step into the ring. Overlady Jewell was present that night and soon to be defending against Myria herself, she stepped in with the test to bar Lacey's path. It wasn't to be a good night for the Wrecking Crew faithful as the Overlady took the duel by score of 5-3.5 in 11. (link)

Vael's fourth challenge came from a fairly recently unseated Overlady Myria Graziano. Despite a loyal alignment to the current Overlord E Smith, Vaeluthil elected not to test the accomplished Wrecking Crew duelist. With little fanfare and a meager crowd, the two met late on a Sunday evening to settle the score. Dueling beneath her customary banner of purple sparkles, the Baroness named her Knight, Cael the Bravest, as her Lord of Honor, and named Buzzeria her Second, in absentia. Myria, on the other hand, dueled beneath Crew's colors but with neither a second nor a court of honor. The sitting Baroness jumped to an early two point lead before Myria caught up, tying it at three points a piece in the seventh round. The tie was short lived though, as the little faerie put up a successful bookended set of parries to close it out with another defense of Seaside. (link)

Challenge the 5th came from Matt Simon. This was a little surprising since Vael had been a loyal defender of Matt's Overlord reign, but the old man of the Outback wanted a shot at a barony he had not yet held. The duel was fought in one shot style and, despite Matt's attempts to distract her by placing jars of honey outside the ring, Vael proved once again up to the challenge. 5-3 in 9 rounds, she retained the ring. And probably the honey. (link)

Defends against the Minion of Deathlord (link)

Guaire Bryne     2015-12-05 - 2015-12-16   ( 11 days )

When Guaire issued challenge to Bile, the baron had both Rayvinn and Jewell at his side in some partial payment for the dates he'd won earning the barony in the first place. Despite having arrived with Bile, the renegade baroness of Dockside still stood up to fight the Right to Challenge for Guiare when Overlord Nayun interceded on the fight. A thorn in the Overlord's side, this was the second time in a week that Jewell would get in Nayun's path and the second Right to Challenge to go her way. In a 5-2, 10 round, finish the baroness cleared the challenger's path. For the main event, the Sith Baron was quick to attack, scoring in each of the first two rounds to take a 2-0 lead. Guaire got his feet under him and struck back in the 3rd and 4th to tie the score, then after giving away a 3rd point in the 5th would proceed to score in the final three rounds of the match to take the 5-3 victory. (link)

Bile     2015-11-18 - 2015-12-05   ( 17 days )

Whether simply for the title or to claim the date offered by new DoS Coordinator Rayvinn Darkmont for successful challengers, Bile came for Melanie looking to collect on both. The pair met at midnight and fought a single duel under black standards. After six rounds Bile came out on top, 5-3. (link)

Melanie Rostol     2015-10-20 - 2015-11-18   ( 29 days )

Melanie was the first to challenge Anubis, who had never gotten his shot at Rand. Melanie fought below a black standard, naming Peaches as he lady of honor, while Anubis fought below the silvery Eye of Ra, naming Tara his lady of honor, in absentia. The match was a single duel, with Anubis taking the early lead. Out to a 1.5 - 0 lead after two he had trouble getting on the scoreboard again as Melanie took over and kept him scoreless through the six rounds to follow. Anubis found his footing and narrowed the gap, but it was Melanie would emerged the victor with a thrust in the 13th (6-4.5). (link)

Anubis Karos     2015-09-18 - 2015-10-20   ( 32 days )

As usual, Anubis had his sights set more on the title of Overlord than that of Baron, but felt the intermediary step a necessity. Set upon eventually removing then Overlord Rand al'Tan, as well as stating the excellent arrangements the manor offered for slave pens, the Egyptian set out to claim Seaside from Myria. The baroness drew first blood with a thrust in the opening round, then lost the lead a reversal of fortunes in form of a thrust from Anubis in the 4th. The slaver took the lead from there and never looked back, eventually taking the 5-3 win in 9 rounds. (link)

Myria Graziano     2015-01-18 - 2015-09-18   ( 243 days )

Myria Graziano came along a month or so later to challenge Artemus for Seaside. A far less dramatic affair, the pair faced off in a best of three less than two weeks later. It only took two of the duels to decide the outcome, though both were very close. In a pair of 5-4, 10 round, victories Myria claimed her first barony. (link)

The first to challenge Myria for the ring was Sabine Gabrielle, fresh off achieving the rank of warlord. Repeating the best of three format from when she had won the barony, Myria added a consecutive 5-4 in 10 victory to her list of challenge matches and then broke pattern with a commanding 5-3 in 6 duel to complete the defense in two duels. (link)

With both of them departing the annual Madness tourney before the third round, Shadow decided they should have something else to fight for and threw down the gauntlet. Changing things up a bit, the baroness selected a single duel to decide the outcome, though the end result was the same. Shadow sidestepped his way into the lead in the 3rd round, but Myria would take it right back and cut low to catch him ducking in the 7th to close out the 5-3 victory. (link)

The Spring Cycle tournament of warlords was won by Red ur'Thorne with Rhiannon Harker taking second of what was only a three woman event. (link) Rhi was awarded the baron challenge grant and chose Myria as her target. My returned to the best of three format, though this one would take all three contests. Each lady won one of the duels easily; My 5-1 in 5 for the first, Rhiannon 5-2 in 9 for the second. The third and deciding duel was a far closer affair, ending with an exchange of cuts in the 9th to end 5-4 in Myria's favor. (link)

Artemus Kurgen     2014-10-25 - 2015-01-18   ( 85 days )

The next holder over the Overlord's grant followed through with the challenge to Aya. Artemus Kurgen, receiving the gift from then Overlord Gren Blockman, came to claim the Seaside ring. Aya started out strong in the single duel match and held a 4-2 lead after 7, but just could not put the challenger away. Caught in untimely thrusts in both the 8th and 10th rounds, Aya left the door open for Artemus as they headed into a sudden death 11th. The challenger struck high, outreaching Aya's parry to complete the comeback victory and claim the barony. (link)
The first challenge to Artemus came from Melanie Rostol and took some interesting twists. In the Fall Cycle Warlord Tournament, held just a few days after this challenge had been issued, Melanie took first place and was awarded an intercession free challenge to the Overlord. (link) As it happens, however, Melanie was in a relationship with the Overlord (Terry King) at the time and did not intend to use it, though it would have been impossible to move forward with both challenges due in part to Artemus' loyal alignment. Artemus wrote unkindly in regard to Melanie's claiming of the WLT prize as a defense of Terry and things escalated a bit resulting in Terry banishing him to Renegade (link). The result was a wrench in Melanie's plans to protect the Overlord, as the banishment gave Artemus the immediate right to challenge her in retaliation - which he did. While technically Melanie could have maintained her challenge as a form of renegade challenge queue, her patience with the matter had been exhausted and she rescinded. (link) Artemus would ultimately continue on as Baron of Seaside, after a 5-4 defeat at the hands of the Overlord. (link)

Aya Hayashibara     2014-06-03 - 2014-10-25   ( 144 days )

Runner up in the Spring Cycle Warlord Tournament of 2014 (link), Aya was awarded an intercession free challenge to the baron of her choice. As it happens, she chose Seaside. The duel was fought in single duel format and controlled by Lilly for most of the first 10 rounds. Aya struck with a low cut in the 11th to take her first lead and a daring slash in the 14th to cap the 5-4 victory. (link)

Aya's first challenge was in the form of two time Overlord, Rakeesh Sah Tarna, hoping to mark his return to the arena by claiming a barony. Aya chose to meet him in a single duel and had very different ideas as to the outcome. The baroness lept to a 4-0 lead before the liontaur could even get on the board. Rakeesh struck in three consecutive rounds at the end to make a showing of it, but the third was a trade of cuts giving Aya her fifth and final point. (link)

Gifted the Overlord's challenge grant by the Lady Morgan le Fay, Rhiannon Harker was to be Aya's next challenger. When Aurast declared himself renegade to the Overlady, however, this challenge was rescinded as he appeared to present a better target for the grant holder. (link)

Lilly Hyde     2014-04-08 - 2014-06-03   ( 56 days )

Morgan le Fay won a small tournament of barons, from which Claire had abstained, after Vanion disappeared and awarded her first grant to Lily Hyde. With only two renegade barons to choose from, Lily continued the pattern of grant challengers attempting to claim Seaside and issued challenge to Claire. The match was another best of three and again took only two duels, but that's where the similarities to Claire's last defense end. Lily took both of them 5-3.5 in 15 and 5-3 in 9 to claim the ring and increase Morgan's cadre of loyalists. (link)

Claire Farron     2013-11-01 - 2014-04-08   ( 158 days )

For the 2013 celebration of All Hallows Eve, Coordinator Norah held the Swordstober Swordsabration (link) Open to duelists of all ranks, any duelist logging 2 duels in each of the first four weeks of October received a raffle entry. Four tickets to be awarded at the end to favor the winners with an intercession free baronial challenge. Claire was one such winner and cashed in the prize to challenge Terry. The prize was put to good use and in close 10 round duel, Claire came out on top 5-4. (link)

Claire's first challenge came from Bile. The sith had received a grant from Overlord Vanion Shadowcast. Unable to capitalize on the free shot the same way Claire had, Bile did make an impressive run at it in the second duel of this best of three event. While the first duel was an effecient 5-2 in 8 round win for the baroness, the second was a marathon of 20 rounds. First to strike, Bile's opening high cut caught Claire before she could sidestep out of range, the sith still held a lead (6.5-6) in the 16th round before the baroness struck with a low cut in the 17th to take command for the first time. Three rounds later, she trapped his thrust to take the 9-8 win. (link)

Terry King     2013-08-08 - 2013-11-01   ( 85 days )

Terry skipped out on the 2013 Hydra tournament, but still held an affiliation with Team BeatDown. Given that G wasn't on TBD and had just taken a ring from TBD, he was the obvious candidate to go after. Determined in a single duel, the action was back and forth throughout, with both holding the lead on two separate occasions. Terry's second lead of the night began in the 10th round, sidestepping a parry, which she followed up with a winning low cut in the 11th to take the barony. (link)

G'nort Dragoon-Talanador     2013-07-20 - 2013-08-08   ( 19 days )

With the 2013 Hydra season in full swing, G'nort came looking to claim challenge points by taking Apple's ring. Apple's Team BeatDown continued to be the dominant force in Hydra while G's Company of the Dragon sat in the middle of the pack. With fifteen tournament points at stake, G was strong from the outset. He high cut over a low parry in the 1st round to take the opening point and then again in the 6th round to take the last. In a 5-2 finish, G'nort took over Seaside. (link)

Andrea "Apple" Anderson     2012-10-18 - 2013-07-20   ( 275 days )

Overlord Candy Hart awarded the cycle's grant to Apple who challenged Tical to claim Seaside. The duel was a gruelling 22 round affair, though thankfully for the baron and challenger it was a simple one shot match. With multiple lead changes throughout, it was Apple who landed a high cut in the last to take the 7.5 - 6.5 victory. (link)

Jay Capistrano was the first to step forward to take a shot at Apple's hold on Seaside. When Overlord Candy stepped in to defend her loyal baroness, Jay had renegade baron Rakeesh Sah Tarna in his corner to fight the Right to Challenge. Rakeesh was first on the board, but the Overlord wasn't to be stopped this night. Candy took control in the 3rd round and continued through to a 5.5-3, 12 round win. With no help from his champion, Jay was forced to face Candy in the Test of Worthiness. It was close, but ultimately Jay wouldn't be able to prove his worthiness. Candy marked up her second win of the night, 5-4 in 9 round, to successfully defend Apple's ring for her. (link)

After Rakeesh defeated Candy to become the 91st Overlord, he held a tournament to award the Overlord's grant. It was an invitational for his Champions of Mythos team as well as a half dozen or so unaffiliated duelists. In the end it was Kyra Jessup, who went 5-0 on the night(link), who claimed the prize and used it to challenge Apple. Kyra's tournament luck didn't translate well into the challenge ring, however, and Apple thoroughly commanded the night. It was a best of three affair, but required only two duels. With wins of 5-2 and 5-1, Apple retained the barony. (link)

Ticallion Carter     2012-08-09 - 2012-10-18   ( 70 days )

With Chris Graziano as the sitting Overlord, Wrecking Crew teammate Ticallion Carter looked to pick up a barony to bolster the team standing. Since Gwen stood renegade, she was an easy choice. In the single duel match, Gwen started off strong and held a 3-1 lead in the 5th, but Tical slowly cut his way back into it. Scoring in four consecutive rounds, he took the duel 5-3 in the 9th and became the new holder of Seaside. (link)

Gwen Minx     2010-11-22 - 2012-08-09   ( 626 days )

The next challenger for Seaside was newly minted Warlord Gwen Minx who was seeking a fun and interesting challenge upon gaining rank. A best-of-three format was decided upon and both of the matches went to Gwen, 5-3 in 7 rounds and 5-4 in 7 rounds, making her the newest Baroness of Seaside. (link)

Gwen's first challenge came from Guaire Bryne during the 2011 Intergender War. Discussions over times and callers got a little bit heated, eventually requiring Corlanthis (assistant DoS Coord) to step in and get a date settled. After arriving late to the match, Guaire found himself in the ring instead with Overlord Aya Hayashibari who opted to apply the test of worthiness. Xeric was unable to complete the duel with the Overlord, eventually being ruled in forfeit for delay. (link)

Gwen waived the loyal baron's grace in April (link), but no challenge presented until late June when Teagan sought her out. Gwen struck first when the entered the ring for a single duel affair, thrusting below a high cut and following low to take a 2-0 lead. Teagan struck back and by the 7th round they were tied at 4. A timely duck and counter from the baroness in the 9th brought the match to a close and preserved Gwen's right to the ring. (link)

By the time October rolled around, Gwen had become the Senior Baron and Shadow wanted a shot at her. The Overlord, Ellisa Morgan, had other thoughs and interceded on behalf of her loyal baroness. The duel went 18 long rounds, but saw Shadow dispatched in a 5-3.5 finish. (link)

Wyheree Ravenlock g'Ark'Hiradan     2010-05-18 - 2010-11-22   ( 188 days )

After taking into consideration the waterfront property of Seaside and Jaycy's status as Senior Baroness, new Warlord Wyheree Ravenlock g'Ark'hiradan decided to challenge Jaycy for her title. Jaycy opted for a best-of-three and jumped out to a quick 2.5-0 lead. Though in the end the first match eventually went to Wyheree, 5-3.5 in 10 rounds. The second match was determined in a quick 6 rounds with Wyheree the victor and new Baroness with a score of 5-3. (link)

Wyheree's first challenge came from the Minion of Deathlord, squire to the then current Baron of New Haven, Deathlord. Seeking to expand Deathlord's sphere of influence the DeathSquire jumped on the opportunity of waterfront property. Wyheree settled for a best-of-three, only once surrendering the lead in the first match as she eventually went on to win 5-3.5 in 9 rounds. The second match proved to be a lopsided engagement, with the Minion only allowed a single point in a trade of thrusts as Wyheree defeated him 5-1 in 6 swift rounds. (link)

Although a loyal baroness at the time, Wyheree issued challenge to Overlord Imp. A seldom used portion of the challenge rules allow loyal barons challenge rights when the sitting Overlord has a record that would fall below what one needs to attain warlord. Wyh had Xeno step in to defend her right to challenge when Harris was tapped to intercede for the Overlord. Both Xeno and Wyheree fell to Harris in the attempt and left Imp with the mantle. (link)

Jaycynda Ashleana     2009-07-30 - 2010-05-18   ( 292 days )

Jaycy took some offense to the way Guill had handled his Warlord Tournament win and the way he'd declined the prize. (link) Guill had declared it a matter of honor that he decline the prizes offered vs earning them in their traditional sense. Feeling this disparaged any of a long list of warlords who had taken such a prize in the past, she set forth to remove Guill from Seaside. They fought a best of three series and the sitting baron came out on top in the first; a close 5-4 in 12 round duel. Guill was looking good in the second duel as well when he jumped out to a 2.5 - 0.5 lead after 6 rounds, but Jaycy then took control and score 4.5 unanswered points to win. The final fight was neck and neck through 6 rounds, each holding leads as they advanced the score to 3 a piece. Jaycy broke the tie in the 7th to take the lead once more and then ended it in the 8th with a low cut to claim the ring. (link)

Early on, one of Jaycy's first acts as Baroness was to hold a Squire tournament. The winner of this tournament was one Salvador Delahada. Shortly thereafter, Salvador was again given an Overlord grant by then baron Teagan Rielea, and used it to challenge Anubis, who had issued challenge to Teagan for the Overlord title. It was decided that should Anubis become Overlord, Salvador would be permitted to reissue his challenge.

During the Overlord match, Jaycy held Teagan as a slave, in order to thwart a perceived threat by Anubis that he would enslave any females who issued challenge to him and failed. This angered a sizable portion of the community, Salvador included. Citing his reasons as being because he considered Jaycy a liar and a cheat, he issued challenge to Jaycy due to Anubis defeating Teagan. When the time for the challenge arrived, the Baroness elected for a Single Elimination format and proceeded to take to the ring against her Squire. The single match was indeed a see/saw battle, a testament to the tutelage of the Baroness to her Squire , with the lead changing hands several times, and which also saw no null rounds. In the end, however, it was Jaycy who emerged victorious, and she retained the right to remain Seasides Baroness. (link)

In a continuation of their feud over honor, Guill challenged to retake Seaside from Jaycy. When Joex Rodlain challenged Vanion for the Barony of Dockside, then Overlord Anubis interceded to defend his loyal baron. Jaycy exercized her renegade rights in a Right to Challenge fight and bested the Overlord 5-1 to allow the challenge to continue (link). Guill claimed this intercession on behalf of a challenger was dishonorable. While the statement caused of a bit of commotion, the baroness herself said little outside the ring in response and instead allowed her sword to speak for her. This time they fought a single duel, though Guill once again started off with a lead (2-0 after 3), Jaycy took control by the 6th round and eventually took the 5.5 - 4.5 in 14 victory. (link)

Guillermus Iulius Fortis     2009-07-20 - 2009-07-30   ( 10 days )

Guill won the Spring Cycle tournament of warlords (link), but declined to take a prize, which included not only the intercession free Overlord challenge, but also the barony of Old Temple. At the time he stated that he felt the barony need be earned through combat against a sitting baron. A couple days later then, he put forth his challenge to Damien. The matter of Xeric's challenge was still before the Baron's Council at the time, but since Damien stood renegade to the Overlord it held as a valid challenge queue. They fought in a best of three, though only needed two duels to complete the affair. Both duels were close; the first a back and forth affair that ended 5-4 in the 11th round and the second a gruelling 16 rounder where Guill caught Damien with a low cut to beat an attempted slash and take the 7.5 - 6 victory. (link)

Damien Mortis     2007-08-08 - 2009-07-20   ( 712 days )

Karen's rest between challenges this time was not long. Only days before Karen was set to challenge Overlord Ganderfald for the mantle, Cletus' longtime ally, Damien Mortis, issued his own challenge to the Baroness. Karen and Damien were no strangers to each other, and this challenge marked the fourth time Damien issued a challenge to one of Karen's reigns. Ironically, Karen inherited Seaside from Damien after her second Overlord reign came to a close. Their fourth challenge was little different than the previous two, and Damien continued to prove he had Karen's number. In two short matches, Damien claimed Seaside with two five to two victories that spanned six and eleven rounds. (link)

Warlord Cassius Maximius' history with Damien Mortis stretched back many years. The two have fought, feuded, and stepped into the challenge ring on many occasions. The next chapter in their rivalry was written when Cas issued challenge to Damien. However, another chapter in Cas and Cletus Ganderfald's, the Overlord at the time, history was written on the night Damien was scheduled to meet Cassius.Before the match could begin, Cletus stepped forward to announce that he would be dueling the Baron of Old Market, G'nort Dragoon Talanador, to decide if Cassius' challenge would proceed. In a perfect shutout, Cletus defeated the Baron to force Cassius to defend his own right to challenge. Cletus was nearly as strong against the Warlord, allowing only two points en route to a five to two win in ten rounds. Damien's reign was defended. (link)

Damien challenged for Overlord Roland Sal Roa in the Winter of 2008. Roland pulled in Sartan to conduct the Test of Worthiness while the baron had Xeric Mues step in for the Right to Challenge counter. The Overlord's champion won, but then lost in the Test, allowing Damien to follow through on his challenge. In the main event it was the Overlord to come out on top of a 5-4, 10 round duel leaving Damient to continue on in Seaside. (link)

The next challenge to Damien's hold on the ring came from Xeric, looking to finish what they'd started in the Overlord challenge. Neither the Russian, nor the Baron dueled with colors or ladies of honor. Damien chose a single duel for the match and while it was close through the 7th, the baron eventually pulled away to win 5-3 in 9. (link)

The warlord Joex Rodlain made the next attempt, in May of 2008. Damien elected a best of three for this challenge and fought under the banner of Polaris with Jack as his second. Joex flew no standard, but had the previous challenger, Xeric, at his side. The duels were thoroughly controlled by Damien and the baron would cruise to 5-2 and 5-1 victories to retain the barony without the need of a third bout. (link)

Cass came around for another attempt at the ring in August, though with far less drama this time around. The two fought a best of three match which saw Cass draw first blood and take the first fight in a 7.5-6.5, 18 round marathon. Wore down perhaps by the length of the first duel, duels two and three went progressively worse for the challenger. While the second was still close, Damien winning 5.5-4.5 in 11 rounds, the third was a lopsided 5-2 in a 11, again in Damien's favor. (link)

It took 10 months before another challenger knocked on the doors of Seaside Manor. Xeric Mues issued challenge in mid June of 2009, but the fight would never take place. When Xeric failed to make an appearance, the matter was turned over to the Baron's Council who ruled the matter a forfeit of challenge. (link)

Karen Wilder     2006-05-11 - 2007-08-08   ( 454 days )

Dethroned by Damien, Karen took over Seaside and vowed that she would not challenge him so long as he remained Overlord. (link)

When Vanion Knightwood-Shadowcast challenged Baroness Wilder, the bad/blood between the two was clearly evident. On the night of the match, both were clad in full mail armor and wielded war swords. With hard strikes exchanged between the two, the first duel of the evening stood tied at four before Karen was able to deflect a low strike and win the first match, 5-4 in eleven rounds. Karen was clearly dominant in the second match and only allowed Vanion a single strike en route to a 5-1 victory in seven rounds. However, the single cut bore serious consequences as Vanion was using an envenomed dagger. (link)

Karen was back to full health when she was set with her next challenge. In a much less venomous affair, the carpenter Rab Mallet challenged Karen with all the cheer and good humor he was known for. Unfortunately for him, he was only able to win the second duel of the night. By winning the first and third, Karen once again defended Seaside. (link)

After Cletus Ganderfald claimed the mantle, Karen made it no secret that she would be challenging the new Overlord. So it was no surprise when the recipient of Cletus' grant, Losden Fagan, used his opportunity to challenge Karen. Losden was a high ranking member in Cletus' Nasuikaa family and wanted to claim Seaside to ensure the safety of family investments in the area. Karen stated that she knew of no threats in her since Vanion's massacre was put down.Karen took the first duel of the challenge after overcoming a two point deficit. After eight rounds, she stood the 5-3 victor. Losden bounced back in the second duel, winning 5-2.5, also in eight rounds. The final match of the evening, which ironically also lasted eight rounds, titled in Karen's favor with another 5-3 win. (link)

Damien Mortis     2005-09-01 - 2006-05-11   ( 252 days )

Damien, having lost the Overlordship to Grayson, took over the Seaside Barony. (link)

Damien Mortis was first challenged by Face Loran because the challenger felt the attendance of the Baron was lacking in the rings. No particulars for this match were announced and it concluded in a one-duel format where Damien defended the right to reside in Seaside in a nine round duel by a margin of victory of one point. (link)

After Karen Wilder defeated Cletus Ganderfald for the throne, Damien challenged Karen in retaliation. Despite a Test of Worthiness offered by the Overlord, Damien was able to defeat Karen and claim the throne as his own. (link)

Grayson MacLeod     2004-11-30 - 2005-09-01   ( 275 days )

Grayson took at shot at the Overlord title in the early Spring of 2015. Damien placed Max in his way to perform the Test of Worthiness which Grayson countered by having warlord Cass Maximus step in for the Right to Challenge fight. While Cass was victorious and Grayson got his shot, Damien went on to win in a 5-2 victory. (link)

Grayson MacLeod was challenged by Cletus Ganderfald because the smell of the sea was fond to Cletus. Cletus also required a new home to reside in. While Cletus dueled under the colors of Polaris, he had no one present in an official capacity at ringside. Grayson dueled under the colors of his family MacLeod tartan with Max as his Second and no Lady of Honor. This challenge match was completed in a single duel that saw Cletus trying to wrest the title from the Scot's grasp with a comeback attempt in which the challenger was a point away from losing while down by three points. Grayson eventually closed it out in the tenth round by a two-point margin of victory. (link)

Grayson faced no further challenges for the title, and upon defeating Damien Mortis for the Overlord title, ascended to its position. Damien filled the vacancy as prescribed for a dethroned Overlord by a Baron. (link)

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