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Jaycy Ashleana
Jaycynda Alexander, most commonly known as Jaycy
Character Race:
Her ship, with various friends, or at the dueling Arena and Outback
Place of Origin:
Retired from whatever she did in the past, supposedly.
She stands a very small 4'11", her frame slender. Green-gold eyes tend to sparkle when catching the light. Long silver-streaked red hair is almost always in a single, simple braid down her back, easily exposing the gently pointed ears. During social events, she often wears it loose, curls flowing to mid-back.

Except for the very occasional social event, she wears one of three outfits. She can sometimes be found in fighting leathers, black in color - at least if she's planning to fight in one of the dueling venues. More often she can be found in jeans, a plain t-shirt (of various colors) and a large brown bomber jacket.

The multitude of scars that criss-cross her body (edged weapons, whips, and fire are all to blame) are almost always hidden beneath the high-necked and long-sleeved clothes. Sometimes, though, the remnants of a violent life can be seen from breast to knee on both sides. A curious subtly-patchworked sleeve of skin covers her right arm from tips of fingers to nearly the elbow.

She carries no visible weapons. A long chain hangs from her neck and usually is hidden under her shirt. On it are two pierced disks that appear to be coins, though one is smaller than the other. A silver dragon charm rests at the juncture of neck and chest, held in place by a shorter silver chain. When she is a Baron in the Duel of Swords, the ring that accompanies the title is not to be found on her - Pslyder is her chosen custodian of the band. There are two rings she wears, though - a platinum band with a sparkly bit attached and a plain, white gold band. Not too surprisingly, she wears them on the left-hand ring finger.

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