Barons of Old Market

♦ Founded: May 26th, 1998
♦ Original Name: Ring of the 11th
♦ Original Baron: Darkness
♦ Manor Home: Cardinal Inn Tavern   (map)
♦ Squire Weapon: Green Axe

Reign Summaries

Duelist Name Dates of Reign Days Held Defenses
Matt Simon 2024-05-17 - Present 3 0
Abby Fenner 2023-11-30 - 2024-05-17 169 0
Gatito Lindo 2023-01-10 - 2023-11-30 324 0
Reign 2022-04-14 - 2023-01-10 271 0
Matt Simon 2021-09-24 - 2022-04-14 202 0
(vacant) 2021-09-03 - 2021-09-24 21 0
Salvador Delahada 2021-06-13 - 2021-09-03 82 0
Ettyn Gedda 2021-01-20 - 2021-06-13 144 3
Caleb Feren 2020-11-23 - 2021-01-20 58 0
Jaycy Ashleana 2020-06-26 - 2020-11-23 150 0
Anubis Karos 2020-06-08 - 2020-06-26 18 0
Hope Naharis 2020-05-24 - 2020-06-08 15 0
Rhiannon Brock 2020-03-07 - 2020-05-24 78 1
Harris D'Artainian 2019-12-29 - 2020-03-07 69 0
(vacant) 2019-10-14 - 2019-12-29 76 0
Arithon Falessen 2019-04-02 - 2019-10-14 195 1
Myria Graziano 2018-05-16 - 2019-04-02 321 1
Mairead Harker 2017-07-15 - 2018-05-16 305 0
(vacant) 2017-07-15 - 2017-07-15 0 0
Lirssa Sarengrave 2016-02-19 - 2017-07-15 512 2
Mairead Harker 2015-09-19 - 2016-02-19 153 3
Claire Caelum 2015-08-26 - 2015-09-19 24 0
Sabine Gabrielle 2015-04-02 - 2015-08-26 146 1
Hope Naharis 2014-11-16 - 2015-04-02 137 2
Rhiannon D Harker 2014-07-23 - 2014-11-16 116 0
Aurast Dagger Sasc 2014-04-18 - 2014-07-23 96 1
Morgan le Fay 2013-09-15 - 2014-04-18 215 0
Elijah Basia Uhr 2013-07-20 - 2013-09-15 57 0
Lem DeAngelo 2013-03-08 - 2013-07-20 134 2
Terry King 2012-08-13 - 2013-03-08 207 0
Candy Hart 2012-05-30 - 2012-08-13 75 1
Camilla 2011-11-20 - 2012-05-30 192 0
Aya Hayashibara 2011-06-05 - 2011-11-20 168 1
Ellisa Morgan 2010-12-11 - 2011-06-05 176 2
Tormay Eludes 2009-12-11 - 2010-12-11 365 3
Maria Graziano 2009-12-01 - 2009-12-11 10 0
Xenograg kathu-Darelir 2008-07-15 - 2009-12-01 504 2
G'nort Dragoon Talanador 2007-05-20 - 2008-07-15 422 1
(vacant) 2007-03-28 - 2007-05-20 53 0
Jonathan Ecorian Havoick 2007-03-23 - 2007-03-28 5 0
Anjolie Quinn 2006-10-29 - 2007-03-23 145 0
Baphelocutis est Lathadoscia 2006-01-31 - 2006-10-29 271 1
Cletus Ganderfald 2006-01-10 - 2006-01-31 21 0
Rena A. Cronin 2005-11-01 - 2006-01-10 70 1
Anubis Karos 2005-03-21 - 2005-11-01 225 1

Matt Simon     2024-05-17 - Present   ( 3 days )

Abby Fenner     2023-11-30 - 2024-05-17   ( 169 days )

The Governor Gatito's first challenge came in the form of young Abby Fenner, holder of the Talon of Redwin and recipient of the challenge grant that accompanied the legendary dagger. The Cardinal Inn is a nice place to have a room in! When the two met, Gatito opted for a single challenge match. After a few rounds where the two felt each other out and were on equal footing, Abby opened up a two point lead with successive scoring rounds and the defending Baron was not able to overcome the deficit. Abby claimed her first Barony with a 5-2.5 point victory in 9 rounds. (link)

Gatito Lindo     2023-01-10 - 2023-11-30   ( 324 days )

Gatito became the newest Baron of Old Market when Reign defeated him for Overlord, and he took her newly vacated Barony. (link)

Reign     2022-04-14 - 2023-01-10   ( 271 days )

Reign - Squire to the Overlord and winner of the Talon of Redwin from the most recent All-Ranks Tournament - opted to use the Barony Challenge Grant won from the same tournament to challenge one of two current Renegade Barons: Matt Simon. It seemed all she hoped for was a fun fight. Matt opted for a best of three to defend his title. There has been a recent trend of Talons holding a Barony at the same time, and Reign kept the trend going as she swept the two matches, winning the first duel 5-4 in 11 rounds and the second duel 5-3 in 10 rounds. It seemed like Reign did have a fun night after all. (link)

Reign won the 2022 Fall All Ranks Tournament and chose the Test Free Overlord Challenge Grant as her prize. When she faced off against the DiArchLord Gatito, she came out victorious and ascended to Overlord.

Matt Simon     2021-09-24 - 2022-04-14   ( 202 days )

The Barony of Old Market was placed as a prize in the 2021 Summer All-Ranks Tournament, which saw fourteen duelers enter with most having their eye on this (or Dockside) as a prize. Matt Simon dominated the upper bracket, winning four straight duels to send him to the finals where he was guaranteed to be awarded a Barony, if he wanted. Though Matt did not end up winning the tournament, as that went to reigning Overlord Salvador Delahada who made an impressive run of his own from the lower bracket, Matt still ended up having his choice of Baronies as the second place finisher. It shouldn't have been surprising, then, that the self-professed Old Man chose Old Market as his prize. (link)

(vacant)     2021-09-03 - 2021-09-24   ( 21 days )

Salvador Delahada     2021-06-13 - 2021-09-03   ( 82 days )

Ettyn found her next challenge coming from former Baron Salvador Delahada. After asking for a preference on which weapon to use, with Sal suggesting knives, the two met in the ring in a single match to determine who would hold the right to Old Market. Ettyn appeared to be on the way to a quick and decisive victory by opening up a 3-0 lead, but Sal scored two unanswered points to shorten the lead. Ettyn then went to match point, but Sal stymied the Baron and would not allow her to reach that fifth point, scoring three points in a row of his own to steal away the victory with a 5-4 win in 9 rounds. (link)

After Overlord Hope Naharis retired her title, the Baron's Council convened and came to an agreement on having the new Overlord decided by holding a round robin tournament. Sal came away as the winner, and as such, vacated his Barony to take up the mantle of Overlord.

Ettyn Gedda     2021-01-20 - 2021-06-13   ( 144 days )

A recipient of one of the Arena's first Yuletide Grant by luck of the draw, the Master at Arms ranked Ettyn Gedda opted to challenge previously unchallenged Caleb Feren based upon a regulation match in which they both "bled good". Caleb was eager to accept, and though the match was not immediate, it did indeed happen. Opting for a single duel, the Baron went blow for blow for 4 straight rounds until Ettyn parried away an attack for a one point lead. Caleb fought back to tie the match, but Ettyn then scored two unanswered to win 5-3 in 9 rounds. In the span of those rounds, Ettyn moved from one of the lower ranks to Baron, and declared herself Loyal. (link)

The... colorful... Ettyn was among all the other Loyal Barons challenged on Valentine's Day (henceforth called Challenge-tine's Day by yours truly), with her challenger being the formidable Karma Armstrong. Ettyn chose a single match format, which seemed to be the correct call as she worked her way out to a 4-1 lead after 8 rounds while being cheered on by a group of spectators who appeared to be wearing very little while being very vibrant. But the duel was just beginning, as Karma expertly worked her way back into the match and even took the lead at 4.5-4 after 12 rounds. While Ettyn was now on the ropes, the newish dueler fought back, first tying the score with a step around a parry and then following up with a thrust to win the match and make her first defense of the Barony, 5.5-4.5 in 14 rounds. (link)

Eager to get into the ring and have fun, Haru Jeong decided to challenge the ever ready and eager to fight Loyal Baron of Old Market, Ettyn! She opted to make it a single match and didn’t request any aid from the Overlord either! The match started off slow and focused, with both fighters eying each other and even mirroring some movements, but Ettyn was the first to any points and started up the steady climb up the scoreboard before Haru sent out a wild (and well timed) slash against Ettyn’s parried defense in round 6. He’d successfully block her follow up thrust, but it was from then on that Ettyn successfully out maneuvered the squire of Dragon’s Gate and closed out another defense in her favor with a final score of 5 to 1.5 in 10. (link)

Ettyn's next challenge was honestly more like a casual date that involved weapons. Layla Paine offered a challenge and exciting deals on funeral arrangements, which Ettyn was happy to take up (the challenge, not the funeral). While fighting, the two also traded stories about their weapons, which our caller recapped for those who weren't there to read for themselves! In the end, the friendly but still somewhat violent challenge ended with Ettyn defending with a solid 5-1 win in 8 rounds. It's hard to say whether we'll see the two meet again in the ring, or run into them while out together somewhere in Old Market or elsewhere! (link)

Caleb Feren     2020-11-23 - 2021-01-20   ( 58 days )

After a lull in challenges in the Arena, the Overlord Hope Naharis put up a bounty on Renegade Barons. Renegade Lilith Anderson put up a bounty of her own on Loyal Barons. Caleb Feren was the first to take up Lilith's offer, and also the first to challenge Jaycy since she gained Old Market. As was expected, Hope stepped in to test Caleb, while Renegade Baron Salvador Delahada offered an answer to the test. In six rounds, Sal emerged the victory by a 5-2 score, and so Caleb was free to meet Jaycy. Caleb stepped up to deliver a rare perfect duel in a challenge, winning 5-0 in 5 rounds, and brought Jaycy's reign to an end while flipping one Barony from Loyal to Renegade. (link)

Jaycy Ashleana     2020-06-26 - 2020-11-23   ( 150 days )

The Barony of Old Market continued to be the hot seat of challenges as Jaycy Ashleana set challenge to Anubis Karos. Not even three weeks after defeating the previous Baroness, Hope Naharis, Anubis faced his challenger for the title. As a repeat of other Baronial challenges to her loyal Barons the Overlord, Lilith Andersen, applied the Test to Jaycy. As a repeat of other challenges Renegade Baron Matt Simon stepped in against the test. Matt paved the way for another challenger by defeating Lilith 5-4 in sudden death and this time the challenger prevailed as Jaycy defeated Anubis by a score of 5.5-3 despite the defending Baron leading for the first three rounds. Jaycy became the 5th baron/ess of Old Market in less than 180 days. (link)

Anubis Karos     2020-06-08 - 2020-06-26   ( 18 days )

Just over a couple weeks from the return of one former Baron to the rings, former Overlord and former Baron of Old Market when it was known as the Eleventh ring, Anubis Karos returned to challenge Hope Naharis for the title. The match was fought as a second challenge in a double header night and as a single duel. The words exchanged leading up served as notice for the violence and the intensity of the duel. In a very decisive match Anubis defeated Hope 5-0 in 5 rounds for a perfect shutout to become Baron. (link)

Hope Naharis     2020-05-24 - 2020-06-08   ( 15 days )

In the duels History is created with every challenge but this one had a bit extra. The Baroness Rhiannon Dawn Brock Túr Gairdín would be the first Baron to see their Squire act as a champion. Her nephew, Doran Ilnaren, fresh off an excellent run in the Madness Tournament would be the first to enter the ring against the challenger, Hope Naharis, but not until Doran dispatched by a score of 5-3 the Renegade Baroness Michelle Montoya who sought to intervene. Doran was unsuccessful in ending the challenge as Hope traded cuts for a 5-2 victory. The Baroness Rhiannon then entered the ring for what would be the final duel no matter the outcome - which was a change in title - as the 5-2 win by Hope secured her position as the newest Baroness of Old Market. (link)

Rhiannon Brock     2020-03-07 - 2020-05-24   ( 78 days )

Old Market in disarray. The Blackguard versus Resistance. Opposites attracting as might make right is supported on both sides. Such a political turmoil created the challenge seen between Rhiannon Brock and Baron of Old Market Harris D'Artainian. With time being of the essence for the Baron himself, the task of laying low his challenger was placed upon Overlord Jewell Ravenlock. Revealing a fashion statement which sided to the opposite in faction, the Anti-Blackguard sentiment was matched between both Overlord and Challenger as they faced off in a more friendly bout; one which ended in the favor of the challenger after she bested the Overlord with a score of 5 - 2 in 8 rounds. A lesson to all who may want to know what they can gain after out maneuvering a defensive parry. Mettle proven the champion then turned upon the Baron and they faced one another for the main event of the night. Quickly Harris took the lead in the opening round, but the second saw fate shine upon Rhiannon to tie the match. The lead then became hers, but as fate is a fickle mistress, Harris gained soon enough to - once again - tie the match at 2 - 2. In the 6th round Rhiannon once more gained the lead and even extended it into the 7th; though this would diminish as Harris saw fit to collect two points of his own to take the fate of Old Market to sudden death in the 9th. With a trade bringing the score to 5 - 5 and Harris poised to possibly defend, many were left wondering if change truly would come to the Barony... yet, as the 11th round was called, Rhiannon's quick thinking, and even quicker footwork, got her the edge she needed to claim the Barony for herself. Though fate had seen fit for Rhiannon to begin a new reign as Baroness of Old Market, there is one truth that uttered as loudly as Harris's proclamation that nothing had changed: The practice of might makes right may continue, as the title truly held no power in the first place. - (link)

Rhiannon's second challenge came from family member Ebon Ilnaren with a challenge grant from the 2020 March Madness Tournament. Under the beautiful desert sky, Ebon and Rhiannon fought for Old Market in the Cadentia Villa. The challenge was fought with a single match, where Rhiannon took the lead early and never lost it, defending 5 - 3 in 11 rounds. (link)

Harris D'Artainian     2019-12-29 - 2020-03-07   ( 69 days )

The Barony of Old Market had been out of commission for over a month. After Arithon Falessan failed in responding to challenger Salvador Delahada in a timely manner it fell upon the Barons Council and their champion of choice, Jewell Ravenlock, to defend the title — and defend she did; which in turn left the Barony in limbo. It wasn't until the End of the Fall Cycle All Ranks Tournament that the fate of the Barony could be decided. Harris D'Artainian and Lilith Anderson met in the finals of the tournament and it is the former who asked the question of, "What do you want, the Barony?". Disliking Lilith's response of "Probably Renegade but we all have our price.", Harris chose to continue on with the tournament and the two faced off. After gaining a strong 4-0 lead in 4 straight rounds Harris was poised to win the tournament without any difficulty, at least until Lilith began to close the gap; though it came to an end after she scored her third point. Harris and his quick ducking maneuver saw Lilith's high swing soar past — and with that he secured his victory in the tournament. Harris chose the Barony of Old Market after speaking with Overlord Jewell Ravenlock and declared himself loyal soon after. - (link)

(vacant)     2019-10-14 - 2019-12-29   ( 76 days )

Arithon Falessen     2019-04-02 - 2019-10-14   ( 195 days )

When Arithon and Myria met in the ring it was far different from their heated exchange on the corkboard. A more courteous Myria offered Arithon the choice of format, to which the warlord replied "I do not, the choice is yours.". In the end the Baroness would allow the challenge to be done within a single duel and the match started with her in favor. It took until the third round for Arithon to lowcut the side stepping Myria to find himself on the board, and from there he took the next to tie the match. Fate turned to Arithon as the duel went on and saw him up 4 against Myria's 2, but the Baroness would not go down without a fight. 2 Rounds would pass and yet again the two would be tied -- this time 4 to 4, then 5 to 5, and finally 6 to 6. The tie wouldn't continue though as Arithon's high cut sailed past Myria's attempt at a brace. With an end score of 7 to 6 in 13 Arithon Falessen became the Baron of Old Market. (link)

Arithon's first challenge came from Gloria Blaze, a returning Warlord from the past. It appeared as if Arithon was the more spry of the two as he defended his title in a single bout with five scored points while Gloria only gained a single one. (link)

Arithon was stripped of Old Market for not accepting a challenge within the seven day period. The Baron's Council came together and choose Jewell Ravenlock, the Baron of Seaside, to act as New Haven's champion against challenger Salvador Delahada. The format chosen on the night of the challenge was a single duel and Jewell defeated the challenger with a final score of 5-2 in 7 rounds. The fate of Old Market would be decided in a later event. (link)

Myria Graziano     2018-05-16 - 2019-04-02   ( 321 days )

After her 2nd place finish in the annual Madness Tournament, one time overlad Myria Graziano had a baronial challenge grant to spend and went after the baby baron. Yes, she may be nearly a teenager by now, but realistically I'm likely to call her that in her 40's... or until there is a new baby baron. Maggie had to delay a bit on account of school exams, but the two finally met up once the term was over. They fought a single duel. Perhaps overtaxed from long nights of study, the baroness found herself on the losing side of the scoring. In 8 rounds, Myria claimed the 5-4 victory and the right to bear the ring. (link)

Myria's first challenge came from the Dueling House perfectionist grant winner Tanya Acheron. The two met during the Spooktacular Halloween Party in the Annex where, surrounded by costumed onlookers, Myria declared that the challenge would be fought in a single duel. After 9 rounds and with the final score of 5 to 3, Myria stood victorious in the ring. (link)

Mairead Harker     2017-07-15 - 2018-05-16   ( 305 days )

With Lirssa's abdication of the title a tournament was held that invited all comers. Eight duelists from commoner to warlord entered the list and competed in a single elimination tournament. The final came down to Mairead Harker vs. Jewell Ravenlock. While Jewell held a 3-1 lead at round 6, Maggie was determined to retake the ring she had lost to Lirssa the year before. She began the comeback with a 7th round lat parry and had the score tied at 4 each by the 10th. A 12th round low cut beat Jewell's high parry to seal the tournament win and return of the Baby Baron to Old Market. (link)

(vacant)     2017-07-15 - 2017-07-15   ( 0 days )

Lirssa Sarengrave     2016-02-19 - 2017-07-15   ( 512 days )

Overlord Matt Simon had twice been challenged for the mantle and elected to implement the Test of Worthiness. In both cases it was renegade baroness Maggie Harker who stepped in to fight the Right to Challenge, defeating Matt's champion and forcing the title fight to proceed. While Matt won both of the challenges anyway, it still came as no surprise that when he awarded the Overlord Grant to Lirssa Sarengrave it was the baby baron who received the challenge. The challenger held no rank in the arena, still a relatively new duelist trying to find her way and prove her skills. Maggie, on the other hand, was a 5 month baron with 3 title defenses and several successful Right to Challenge performances. The odds weighed heavily in the Baby Baron's favor. But, that's why they play the game, or in this case, fight the duel. Lirssa picked up an opening advantage, parrying a thrust from Maggie, and never gave up the lead save for a momentary tie in the 7th at 3 each. Lirssa retook the lead in the 8th by thrusting over a cut and then traded cuts in the 9th to finish it out. With a 5-4, 9 round finish, Lirssa Sarengrave lept from Commoner to Baroness of Old Market. (link)

Lirssa held the ring of Old Market for almost nine months before her first challenger came calling. As Lirssa herself had been, the challenger was the recipient of the Overlord's grant. Nat Candle, victor of the Summer Talon, was bestowed the right by then Overlady Claire Farron. Recently returned to RhyDin after many had presumed her dead, Lirssa was looking good for the fight. She kept the match close throughout, giving up leads to Nat but never more than a point. They were tied 4.5 each when she tagged him with a high cut in the 11th round. Her first lead came with with a parry in the 13th to score a positional advantage and then another mark for position in the 14th sealed the defense. Lirssa sidesteps her way through a 5.5-4.5, 14 round defense of the ring. (link)

Somewhere along the line the baroness and Overlady Jewell had a falling out. When Jewell forcibly re-aligned Aric, the baron of Old Temple and Lirssa's beau, to renegade, Lir went renegade as well. There was bad blood here, though historians haven't recorded the full details of the cause, it still came as no surprise that when the Overlady awarded the Spring cycle grant to Nuy, it was Old Market that he went after. The man in the squid like mask stated his intention to remove a thorn in the Overlord's side when he issued his challenge, making it clear that by going after Lir he was in fact calling out both her and Aric. For all the pre fight drama and intrigue, the fight itself was anti-climatic. Lirssa was in excellent form and controlled the fight all the way through. In the 9th round she landed a thrust to score the final point in her 5-1 victory. (link)

In July of 2017, Lirrsa decided to hand in her ring and move on to other things. In conjunction with the Arena staff a tournament was held that invited duelists of all non-titled ranks. As Lir herself had never breeched the rank of warlord, it was fitting that her replacement might be the same. (link) (link)

Mairead Harker     2015-09-19 - 2016-02-19   ( 153 days )

Winner of the Summer Cycle Talon of Redwin, Maggie Harker was given the Overlord Grant by Rand alTan as well and used it to challenge Claire for Old Market. Claire chose to defend in single duel format with a match time that seemed like it may have been slightly past the young challengers bedtime. A closely fought contest, the challenger drew first blood and held a lead until the 8th round when Claire struck with a thrust to tie the score at threes, then countered a slash in the 9th to take the lead. An offensive flurry in the two rounds to follow however, Maggie landed a high cut and a thrust of her own to bring the match to a close. With a final score of 5-4 after 11 rounds, Maggie found herself tagged the Baby Baron of Old Market. (link)

Sith lords being known for their charitable disposition, Bile issued challenge to Old Market in hopes of removing the young lady from the brutality that is swords dueling. Liberating her, as it were, to go live a life more suiting to a nine year old girl. Maggie, as it turns out, didn't want to leave the district and proved plenty capable in defending her right to stay. In a single duel formatted match, the Baby Baron made fast work of the challenger, winning 5-2 in a somewhat lopsided fight wherein Bile was unable to land a uncountered strike throughout. (link)

Maggie's second challenge came from long time walord Ekthbjlgke Smith. With no bounties in play, it was simply a case of E wanting to claim a barony and Maggie having one. They met in early December with E eschewing all honoraries, while Mairead stood below the banner of midnight snow with her mother Rhiannon as second and a host of lord and ladies of honor. The warlord was ready for the baby baron's opening thrust and was first on the board, but it would be the only lead he'd manage on the night. Maggie struck with a low cut in the second and opposing high cut in the third to take the lead and hold it through the end of this single duel affair. After 10 rounds and a 5-4 score, the baby baron retained her title. (link)

Next up was Melanie Rostol. Maggie was one of only two renegade barons at the time and Mel had already held Dragon's Gate, so it was time to make a run at Old Market. The challenger appeared under a black banner with no second and Ekthbjlgke Smith (the last challenger to fall to Mairead's blade) as her lord of honor. Considering E's naming was in absentia, the crowd could only guess at a romantic entanglement. For her part, the baby baron stood as always below the banner of midnight snow. Rhiannon Brock stood as her second while naming half the families of RhyDin as her lords and ladies of honor. In one shot format, the combatants kept pace with each other throughout the duel, always within a single point and tied for many of the late rounds. After exchanging highcuts to leave the duel tied at 4 in the 10th, Melanie took a risk in the 11th and slashed. A risk that Mairead took advantage of as she low cut for the win. (link)

Claire Caelum     2015-08-26 - 2015-09-19   ( 24 days )

Once a squire to Old Market, Claire Caulum decided to re-enter the swords title circuit by challenging to become the district's baron. Sabine once again elected the best of three format, but it didn't serve her near so well this night. The first duel went an incredible 18 rounds and ended 5.5 - 4.5 when Sabine's cut sailed high over a ducking Claire. The second duel of the match only took half as long and saw Sabine jump out to a 3-1 lead in the 4th. Those were the only three points the Baroness would tally in this one however, with Claire controlling the rest of the duel and taking over the Barony with a 5-3 win. (link)

Sabine Gabrielle     2015-04-02 - 2015-08-26   ( 146 days )

Sabine had issued challenge to Claire Caelum for the Seaside Barony, though Claire had an already pending challenge to the Overlord, Kimone Kidd. A valid challenge placing her in the renegade queue catagory, but when Claire won the mantle it was essentially nullified. Rather than press her challenge to the new Baroness of Seaside / ex-overlady, Kimone, Sabine rescinded and instead set her sights on Old Market. Baroness and challenger fought a best of three series to decide the ring, but only needed two duels. Both were incredibly close and could have gone either way and both required extra scoring to complete, going to final scores of 6-5. Both were also won by Sabine. (link)

Gren Blockman was the first to challenge Sabine. With great support (sorta) from his sister (not really) Tara, Gren entered the ring with some trepedation. Sabine elected the best of three format and the match required all three duels. The Baroness came back from a 3-1 deficit in the first duel to win 5.5-4 with a trade of cuts in the 11th. The 2nd duel belonged entirely to Gren. While Sabine may have been first on the board, the ranger sailed through to a 5-1 in 6 victory to even the match. In the deciding duel Gren was first to strike, which was actually not a good thing to do in this match since all three duels went the other way. Sabine caught up and took the lead for herself by the 4th round, then never relented. Thrusting below his cut in the 9th earned her the 5-3 win and successful defense. (link)

Hope Naharis     2014-11-16 - 2015-04-02   ( 137 days )

The Halloween Havoc event of 2014 saw duelists earn their way into a King of the Ring tournament by competing in regulation duels throughout the month of October. Duelists fighting two duels in each of two weeks earned their way into a raffle, from which 8 names were selected for the tournament. As it happened, only 6 duelists qualified, so everyone got their invites to the masquerade tournament to take place two days before All Hollows Eve. Jin Chae was ultimately crowned Queen of the Ring in the 19 round affair, but Hope Naharis was the runner-up and both received grants of challenge. (link) Hope, it should be noted, was also Squire to Shadow, the Baron of Battlefield Park, at the time. The match between Rhi and Hope was fought in the best of three format, in which Hope controlled the first duel thoroughly and sailed through to a 5.5-3 win. In the second duel the pair looked much more evenly matched and Rhi even held the edge throughout most of the fight. Hope hadn't held the lead at all until the deft parry and counter in the 11th round that ended things and won her the ring. (link)

Former Overlord, Anubis Karos, was the first challenge to Hope, who had by this time also become the Diamond over in the Outback. Anubis was looking forward to the annual DoS Madness tournament and sought to prove his skills current in this contest and earn for himself a higher seeding in Madness. The match was fought in single duel format and Hope took first blood with a quick thrust to beat the slaver's cut. Anubis put on a defensive display in the two rounds that followed to take the lead himself, 2-1 in the 3rd, but wasn't able to hold on. Hope proceded to even the score once again and refused to give it back, landing a winning low cut in the 9th round to win it 5-3. (link)

Deathlord's Minion ambled along next to take a shot at Old Market, looking to expand the master's territory. Hope's 2nd defense was another single duel event, but one she managed to control with greater ease than she had with Anubis. Leaping out to a 3-0 lead after three rounds, it was all Minion could do to save face with the master and simply get on the board. After 7 rounds, Hope took another 5-3 defense, holding a lead throughout. (link)

Rhiannon D Harker     2014-07-23 - 2014-11-16   ( 116 days )

Rhiannon Harker had issued challenge to Aya for the Seaside Barony, but after hearing Aurast changed alignment and declared Old Market renegade to Overlady Morgan le Fay, she decided to rescind that challenge and instead go after Aurast. The match was fought in a single duel that went 12 rounds in back and forth sudden death, concluding with Rhiannon striking the final blow and earning the ring. (link)

Aurast Dagger Sasc     2014-04-18 - 2014-07-23   ( 96 days )

Old Market being vacant made it a prize in the 2014 installment of DoS Madness. The 64 person annual tournament was ultimatly won by Jake Thrash, but with Jake already the Baron of New Haven, the district fell to runner up Aurast. (link)

Nayun issued challenge to this ring once more and this time things actually went through. Both hailing from Adenna, the Baron fought below the banner of the clovered cross, while challenger flew the Shin Tenshi Ryu banner. In a single duel match, Aurast was up 2.5-0 by the 3rd round and kept his lead through to the end. His thrust struck a ducking Nayun in the 12th to conclude his defense, 5.5 points to 2. (link)

Morgan le Fay     2013-09-15 - 2014-04-18   ( 215 days )

By virtue of her first place finish in the Fall 2013 Warlord Tournament, where two baronies and an overlord challenge were available as prizes, Morgan le Fay elected to take over Old Market. The tournament saw twelve contestants in total, with Morgan topping G'nort and Aenlyn as the runners up. (link)

Morgan's first challenge almost came from Nayun. She had issued it and the two agreed to a date to fight it, but as a result of issues with her prosthetic arm, Nayun later rescinded. (link)

A few months later, with no other challenges to Morgan's hold on Old Market in the meantime and with her arm having been repaired, Nayun issued challenge once more. Shortly before the two were set to fight Vanion Shadowcast won the Overlordship and somehow convinced Morgan to align herself as loyal. For reasons not entirely understood by this historian since Nayun seemed opposed to the new Overlord, Morgan's alignment made the challenge undesirable to the warlord who once again rescinded her challenge. (link)

When Overlord Vanion Shadowcast was stripped of his title a tournament of barons was held to fill the seat. Morgan won to become the 96th Overlord and vacated the barony. (link)

Elijah Basia Uhr     2013-07-20 - 2013-09-15   ( 57 days )

Elijah's challenge to Lem caused a bit of a stir and forced an official clarification around the rights of loyal barons. Lem had stood renegade to Overlord Rand alTan who was defeated by Ellisa Morgan on July the 3rd and to whom Lem then aligned Loyal. The Xanth challenge match happed three days later, on July the 6th, however the standings must go up before any new title holder or loyal alignment change become official and that did not happen until the 8th. As a result, Lem was considered to still be a renegade when fighting Xanth and, therefore, not entitled to a Loyal barons benefit of needing to defend but once per month. As such, the challenge from Elijah was deemed valid and continued. It was fought in a best of three format and saw Lem take full control of the first duel to win 5-2. Elijah turned the tables halfway through the second and despite being down 4-2, came back to win in a 5-4 finish. The final duel went a marathon 19 rounds, but though he was in it throughout, Lem never held a lead in the fight. Elijah's 6.5 - 5 victory earned him the ring. (link)

Despite having challenged for an won the title during the Summer Cycle, Elijah never fought a regulation duel. As such, he was stripped of the ring and Old Market set next to Dockside in the quarterly warlord tournament. (link)

Lem DeAngelo     2013-03-08 - 2013-07-20   ( 134 days )

Old man Lem DeAngelo placed second in the Winter tournament of warlords and earned a baronial challenge grant. Seeing Terry unchallenged during her six month tenure, he selected Old Market as his target. In a single duel affair, Lem controlled the right throughout and took the barony with a 5-2 victory in the 9th round. (link)

Anubis Karos was the first to challenge Lem. The slaver wanted the district for his own first and foremost, but also seemed to be looking to position himself in a slot that could counter whatever plans Rakeesh, then Overlord, might have. The exact reasoning beyond a desire for the ring wasn't entirely clear and in the end didn't prove to be relevant as Lem won through the challenge easilly. Anubis landed a thrust in the 6th round, but otherwise Lem went unscathed in a 5-1, 10 round victory. (link)

Rivals in arcana, Xanth and Lem had fought many times on the Isle, but now Xanth bought challenge to the arena. It was also the beginning of the 2013 Hydra tournament and a good way for Team Xanth (sometimes known as Great of Strength) to pick up some points on Lem's favored Beat Down crew. The challenge was fought in best of three format and, while Xanth managed several leads, Lem took the win in straight sets (5-2 and 5.5-4.5) to keep the ring. (link)

Terry King     2012-08-13 - 2013-03-08   ( 207 days )

Vengeance for the Overlord grant challenge, Candy went after Chris Graziano's title. Chris looked to Teagan Rielea to handle the Test of Worthiness for him, but Candy had the assistance of Beat Down teammate Terry King. Terry's 5.5 - 2 win over Teagan cleared the path for Candy, who proceded to take the Overlordship in a 5.5 - 3, 10 round victory. Kicking Chris to the curb, her vacated barony was awarded to Terry for services rendered. (link)

Candy Hart     2012-05-30 - 2012-08-13   ( 75 days )

As winner of the 2012 DoS Madness tournament, Tasslehofl Momus was awarded a challenge grant to distribute. Much better known for her prowess in the Outback and not even appearing on the arena standings, Candy was taken by surprise when Tass chose her as the recipient. She used the grant to challenge Camilla and proved more than up to the task. In a best of three event, Candy only gave up a total of 3.5 points in the two duels it took her to claim the ring. (link)

Chris Grazianon was the 89th Overlord and, keeping the benefits in the family, bestowed the Summer Cycle grant upon Ria Graziano. There seemed to be a bit of tension between the Graziano's Wrecking Crew and Candy, who headed up Team Beat Down, plus the matter of Hydra Tournament points to be gained and lost, so Ria went after Candy's hold on Old Market. In a best of three match, it once again only took Candy two duels to come out on top. With a pair of 5-4 wins the district remained hers. (link)

After sending Ria on her way, Candy turned around to challenge Chris for the Overlord mantle and vacated the ring when she won it. (link)

Camilla     2011-11-20 - 2012-05-30   ( 192 days )

The Scathachians looked to claim for themselves a stronger foothold in the Marketplace, in hopes of establishing peace and safety for the citizenry in a district infamous for random acts of violence. To that end Camilla of Latium's challenge towards Aya was supported and issued. The timing and alignment of the baroness being challenged made the legitimacy suspect, since Aya was technically under grace for the remainder of the month after defeating Guaire. Caldendar's being overrated however, the fight would obviously take place in the following month and was allowed to procede. The Baroness and Scathachian champion met in the ring after a mishap in scheduling and without intercession. Camilla dominated the fight, allowing Aya only a single point earned in an opening round trade of thrusts, and proceeded to claim the barony by score of 5-1 in the single duel match. (link)

Aya Hayashibara     2011-06-05 - 2011-11-20   ( 168 days )

When Ellisa challenged Mur Ollavan for the mantle of the Overlord, Mur enacted the Test of Worthiness. Kelathe Skelicia, a commoner, was tapped to act as the Overlord's champion. As Renegade's champion to fight the Right to Challenge, Ellisa called on Aya Hayashibara, who had held the Overlordship prior to Mur. Aya bested the Overlord's champion and, when Ellisa went on to defeat Mur for his title, was awarded the vacated barony. (link)

Guaire Byrne was the first to issue challenge to Aya, but was forced to face Ellisa in a Test of Worthiness before getting his chance at the Baroness. He fought his way through the Overlady's test and into a second duel with the ring on the line. Aya succeeded where the Overlord hadn't and came out on top in the challenge fight to retain the title. (link)

Ellisa Morgan     2010-12-11 - 2011-06-05   ( 176 days )

GrandMaster and squire of Dockside, Britania Grey (as she was known at the time) declared challenge to Tormay. The match went quick and saw the new baroness emerge victorious in 2 duels, winning 5-4 and 5-3. - (link)Ellisa's first challenge came from warlord Evan Rush Rynth. With no drama to speak of, one of the more interesting aspects of the challenge was the warlord's honors towards House Rising; founded by one time Overlord Zen Rising and unseen inside the arena in some time. Electing to defend in a single match, Ellisa opened up with consecutive points and continued on to a 5-2 victory after 7 rounds. (link)
Five months passed before another challenger came calling. One time Overlord Xeric Mues looked to claim the district for himself and threw down the guantlet in early May. A scoreless four rounds to open this single duel affair was probably a sign of how close a contest it would be. Ellisa opened up a lead beginning in the 5th, but then gave it back to Xeric by the 13th. Down 4.5 - 4, Ellisa landed a high cut in the 14th and parried the Russian's counter in the 15th to maintain her title. (link)
Ellisa ascended to the title of 88th Overlord, vacating the barony.

Tormay Eludes     2009-12-11 - 2010-12-11   ( 365 days )

Tormay Eludes, wanting to remove a member of the Wrecking Crew from the baronies, issued an impromtu challenge to Maria, which was settled 10 days after her victory over Xenograg. Maria dueled with no colors, no seconds, and no lord of honor, while Tormay dueled under the colors of light blue, black and gold of House DeGorol, with Guill Fortis as his second, and lots of Taneths for his Ladies of Honor(A long story). The Baroness chose a single match for the fights and in 7 rounds, Tormay Eludes defeats Maria Graziano for the Barony of Old Market! Tormay has declared himself Renegade to Overlord Anubis Karos, also removing a loyal baron from the controversial Egyptian. (link)

By virtue of her rank as Grand Master and Squire of Old Temple, Kalinda Acheron was Tormay's first challenger. The challenge was completed in a single match, with Tormay coming out on top 5.5-2.5 after 10 rounds of dueling. (link)

Tormay's second defense extended a family rivalry with Aya Hayashibara, who had before defeated Tormay's mother, Topaz Datrazanov, for Dragon's Gate. Aya was also no stranger to the Baron himself, having been defeated by him for New Haven. The mutual respect between the combatants was obvious to those that witnessed their three matches. The initial duel was a lopsided affair with Tormay taking a 5-0 victory after 10 long rounds, tearing through Aya's defense with a slash to close things out. The second and third matches proved much closer, with Aya rebounding to win 5.5-4 in 12 rounds before Tormay racked up his second defense by defeating Aya 5-4 in 11. (link)

Multiple time titleholder Cassius Gaius Maximius was the next to issue challenge to Tormay, as he had never held Old Market's ring in his career and wished a fresh and interesting challenge. Tormay settled on a best-of-three format and was victorious in the first match, utilizing an impressive disengage at Sudden Death to win 5-4 in 11 rounds. Match number two was also in the Baron's favor, defeating Cassius 5-3 in 9 rounds. (link)

Maria Graziano     2009-12-01 - 2009-12-11   ( 10 days )

Maria Graziano, as a former Senior Baron, challenged Xenograg on December 1st, who was the Senior Baron at the time, wanting to go against the best the Council had to offer at that time. Dioxane had a grand time officiating, and in the end, Maria lunged under the Baron Xeno's high attack, taking her final point and securing a Crew Victory! (link)

Xenograg kathu-Darelir     2008-07-15 - 2009-12-01   ( 504 days )

Using his prize from the Warlord tournament, Xenograg issued challenge to G'nort, who cheerfully accepted. The duel began well with Xenograg quickly scoring in the first rounds of the duel, but his advance faltered in the middle and G'nort was able to come back and claim some points for himself. However, in the end, Xenograg's blade proved quicker and he scored the final points of the match in speedy succession to end it and become the new Baron. (link)

Warlord Xeric Mues, citing a "personal matter", gave Xenograg his first challenge. After a long attempt to find a date that both could agree to meet, the challenge took place on December 3rd. The Baron dueled under his banner of a black sigil upon a yellow field., with Amaltea as his Lady of Honor (in absentia), and Alais D'Nightsong as his second, While Xeric dueled alone this evening. The Baron chose a single duel to decide this challenge and after 11 rounds with the score causing the match to go into overtime, Lord Xenograg successfully defended his right to the Barony of Old Market. (link)

Soerl wanted to test his skill to the highest degree, and chose to challenge Xenograg, as he felt he was the most worthy. The match took place on April 27th with a fair crowd gathering to witness it. The Baron chose to decide the fate of Old Market with a single match. The match saw both Baron and Warlord feeling each other out, with it going to Sudden Death before Xenograg sealed the win to maintain hold over the Old Market. (link)

G'nort Dragoon Talanador     2007-05-20 - 2008-07-15   ( 422 days )

Top seeded G'nort cut a swath through the first DoS Madness tournament, defeating the likes of Lorance Sneggle, Rakeesh Sah Tarna, Maria Graziano, and Tarl Cabot on his way to earning the top prize of the Barony of The Old Market. (link)

In the third part of his triple challenge, Warlord Bran Bale challenged G'nort for The Old Market. On the same day Bran issued challenge to G'nort, he also challenged for an Opal in the Outback, and a Tower on Twilight Island. He was victorious in both of his other challenges, and the momentum was on his side when he met G'nort. Unfortunately for Bran, G'nort's experience in the ring showed early and eliminated whatever momentum Bran had entering the match. To keep in line with Bran's other challenges, G'nort chose a best-of-three format. G'nort won the first match five to one in six rounds before dropping the second, six to five in eighteen. G'nort was facing a four-to-three deficit in the final match before blocking a double cut by Bran to take the match in eleven rounds. (link)

(vacant)     2007-03-28 - 2007-05-20   ( 53 days )

Jonathan Ecorian Havoick     2007-03-23 - 2007-03-28   ( 5 days )

With a single victory, Cory Havoick was defeated and claimed the Old Market Barony after Anjolie ascended to the Overlord seat. Cory was quick to announce his alignment as renegade and fuel speculation that the issues facing this married couple were not resolved with a single duel. (link)

Shortly after taking control of the Old Market, Cory said that if the was not worth his wife's time, it wasn't worth his time either. Thus, he retired the ring which became a prize in the first ever DoS Madness Tournament. (link)

Anjolie Quinn     2006-10-29 - 2007-03-23   ( 145 days )

After being given the Overlord's grant by her husband, Anjolie Quinn was next to challenge the Wardrac. Baphe was quick to score the early lead, but Anjolie was determined and battled back to take a lead of her own. After a short stalemate, Baphe fought back until the match was tied at four in the fourteenth round. But in the following round, Baphe made the same mistake Artemus had made only weeks before hand against him. Baphe moved high and left himself open to the more direct attack, which proved the final blow Anjolie needed to claim the ring. (link)
Anjolie's first challenge came by virtue of a Warlord tournament right. Longtime veteran Sartan had placed second in the tournament and chose Anjolie as his target. However, he was never to meet her in the ring. Anjolie's husband, Overlord Havoick, stepped forward to meet the Warlord and in eight rounds he defeated Sartan, 5-3. (link)
But no marriage comes without issues. Only a few months after defending his wife's ring, Overlord Havoick was required to defend his own title from a challenge by his betrothed.

Baphelocutis est Lathadoscia     2006-01-31 - 2006-10-29   ( 271 days )

Cletus Ganderfald never faced challenge for this barony in his short time in residence. At the soonest possible time after attaining the title, he pressed a successful challenge to Overlord Tareth Thorn. In the process of the challenge, the WarDrac Bapheloc was instrumental in helping Cletus attain the Overlord title by defeating Tareth's champion, Gnort Dragoon Talanador, in a Test of Worthiness. Cletus bestowed the title to Baphelocutis instead of the dethroned Overlord to fill the vacancy. (link)

After Karen Wilder defeated Cletus Ganderfald for the throne, Baphe challenged Karen in retaliation but was unable to best the Overlord. (link)

Baphelocutis' first challenge came from Warlord Tournament finalist, Artemus Kurgen. Artemus immediately showed the Baron how he had placed so high in the tournament by opening up a quick 3-1 lead. However, his inexperience in the challenge ring was soon apparent as he was unable to hold the lead against the veteran Baphe. As the duel stretched into Overtime, Baphe's experience paid off as he was able to defeat the challenger, 6-5 in thirteen rounds. (link)

Cletus Ganderfald     2006-01-10 - 2006-01-31   ( 21 days )

Rena Cronin was next challenged by Cletus Ganderfald, the winter Warlord tournament of 2005 second-place winner. Though the tournament concluded in mid December the challenge was not completed until early January due to the time constraints of the holidays. Cletus chose the barony that Rena was occupying because it was one of the three remaining Baronies in the sport he had not held in his storied dueling career. It was the only one currently not being held by someone who he was personally aligned to within the rings. Cletus did not announce any particulars for his side of the challenge while Rena dueled with Max as her Second, Topaz as her Lady of Honor, and under the colors of the Atrebla team. The match was a best-of-three format that needed all three duels to be utilized to determine the winner. The first duel Cletus won handily in seven rounds by four points, but in the second duel he lost to Rena in as many rounds by the same score. Cletus was then able to capture the title in the seventh round of the third duel by a margin of victory of three points. (link)

Rena A. Cronin     2005-11-01 - 2006-01-10   ( 70 days )

Rena had been the 64th Overlord, but having been unseated by Anubis took over the Old Market Barony.

Rena Cronin was soon challenged by Dawn Shadowsbane Karos, Overlord Anubis Karos' grant recipient. Dawn, who is the wife of Anubis, chose to exercise her grant on Rena since that was Anubis' former title before ascending to Overlord. There was some debate among the common people of the rings at the ethics of issuing a grant to one's spouse, though there is nothing prohibiting it within the rules of the sport. The challenge match was held in a best-of-three format with Rena dueling under the Atrebla team colors with Max as her Second. Dawn dueled under a modified version of the Eye of Ra that included rainbow colored dragon wings, with her husband the Overlord as the Man of Honor, and Keowen as her Second. Both duels ended identically with Rena lunging over a cut by Dawn, but the first duel took twelve rounds while the second only took six. There was a one-point margin of victory the first duel followed by a two-point margin of victory the second duel. (link) (link)

Anubis Karos     2005-03-21 - 2005-11-01   ( 225 days )

Anubis Karos was challenged by the summer Warlord tournament of 2005 winner, Maria Graziano, who opted for the baronial challenge prize. Maria was interested in that particular more than the title of Overlord. The challenge was completed by in a best-of-three format. The Baron had Cory be his second, Dawn as his Lady, and dueled under his personal colors that feature the Eye of Ra. The challenger had Bode as her Second and Man of Honor, with the colors of the Wrecking Crew team flying for her. In two duels that totaled a sum of thirteen rounds the Baron dispatched Maria by a one-point margin of victory in this first and a three-point margin of victory in the second duel. (link)

Anubis soon ascended to become the 65th Overlord of the Duel of Swords, and the displaced former Overlord, Rena Cronin, found herself with the title of the Old Market.

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