Overlord Challenge Results

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Overlord Challenge Results

Post by DUEL Tass »

Tonight, April 6th of the year of 2006, was the Challenge match between the Overlord, Karen Wilder, and the Baron, Baphelocutis est Lathadoscia.

I, John Tasslehofl Momus, did stand as Offical and Witness for this Challenge.

Before the eve was to begin, the Overlord granted the right of challenge to E (EkthbjIgke), currently a Warlord of the Swords.

The Overlord, Karen, stood alone this eve, and dueled under the banner of the Order of the Knights Templar. She dueled for none but herself...

The Baron, Baph, was favored by Queen Teleperien of Elidcor as his Lady of Honor, and was am supported by the Duel of Swords Senior Baroness, Topaz of Atrebla, as his Second for this challenge, Baph dueled under the colors of Polaris, in order to honor the former Overlord, Cletus, who made him a baron.

After verifying that the Baron still wanted to challenge, and that the Overlord still accepted the challenge, the matches were started.

This was to be a Best of Three format, as the Overlord did not feel that the Baron was unworthy of holding the title.

The first match started off with a balancing of the blades, both taking their turns at gaining points. Then upon the 6th Round, however, Gained the lead, and did not relinquish it. She ended the first match in 8 with a score of 5 to 3.

The Challenge, however, was never to see the thrid match and only proceeded to the second, as Karen defended her title in style. After taking the dominating lead with a thrust over Baph’s low cut, she did not relent. After 5 Rounds, she ended it with a perfect shut out, sealing her win and retaining the title of the Overlord.

With the match completed, Senior Baron Topaz aligned herself Renegade, while the defeated Baron, Baph, requested that the Overlord align him as she saw fit. Karen, still bound by the laws of the Templar’s, chose to leave Baph as Renegade.

All Hail the Overlord, Karen Wilder, 68th in the line of Overlords.

The following is the break down of the Match:
~Challenge, 1: This challenge starts off on the Baron's favor, as his fancy circ parry comes in and timely turns aside Karen's low cut (1-0 Baph)
~Challenge, 2: Karen quickly evens things up as her fancy stepping carries her into better position around Baph's fancy lat (1-1)
~Challenge, 3: Karen continues the defense, and gains herself another point. She fancy lat's in time to catch Baph's high cut to turn it aside (2-1 Karen)
~Challenge, 4: Baph evens things up this time, thrusting in over Karen's low cut for some blood (2-2)
~Challenge, 5: We have the first brake in the match. Karen fancy ducks, and Baph fancy steps.. the score remains 2 all
~Challenge, 6: Karen is quick to pick up the point as she turns a quick fancy circ parry to save herself from Baph's low cut (3-2 Karen)
~Challenge, 7: Karen takes the first double point lead of the night. Her low cut cuts into Baph as he brings the SoB around in a wild slash. (4-2 Karen)
~Challenge, 8: Karen brings her blade around high, and catches Baph as he brings the SoB low.. both bleed, but this one ends with Karen the winner.

~Challenge2, 1: Karen starts us off on this second round of the Challenge with blood.. but it comes from Baph as she thrusts over his low cut for the opening point (1-0 Karen)
~Challenge2, 2: Karen continues the onslaught.. though it is with defense this time. She turns a quick fancy lat to turn aside Baph's high cut (2-0 Karen)
~Challenge2, 3: Baph takes the cut to a triple, and Karen takes us back to revisit the first round, thrusting over the low cut (3-0 Karen)
~Challenge2, 4: Karen takes a risk, and steps off into a fancy dance (fss), and it pays off as she gets around Baph's fancy circ parry for the point (4-0 Karen)
~Challenge2, 5: Baph continues his defense, and swings the SoB about quickly into a fancy lat.. but it is all for naught as Karen drops down in a fancy duck to gain the point and the perfect shutout for the second and final match.
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Post by Baphelocutis »

Congratulations to Karen Wilder for a fine defense of her title. May her reign remain prosperous and know that no future efforts will come from me against her for the remainder of her reign in official matters of the sport.
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Post by Alais d Nitesong »

Word spread around RhyDin, and the news that Karen was back in posession of the title brought a smile to the elven woman.
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