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Proven Adventurer
Death Knell
Ettyn de la Rose
Character Race:
The Wilds
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Jacob Sorrell (
Character Age:
Place of Origin:
Fort Tiamori
Hunter, spa owner, shepherd of wayward souls
Ettyn is tall, six feet, with heavily scarred gray skin and black eyes as dark as rich soil, which reflect whatever spirits may be nearby. Her build is thick and heavy, with large muscles she earned training and hunting with various weapons and hiking across rugged terrain - and generous padding she earned with a big appetite for hearty food. She is often in armor that combines monster hide, mithril mail, and dwarven steel plate, and wears an assortment of weapons. The sword, longbow, whip, and scythe are among her favorites.
If it can be used to stab, bludgeon, or shoot an arrow into someone, she can probably wield it. She is an experienced tracker, can move quietly even under a heavy load of armor and weapons, and has a vast knowledge of the monsters found in and around RhyDin and other planes. Lately she puts this knowledge to use leading the lost souls of the Wilds to the other side, giving them closure - and often finishing their hunts.

She is stealthy, patient, and willing to wait in silence a very long time for the perfect kill.

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