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Seasoned Adventurer
Seasoned Adventurer
Rena A Cronin
Rena Arissa Cronin
Character Race:
Somewhere on the outskirts of town
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
The Outer Realms
Sage Bean Counter
Five feet, seven and a half inches(let's not forget the half) of what some call trouble but she doesn't think so. Dark eyes take in every thing.
Hair changes color on a whim-dark brown one day then the next it could be mid to dark blond:none of that light blond stuff though.

Jeans are a favorite choice of clothes and dark boots with a one to two inch heel-depending on her mood.

A chain around her neck holds the DoD ring each member has been given. Her primary residence is run by a skunk named Stalker, a white kitten going by the name Serrani, a black kitten named Pepper and a Corgi called Agassi and Byron, Aaron's replacement :he took off to help on a ranch.
The top floor is now a candle-making/stained glass area where she plies her new hobbies in quiet.

Since its inception, she is the money counter of The Daughters of Decadence(DoD),searcher of their headquarters and the "Paper Mistress" of Arcanum Academy. Lately, Tara has given her the title Arch-Witch.

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