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Seasoned Adventurer
Seasoned Adventurer
Sabine Gabrielle-Aubrey
Character Race:
3 Battle Park Lane Rhydin
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
Place of Origin:
Odd Jobs: Duelist, Spokesperson, Theatre
Birthday: October 29th

Height: 5'0

Build: Very petite and delicate but when she’s dueling she does workout and gets more of an athletic build.

Hair: Dark Brown and just above waist length.

Eyes: Green, sometimes eerily pale

Skin: Fair with olive undertones

Things to know:
1. She has OCD & Sensory Disorder. She also does not like being touched if she doesn't know you.

2. She can speak Spanish but not well. She understands better than she can speak.

3. She has a black koi fish tattoo on her left side torso, a watercolor feather with the word "Guardian" beneath it on her lower right stomach, beneath her right breast the words, "tell me a story.” On her right ring finger there is a knot on the left side of it and an aries constellation on the right side. She has many scars, most are on her torso or thighs.

34th Baron of Old Market (April 1, 2015)

20th Baron of Old Temple (September 29, 2015)

23rd Baron of Dockside (December 20, 2015)

IFL: Undefeated Team Deathcake 7-0 for 2015

IFL: Undefeated as a player 4-0 for 2015

Panther's Claw Winner 4/13/16

19th Baron of Battlefield Park (July 10, 2016)
-Lazy bilingualism (English & Spanish)
-Fists, Swords, and Magic dueling
-Charmingly awkward
-Knot Tying
-Sailing (water and sky)
-Basic carpentry
-Guitar (but not all that great)

Metaphysical Abilities:Due to her relationships and experiences with others, as well as the ways in which she’s adapted to the people she keeps closest, it’s safe to say that she has an exceptionally empathic streak in her, if not the literal counterpart. However, she tends to block this out, sometimes without even realizing. Carrying her own emotional weight and that of others has been known to cause her great distress. She also has the gift of foresight that comes to her via dreams. So far this gift is not well explored and not understood. It seems to come and go. On occasion she has spoken to ghosts in her dreams to collect information.

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“We spoke eternal things that cannot die.” -Charles Baudelaire, from The Balcony; Fleurs du Mal (tr. by Roy Campbell), 1857